Before you get your Apple Watch wet, keep these tips in mind — 2022

When we first buy an Apple Watch, we undoubtedly have many questions to ask ourselves. One of them is about the resistance to water and if it will withstand showering with the watch or on the contrary we must take it off. In this article we look at what resistance each watch has and tips to prevent degradation over the years.

About Apple Watch Water Resistance

In the following sections we will tell you what is the exact resistance that Apple Watch have to water, as well as if they can be submerged, which models allow it and some practical cases that will help you to know better in what situations you should be more or less careful with your watch, something that all users of this equipment ask themselves when purchasing it.

Models with liquid protection

In general, the Apple Watch is resistant to water but they are not waterproof. We must have these two concepts totally clear when putting our watch underwater. By this we mean that you can exercise with the Apple Watch, go in the rain and even wash your hands. But within all the Apple Watch models we must distinguish that there is a gigantic leap from the Apple Watch Series 2 onwards, and not only at the level of functions and fluidity of the same, but above all, in this specific case, in relation to the resistance to water that these teams have.

To clarify, the Apple Watch Series 1 and first generation They can resist water but are not designed to be submerged. This is because they have a certification IPX7 of water resistance certified by the IEC 60529 standard. With this protection the watch will be able to withstand splashes like washing your hands but not ready for underwater training like swimming. Another practice that would not be highly recommended with these two Apple Watch models is showering with them on. However, we will talk about the latter a few lines further down in relation to the rest of the Apple Watch models.

Apple Watch Series 7 Beginning with Apple Watch Series 2, Apple took a step forward to make its watches submersible up to 50 meters thanks to ISO 22810:2010 certification. This makes these watches suitable for swimming in the pool or sea. But we should not mistreat them too much either because they are not prepared for certain sports such as diving or those where strong water impacts are received.

In short, the Apple Watch can get wet but only if you have the Apple Watch Series 2 onwards you can submerge it in water for swimming among other activities. But the Series 1 and Series 0 is better not to expose it to this type of activity. Also, as a reminder, straps with classic, leather, modern buckle or Milanese buckles are not water resistant, so if they are the ones you usually use on a daily basis, our recommendation is that you remove them if you are going to perform some activity that involves being in contact with water, but over time they will end up degrading and both their functioning and their physical state will end up degrading significantly.

Are they valid for water sports?

Based on what was previously mentioned and in view of the fact that the Apple Watch is a device created, among other things, to record physical training , it is normal for doubts to arise about whether sports such as swimming can be monitored. And the answer is yes and no, since it all depends on the type of sport and, of course, the model of Apple Watch that you have.

Only starting with Apple Watch Series 2 These sports can be performed without fear that the watch may be damaged. In fact, only in this generation and later will water sports appear in the Apple training application. Swimming, diving, surfing and other sports are perfectly valid. Of course, you must remember that the maximum level of depth that is allowed is 50 meters. Also, as we have mentioned before, not all sports are suitable for doing them while wearing the Apple Watch on your wrist. Those activities in which there are going to be strong impacts with the water or where the pressure is going to be out of the ordinary, it is best that the Apple Watch is not used, since then you can run the risk of suffering some damage that may affect both the aesthetic section and, more importantly, its normal functioning.

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Shower and bathe with Apple Watch

The fact that the first Apple Watches are IPX7 certified allows them to be splash resistant, so you can wash your hands with any of them regardless of what generation they have. Now, when you take a shower or bath there is more than just a splash and these watches are no longer as suitable for it, so you must have a Series 2 or later to not worry, since these Apple Watch models are fully prepared to be exposed to these situations, in fact, here a server who is writing these lines, since the Apple Watch Series 3 showers daily with the watch on his wrist and at no time has he had a single problem doing this practice.

Of course, if you want to be completely calm that the clock does not start to open applications by mistake due to splashes on the screen, it is recommended that you activate the aquatic mode from the control center so that you can expel the water afterwards. And all this with complete peace of mind, since if it is possible to submerge yourself in a pool with it, it should be less worrying that you use it in a bathtub. Although we do recommend be careful with soap.

Obviously you must also be very careful not to expose the watch to solvents, detergents, bleach, acidic foods, insect repellents, hair dyes... This is why for many daily tasks such as intensive cleaning, it is better to remove the wrist watch and put it back when we do not deal with toxic products.

One of the great enemies of the Apple Watch is also the saunas since the water vapor for a long time can end up annoying the joints. But it is logical since a mobile phone that is also waterproof is not going to be able to enter it for a long time in a sauna due to the conditions in the cabin.

