This will be the new special Valentine's challenge for the Apple Watch — 2022

The Apple Watch typically delivers ‘prizes’ in the form of stickers when the rings are closed. These can be consulted from the activity app in its corresponding section. We can achieve some such as doubling the daily movement objective, closing all the rings for several consecutive days, etc.

But besides these stickers, Apple launches on special occasions some challenges for a limited time that allow you to win an exclusive prize . The new one that the company will launch will be to commemorate the iconic February 14, Valentine's Day.

The most romantic Apple Watch activity challenge

The new Apple Watch activity challenge will be available from next February 8 until the 14th of that same month . It will not be a completely new challenge since Apple has been based on the challenge that it carried out last year also for Valentine's Day. However, whether or not you got that award, you can get it this 2019 if you comply with what is asked.

Apple Watch Valentine's 2019 Sticker

Apple Watch Valentines 2019 Sticker

The challenge in question is relatively simple and is that to achieve it you must close the green ring for 7 consecutive days, to do 30 minutes of exercise. On the same day, February 8, all users will be notified with a notification equal to or similar to the following:

Winning this award has heart! Close your exercise ring seven days in a row from February 8th to February 14th!

If you manage to complete those 7 consecutive days of exercise you will achieve unlock the special prize and it will be visible in your prize gallery in the iPhone Activity app . In addition, you can also have animated and personalized stickers that can be shared through iMessage or FaceTime.

It should be noted that the design of this award will have a special relationship with Valentine's Day. This sticker will have a rounded design simulating the activity ring and a heart will appear in the center that will simulate the number 0 of 2019.

Undoubtedly the Apple Watch is a good excuse to exercise every day but these types of special challenges can encourage users even more. FromThe bitten appleWe will also try to get this award and for this reason we encourage you to do it and share it with us on our social networks either Twitter , Facebook The Instagram .