Become a professional makeup artist thanks to these games — 2022

Makeup is practically an art that many people perform in their day to day, either on their face or on other people's. But this experience can now be transferred to the virtual world with different games found on iPhone and iPad about makeup. In this article we show you the most interesting of the App Store.

What to look for in these games

Of course, in the App Store you can find very diverse games, and although it seems that the category of makeup can be really reduced, the truth is that it is not. Keep in mind that you always have to choose the best option. To do this, in the App Store tabs you will find a lot of information about it. For us, the points to look for are the following:

    Progress system:This is essential in any video game. Many options found in the App Store can fall into mechanics that are repetitive. This means that if a makeup system is made, that same one is always used. As is logical, it can become really boring, and in this way you should always look for that option that has several mechanics. In the end, it is intended that you feel that you are progressing. Price:It is certainly a vital point for many people who do not want to spend a lot of money on the App Store. It is true that in many cases you can find games that are free at first, but they always have some but. Developers, of course, must earn money, and this makes them introduce integrated purchases in order to generate some kind of profit. This is something to take into account, and also the effects that these payments have. Level design:each person has a particular taste, and likes games that have very specific characteristics. In this case, whenever you download, it is important to look at the images of the developers, since these will give you an idea of ​​these mechanics and you will be able to know if they are suitable for you.

Makeup-focused options

One of the great subcategories that can be found in the App Store, are those games that are exclusive to makeup. In this case there is no story behind, but you are going to have to make perfect or perfect that person you have in front of you to make up. We show you the best existing options.

makeup salon

This option has a large number of reviews that are mostly positive. This makes us believe that we are facing an interesting option, especially focused on the smallest of the house. Although they should always have supervision, because this app has microtransactions and it can be very easy to pay a high price. In general it is a game where you enjoy being creative with makeup.

There is a large selection of colored lipsticks, eye shadows, blushes, mascaras and many other makeup accessories. In this way, in each of the challenges that arise, it will be possible to carry out a very different job. In addition, it should be noted that it is quite intuitive, so you will be able to enjoy it a lot.

Makeup salon for girl Makeup salon for girl Descargar QR-Code Makeup salon for girl Developer: Pazu Games Ltd

Fashion nail salon game

But makeup is not limited only to the face, but can also be done authentic works of art with nails . And this is precisely the objective of this game on the App Store, since you are going to be able to do with different types of nail designs. If you are looking for a treatment like a pedicure, then this makeover game is going to end up enchanting you.

Create your own ideas of nail polishes, stickers and glitters with various accessories for your lovely nails. In this way, you will be able to become a DIY nail art painting designer, but also the manager of a large makeup salon to help many people have a radical change in their image.

Nail Salon Girl Fashion Game Nail Salon Girl Fashion Game Descargar QR-Code Nail Salon Girl Fashion Game Developer: Qamar Nawaz

More complete alternatives

Beyond these more exclusive applications of makeup, you can also find other options that are more complete. This is always important, since it offers many more tools and also scenarios so that boredom can be avoided in the long run. We show you the best options that can also unite other arts such as hairdressing or fashion.

barbie magic fashion

With this game it is pursued that you can become a princess, mermaid, fairy, heroine or a combination of all four. As a goal you will have to design a spectacular outfit, make different hairstyles and also add both bright accessories and colorful makeup. In the end, what is pursued is to always have a sketch to be able to develop the creativity of the players.

As we say, among the characteristics the design of the varied hairstyles with colored streaks, and also fairy tale makeup to complete the magical look. All this is going to be able to be finished off with a great dress and shoes that can be obtained in the integrated store by the developer. Although as expected, it also has microtransactions to be able to have much more content, something that you should always be careful with.

barbie magic fashion barbie magic fashion Descargar QR-Code barbie magic fashion Developer: Budge Studios

Mi Talking Angela

My Talking Angela 2 is the game of virtual pet which makes every day more elegant and fun. Players help this fashion-savvy cat keep busy at her home in the big city. These activities include dancing, baking and martial arts. In this way, you will always have to keep it in the best conditions to achieve the final objective.

But the really interesting thing is that you will always have to make much more beautiful . This will be achieved with all the makeup, hairstyle and fashion options. You yourself will be able to customize all these variables that are visual. Likewise, different accessories will also be acquired through virtual money or with microtransactions.

Mi Talking Angela 2 Mi Talking Angela 2 Descargar QR-Code Mi Talking Angela 2 Developer: Outfit7 Limited

dress makeup

The developer defines it as an application that includes more than 20 different games, offering many forms of entertainment. In general, they are shown to different models whose makeup and clothing must be personalized. The ultimate goal is to transform them into princesses, mermaids, ballerinas, gymnasts, heroines, girls getting married, pop stars, or fashionable girls.

Three dolls of different skin colors are included by default for you to choose from. Likewise, it also has three levels: Spa, makeup and dress. The beauty salon has the best hairstyles, makeup and jewelry. Some of the games also have face paint. All the changes that are made will be able to save and share it on the networks.

Dress Up Makeup Girls Games Dress Up Makeup Girls Games Descargar QR-Code Dress Up Makeup Girls Games Developer: Peachy Games LLC

Pocket Styler

Get ready for a new exclusive dinner party event! Dress to impress with fabulous garments from the eye-catching collection! The main objective will be setting trends in a modern world of fashion influencers and makeup. In this way you will be able to compete with players from all over the world to be able to show who has the best taste when it comes to these two factors. Obviously, you are going to have to use all the controls first in order to have the best experience.

Do you like stylish clothes? Are you excited by extravagant accessories or breathtaking makeup and hairstyles? Then this is the game that you are going to have to download yes or yes. When it comes to make-up, many different functions are integrated in order to have the best possible and realistic experience, so that you feel at home.

Pocket Styler: Fashion Stars Pocket Styler: Fashion Stars Descargar QR-Code Pocket Styler: Fashion Stars Developer: Nordcurrent UAB

our favorites

As has been seen, there are many options that can be found in the App Store, but in this case we are left with two of them. Specifically, we start with makeup salon , which offers a large number of different tools to achieve the perfect makeup. From a wide variety of brushes to the most extravagant colors. Without a doubt, it is a more than good option for makeup lovers.

Secondly, if you want to have many more tools than just makeup, we recommend Barbie Fashion Magic . It has a wide variety of mechanisms that will undoubtedly end up making you fall in love. It is not limited to makeup, since it also integrates fashion and hairdressing, which for many people is really important.