Be the most original congratulating birthdays with these apps for iPhone — 2022

We live in a world where technology is the protagonist practically every day, making people's lives a little easier and more comfortable, simplifying many tasks that used to cost more time and effort. For this reason, today we want to talk to you about 10 applications with which you can congratulate your loved ones on their birthday from your iPhone and in a very original way.

When the birthday of a family member or friend arrives, most people opt for the typical congratulatory message, because why not say it, it is so exciting to receive it. On some occasions, and if the person is very special, you work a little more on that text you are going to send or you directly opt for the phone call. However, today we want it to be the most original of all and the congratulations to be something fun and different from the usual. Below we will talk about 10 applications that you have available in the App Store of your iPhone with which you can make colorful, fun and cheerful birthday wishes without taking much time or effort.

Happy Birthday Videos – Dub your video and congratulate your friends

happy birthday videos

This application offers you a very original way to congratulate your friends or relatives on their birthday, since it has a wide variety of versions of Happy Birthday that you can dub while you record yourself to later send it to that person or those people. The good thing is that by having several versions you can use it as many times as you want and thus congratulate your loved ones in an original and fun way.

Happy Birthday Videos - Dub your video and congratulate your friends Happy Birthday Videos - Dub your video and congratulate your friends Descargar QR-Code Happy Birthday Videos - Dub your video and congratulate your friends Developer: Local Network Media

Birthday Reminders & Countdown to write down all

Birthday reminders

With this app you will not be able to create any congratulations, but you will be able to use it to write down absolutely all the birthdays of those important people that you want to congratulate on their special day. In addition, it has fantastic widgets that you can enter on the home screen of your iPhone to find out which birthdays are closest to today's date and thus be able to plan the congratulations with one of the other applications in this compilation.

Birthday Reminder & Countdown Birthday Reminder & Countdown Descargar QR-Code Birthday Reminder & Countdown Developer: New Marketing Lab, Inc

Original and different, Create Birthday Cards

Create birthday cards

If you want access to a wide variety of birthday greeting cards, this is your application. In addition, the cards are fully customizable, you can choose the background, add labels or stickers and write any text. Once you have finished creating your congratulations, you can send it in different ways, from traditional messaging applications to email.

Create Birthday Cards Create Birthday Cards Descargar QR-Code Create Birthday Cards Developer: Peep Software

Absolute prominence for Happy Birthday Candles

happy birthday candles

That date as special as your birthday or that of a loved one arrives and you have forgotten the candles, well, this app has the solution since with it you will be able to blow out the candles on your cake virtually. It has a perfect design for the occasion, you just have to choose the style you like the most, enter the age of the birthday person and blow out your virtual candles. Just don't forget to make a wish.

happy birthday candles happy birthday candles Descargar QR-Code happy birthday candles Developer: Boniface Melero

Happy Birthday Video Maker, to create personalized videos

Happy Birthday video maker

This application will help you create a spectacular happy birthday video, where you can insert images and even music to set the mood and give this special video more emotion. It has very attractive frames for the occasion, multiple stickers and filters and most importantly, it is very easy to use.

Happy Birthday Video Maker Happy Birthday Video Maker Descargar QR-Code Happy Birthday Video Maker Developer: Suneel Gupta

Create birthday gif videos

Birthday GIF

If what you want is to create a personalized birthday video with gif, which also has 3D animations, stickers and songs, this is your application. Without a doubt, you will be able to make hilarious birthday wishes that, at least, will bring a smile to the person you want to congratulate on their day. You can even draw on the video, a wonderful app for such special occasions.

Create birthday gif videos Create birthday gif videos Descargar QR-Code Create birthday gif videos Developer: Landay Apps

Happy Birthday! Wishes & Cards

Wishes y Cards

Are you looking for an app that provides you with simple congratulations and also reminds you of the birthdays of your loved ones? Well, this application is just that, since with it you will be able to keep track of all the birthdays that you write down in it and, in addition, you will have at your disposal suggestions for messages that are very suitable to send on such a special day for that person as their birthday.

Happy Birthday! Wishes & Cards Happy Birthday! Wishes & Cards Descargar QR-Code Happy Birthday! Wishes & Cards Developer: Janos Kiss

Create animations in Happy Birthday Dance – Birthday

birthday dance meets

One of the funniest ways to congratulate the birthday is to do it through this application that will make you dance to make that special person smile. But beware, with the luck that who will dance will be the fictional character that you will put a face on, so you don't have to worry about whether you dance well or not, since this application will do everything for you.

Happy Birthday Dance - Cumple Happy Birthday Dance - Cumple Descargar QR-Code Happy Birthday Dance - Cumple Developer: Maria Gascon

Birthday Messages if you can't think of what to say

birthday message

Sometimes you have to put on something more thoughtful to write a good congratulations message and that's exactly why we bring you this app that provides you with much more emotional messages than usual, to serve as inspiration or even to send them as they are.

Birthday messages Birthday messages Descargar QR-Code Birthday messages Developer: Touchzing Media

Happy birthday – Photo frame for different collages

happy birthday photo frame

Do you want a special frame for that birthday photo? Well look no further because this app is perfect for it since it has a wide variety of frames that will adorn all the photos of that special birthday. In addition to the frames you can also add filters, stickers, emojis and text, to create the photo you wanted.

happy birthday - cake happy birthday - cake Descargar QR-Code happy birthday - cake Developer: HOANG PHAM