Become a farmer with these games and your iPhone — 2022

If you want to relax after a hard day of work or study, farm games can be your great salvation. The vast majority of these have systems that automatically relax you when you are farming or raising animals. In this article we show you the best options that can be found in this category of game.

the key points

There are many farm games that can be found on the App Store. But the truth is that you should always look carefully to get the best possible quality, since sometimes you can sin by having something that does not meet the different standards that we expect. To do this, we recommend you follow these points to choose wisely:

    Progression system:In any simulation game, this system must exist to prevent you from getting bored. The simple fact of just planting in a plot without doing anything else can be unstable in the end. In this way you should look for those options that have a system of skill improvement or access to different objects as you level up. Esthetic:a key point in any video game. It should always have a friendly design and that in this way you move completely to the life that you have on a farm as such. There are many options that follow this criteria in the App Store and that are focused on an adult audience and also children. Subscriptions:Unfortunately, many applications of this style have a micro-payment system, whose mission is that you pay so as not to wait for energy times or access exclusive content. That's why we recommend purchasing one-time apps to access a complete, fully featured story right out of the box.

Stardew Valley, the reference farm game

When we refer to farm management simulators, the quintessential game that more than meets all expectations is Stardew Valley. Available on numerous platforms, this game was a real surprise for all players, thanks to its technical perfection, aesthetics and also progression system. The story begins when, overwhelmed by city life, you decide to go to the countryside to take charge of your grandfather's farm.

Upon arrival you will see that all the land you have at your disposal is full of dirt. You will need to start by clearing a small site in order to start planting your crops. You should water daily, but be very careful with your fatigue bar. Each action you perform has a fatigue penalty and in no case can it reach zero. This is something that can be improved, to go little by little enduring much more. And it is that in this way a progression system with skill upgrade and also of the whole set of tools.

The farm is next to a town that you must investigate, full of potential people to marry. The main objective of the game is to take care of your farm, keep animals, produce cheese and many other foods and follow the hidden quests. Because yes, you should investigate and discover all the secrets that this region hides . In addition, you will have a community center that you will have to complete with different objects. Keep in mind that this game has a one-time payment that unlocks all content, and does not force you to wait to be able to farm or replenish energy.

Stardew Valley Stardew Valley Descargar QR-Code Stardew Valley Developer: Chucklefish Limited

Other farm simulators

Beyond the perfection that Stardew Valley can achieve, it should also be noted that there are other farm games. These can be more or less realistic, but they are meant to be fun. Also keep in mind that many of these options have different waiting times, which can be removed with small payments.

There's Day

farm game

This is a game that you have surely seen on more than one occasion, and for many people it is a daily vice. It aims to build your dream farm with farming, fishing, animal husbandry and valley exploration systems. And it is that in this place the crops do not wither even if it does not rain. You can plant wheat, corn and many other crops and collect them to make products from them or sell them to other farmers.

As you expand your farm, you will make it an ideal place for your chickens, pigs or cows. Feed the cute animals to produce eggs, milk, bacon and much more so you can make money from your vending business. The farm can be decorated according to your taste, customizing the farm box, the barn or the truck. In the end, you will have a lot of content to explore with this amazing game.

There's Day There's Day Descargar QR-Code There's Day Developer: Supercell



Build the city of your dreams by harvesting crops, processing them in the facilities and selling the result in order to develop the city. The trade will be carried out with the neighboring islands and in the end you will have a lot of money in your coffers. You can invest this to be able to profit from the city with the opening of restaurants, movie theaters and other community buildings. In the end, the goal will be to bring your city to life from a simple farm, keeping everyone happy.

In this case Township can be played free way, but some items must be purchased with real money. This does not mean that you can choose between the crops offered by the game and the processes to your liking in order to have the best possible result in the end. You can also find a mine in town to exploit to gain access to antiques, or discover new islands to export your exotic resources.

Township Township Descargar QR-Code Township Developer: Playrix

Farmville 2: Country Escape

farm game

Recognized as the best of the App Store in the year 2015. This game asks you to embark on rural adventures in search of special objects and prepare different recipes. On your farm you will be able to grow whatever you want and also raise animals, thus seeing how it grows little by little. With your friends you will be able to set up a farming cooperative in order to trade and share any type of object and obtain economic returns. But if you don't want to, you can play individually.

It stands out for having the possibility to play offline, wherever you are. You will be able to customize the farms with all the objects that you can find in the market. As you explore the coastline of the farm, you will be able to get new interesting objects. On a daily basis the game will reward you with different chests. The video game can be downloaded for free, but to access extra content quickly you have to pay a price.

FarmVille 2: Country Escape FarmVille 2: Country Escape Descargar QR-Code FarmVille 2: Country Escape Developer: Zynga Inc.

FarmVille 3: Animals

farm game

Start your own happy farm from scratch by raising animals and making it prosper. A really complicated task, but little by little you will achieve it. You yourself will decide at all times which animals you breed. You will be building different animal pens to be able to renew and expand the farm in this way. The ultimate goal is to have the biggest and most impressive farm to raise animals and grow very diverse crops.

At all times you will have access to create your own collection of adorable animals and choose from hundreds of breeds. Each race will provide you with an exclusive product that you can sell, trade or use to complete orders and improve your farm. For example, you will be able to have cream, bacon, mushrooms or sheep's milk among many others. New animals that you discover through your own exploration will also enter here.

FarmVille 3: Animals FarmVille 3: Animals Descargar QR-Code FarmVille 3: Animals Developer: Zynga Inc.

Sea Farm Life

farm game

Farm simulation game that has a very friendly aesthetic, designed above all for the little ones in the house. It has different activities to prevent you from getting bored planting. That is, they are several games center of another. But the main thing you're going to have to do is take care of the animals, like the cow Maria. In addition, you will grow crops and sell them in the market, designing your own boat.

In order to have a motivation in this game, different contests are added that will evaluate your crops or the design of your farm. In this way you will have to decorate it in a perfect way. There is a lot of content that can be found with more than 200 unique products and almost 500 different dishes what will you prepare All this is backed by a community behind almost 80 million players.

Sea Farm Life Sea Farm Life Descargar QR-Code Sea Farm Life Developer: DianDian Interactive Holding

Big Farm: Mobile Harvest

Virtual farm simulation game that can be played online with friends, family and farmers from all over the world. Build your own community in the city and have fun farming on the farm of your dreams. From the planting of crops, fruit trees and other types of products you will be able to build your city. To this is added the option of feeding chickens and other types of animals that you will find in Big Farm.

But as we have said before, the most important thing of all is that we are facing a great community . With this you can go discussing and completing missions together in the city. At the beginning, of course, you will only have a few simple seeds that you will have to plant, finally being able to have the best farm in the world. And this you will be able to know, since you will have options to visit many others comfortably.

Big Farm: Mobile Harvest Big Farm: Mobile Harvest Descargar QR-Code Big Farm: Mobile Harvest Developer: Goodgame Studios

our favorites

There are many games that we have been able to find in the App Store to install on the iPhone or iPad. In this case we must recommend above others Stardew Valley . Due to its way of playing and also due to the large amount of content it has, it is undoubtedly one of the simulators that you should try. Developed by a very small group of people and with a competitive price with which you can have hours of entertainment.

There's Day is another of the games that you must also have installed on your iPhone or iPad to enjoy the farm. Although unfortunately it has different micro payments to be able to advance and have all the objects. But equally, you will be able to have access to dozens of different crops and also animals to have on your own farm to enjoy the simulation in the best possible way.