Become an expert chef with these cooking games for iPhone and iPad — 2022

Cooking is an exciting world in which both the hands that cook and the palates that taste have thousands of options. However, it is also an interesting world for entertainment, and we are not referring to standing in front of the stove but in front of the screen of your iPhone or iPad. If you are looking for entertainment in cooking games for iOS and iPadOS, keep reading, because we bring you an interesting compilation.

Cooking games for iOS and iPadOS

Burguer, will you withstand the pressure?

It is likely that on more than one occasion you have visited a fast food restaurant, because with this game you will have to put yourself in the opposite role. you must become burger worker and prepare all the orders as the clients ask you. At first it will seem easy, but as the levels increase there will be more customers and more complex orders that will put your skill and speed in check.

burger burger Descargar QR-Code burger Developer: Magma Mobile

Cooking Mama will whet your appetite

For the vast majority of us there is nothing like our mother's food, can you imagine putting yourself in her place? In this game you will find different minigames with more than 30 recipes in which traditional cuisine will have all the protagonism. Although the public that will taste your dishes will be the customers of your restaurant. Don't let them down!

Cooking Mama: Let Cooking Mama: Let Descargar QR-Code Cooking Mama: Let's cook! Developer: Office Create Corp.

World Chef, design your own restaurant

Whether you are fond of traditional food or fast food, this game will not be an obstacle for you. You must put yourself in the shoes of a great chef and create your own restaurant in every way , being able not only to choose the menu but also the decoration of your premises. You should always take customers into account if you want your business to do well.

World Chef World Chef Descargar QR-Code World Chef Developer: Socialpoint

My Cafe, create your own coffee shop

This game has the same essence as the previous ones, but with the subtle difference that this one is more focused on plan, design and launch your own coffee shop with all that this entails. You must be very attentive to all the details of decoration, the menu and its price and, of course, to the fact that customers decide to stop at your cafeteria.

World Chef World Chef Descargar QR-Code World Chef Developer: Socialpoint

Good pizza, your own pizzeria

The focus of this game is centered on a pizzeria, as you may have already guessed by reading the title. The main challenge of this game is to go making different pizzas, having to deftly manage the baking time and the ingredients used. You can have up to 80 different clients, will you be able to serve them correctly?

Good pizza, great pizza Good pizza, great pizza Descargar QR-Code Good pizza, great pizza Developer: TAPBLAZE

Chef Town, be a restaurant savior

Your skills as a chef are already very reputable, but you will have to prove it helping struggling restaurants that will hire you. You will have to take control and show everything you are capable of by putting yourself in charge of some stoves in which you will have dozens of recipes to cook.

Chef Town: Cook, Farm & Expand Chef Town: Cook, Farm & Expand Descargar QR-Code Chef Town: Cook, Farm & Expand Developer:

Restaurant DASH, follows the lead of Gordon Ramsay

In this game you will be able to become Gordon Ramsay, the popular chef from the original version of Kitchen Nightmare. You can travel around the world working in the most prestigious restaurants , in which your recipes should be up to the required level. The highlight of this game is its chef competitions, which are even more important than your work in restaurants.

Restaurant DASH: Gordon Ramsay Restaurant DASH: Gordon Ramsay Descargar QR-Code Restaurant DASH: Gordon Ramsay Developer: Glu Games Inc

Have you tried any of these games? Do you recommend any other with this theme? You can tell us in the comment box.