Will this be the iPhone 8 that we will see in September? — 2022

The presentation date of the tenth anniversary iPhone, let's call it iPhone 8, is getting closer, and the rumors that circulate around it are increasing every day. Face unlock? Touch ID integrated into the screen? Missing frames? These are just some of the questions that we, the followers of the Apple world, ask ourselves.

In Apple 5×1 We are aware that rumours, although they can sometimes be tiresome, are necessary. That is why today we wanted show you the video that the guys from Concept Creator went up to his YouTube channel this past Saturday, in which they show a new 'render' of the iPhone 8.

This iPhone 8 would confirm all the rumors

In the video that this user has shared on his YouTube channel, entitled Introduction to the iPhone 8, the $1,200 phone, You can see a model very similar to some that we had seen previously. The best way to get an idea is to watch the video so that you can judge for yourself and then we will analyze the characteristics that can be seen at a glance:

It lasts less than a minute and a half and shows us a model of a terminal very similar to other that we already analyzed a few weeks ago on this website. This is the video that we bring you today, but, What features does this new render have? We analyze them below:

    Double rear camera with the flash located between them.The vertical orientation of the camera in the iPhone 8 is something that should not catch us by surprise, since it is something that includes the majority of 'renders' that we have seen to date, including the most reliable ones.

The camera that this model shows us would have a vertical orientation. (Image: Concept Creators)

    There is no 'Home' button,so we could be talking about a Touch ID on the screen itself of the iPhone. Some rumors say that it will always be where it is, that is, in the 'Home' button that Apple would hypothetically keep; Others point out that fingerprint unlocking could be found on the back; and others, like this one, predict that It will be integrated into the device screen. Almost total absence of frames:This 'render' shows what comes to be an iPhone 8 without frames on the front of the terminal, something that many people take for granted for the mobile phone that those from Cupertino will present this year. This absence of frames would allow a larger screen, 5.8 inches maybe?

This 'render' also bets on the absence of frames on the iPhone 8. (Image: Concept Creators)

    The double front camera and the facial recognition sensorthey are also present in this model, and are located in the upper part of the front of the device, occupying the indispensable part of space.

OLED screen?

Being a video in which there is no one giving an explanation of what is shown in it, we cannot know if this 'render' is showing an OLED screen or not, which is one of the great unknowns that is presented to us to Apple users about the iPhone 8. As we always tell you from Apple 5×1 To confirm all these rumors and find out many other things, such as the possibility that this device has an OLED screen, we will have to wait until mid-September, which is when Apple is expected to make the official presentation of the long-awaited iPhone 8 .

For now, and in the absence of any clues from Apple about the tenth anniversary iPhone, we will have to settle for this type of rumour, which on the other hand they could be giving us clues as to where the shots of the apple company are going.

What do you think of this render? Do you like the features that are shown in it? Leave us a comment with your impressions.