What to do if your Apple Watch gets wet

Carrying wet Apple Watch all the time is not recommended even though it can withstand splashes and immersion. Whenever we go out for a swim or when we have sweated while wearing the watch, it is advisable to take a lint-free chamois and perform surface cleaning. It is important not to insert any needle or any other device into the holes of the Apple Watch to remove the stored water. Before doing this, it is best to leave it on a surface so that the liquid ends up evaporating. It is also recommended not to rinse the Apple smart watch with salt water from the sea and always do it with fresh water.

In the case of Apple Watch 2 onwards, we have the possibility of activating the water mode so that all the traces of water that we may have on the watch are eliminated when we get out of a pool, for example. In addition, it also gives us the comfort of not making ghost touches while we are in the shower, for example. To be able to carry out the water mode, you just have to access the control center of the Apple Watch, click on the icon of a drop of water and then turn the digital crown until the watch itself tells us. In this way, the Apple Watch will emit a series of sounds and vibrations that will expel any liquid residue that may be inside. It is recommended to do this process several times after having put the watch in contact with any liquid.

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Does the warranty cover liquid damage to the watch?

To make it as clear as possible, and to avoid unpleasant surprises, keep in mind that if the watch breaks after being submerged or spilled on it, Apple won't want to know about it. if we read device warranty it is clearly explained that it will not apply if there are ‘damage caused by accident, misuse, misuse, fire, contact with liquids , earthquakes or any other external cause.

That is why we have to be very careful when using our watch underwater. If, unfortunately, the sealing does not work correctly and liquid enters its interior, we must consider that the equipment will not be replaced. Here there is a great dispute between users and companies but unfortunately Apple is not the only one that applies such strict regulations in this regard.

Watch repair prices if it gets wet

In the event that the Apple Watch is damaged by having come into contact with any type of liquid, as we told you in the previous point, Apple will not be responsible for the repair or replacement of the device, so in the best case You will be able to get it repaired. You can request an appointment with the technical service through the telephone number 900 150 503 (free from Spain), its support website or the application for it on iPhone and iPad.

You can also find appointments in those known as SAT, an acronym for Authorized Technical Service. And although prices may vary in the latter, the official ones that you will find from Apple are the following, always varying from the model and version of the watch you have:

  • Apple Watch Series 1:
    • Aluminum Apple Watch Series 1: €221.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 1 Nike+: €251.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 1 Hermès: €281.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 1 Edition Ceramic White: 881.10 euros.
  • Apple Watch Series 2:
    • Aluminum Apple Watch Series 2: €251.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 2 Nike+: €221.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 2 Stainless Steel: €281.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 2 Hermès: €281.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 2 Edition Ceramic White: 881.10 euros.
  • Apple Watch Series 3:
    • Apple Watch Series 3 GPS version: €181.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 3 Nike GPS version: €181.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 3 GPS + Cellular version: €251.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 3 Nike GPS + Cellular version: €251.10.
  • Apple Watch Series 4:
    • Apple Watch Series 4 Aluminum GPS version: €327.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 4 Nike GPS version: €327.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 4 GPS + Cellular aluminum version: €387.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 4 Nike GPS + Cellular version: €387.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 4 GPS + Cellular stainless steel version: €431.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 4 Hermès: €431.10.

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  • Apple Watch Series 5:
    • Apple Watch Series 5 Aluminum GPS version: €327.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 5 Nike GPS version: €327.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 5 GPS + Cellular aluminum version: €387.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 5 Nike GPS + Cellular version: €387.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 5 GPS + Cellular stainless steel version: €431.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 5 Hermès: €431.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 5 Titanium Edition: 541.10 euros.
    • Ceramic Apple Watch Edition: 881.10 euros.
  • Apple Watch Series 6:
    • Apple Watch Series 6 Aluminum GPS version: €327.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 6 Nike GPS version: €327.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 6 GPS + Cellular aluminum version: €387.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 6 Nike GPS + Cellular version: €387.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 6 GPS + Cellular stainless steel version: €431.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 6 Hermès: €431.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 6 Titanium Edition: 541.10 euros.
  • Apple Watch SE:
    • Apple Watch SE aluminum GPS version: €241.10.
    • Apple Watch SE Nike GPS version: €241.10.
    • Apple Watch SE version GPS + Cellular Aluminum: €281.10.
    • Apple Watch SE Nike GPS + Cellular version: €281.10.
  • Apple Watch Series 7:
    • Apple Watch Series 7 Aluminum GPS version: €327.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 7 Nike GPS version: €327.10
    • Apple Watch Series 7 GPS + Cellular aluminum version: €387.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 7 Nike GPS + Cellular version: €387.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 7 GPS + Cellular stainless steel version: €431.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 7 Hermès: 431, 10 euros.
    • Apple Watch Series 7 Titanium Edition: 541.10 euros.