Will the launch of AirTags be Apple's first in 2021? — 2022

One of the Apple products that is taking the longest is undoubtedly the AirTags. Several months have passed since its presentation was taken for granted with numerous rumors about its operation and also its design. That is why it could finally be the first product we see from Apple in this 2021 . We tell you all the details that can lead to making this assumption of an imminent launch.

AirTags: an open secret at Apple

It is known to all that the Cupertino company plans to imminently launch a new accessory that allows it to be tracked at any time. The AirTags would aim to help us find a race we have lost and even our own car. Through the iPhone you could do a tracking the location of the accessory and all this without the need for it to be connected to the internet. This would be achieved thanks to the U1 chip that can act as a simple beacon and that we already see implemented in the iPhone. Obviously Apple would have already thought of powerdisable the U1 chipto prevent tracking, although this will simply render the AirTags meaningless.


We say that it is an open secret, because the company itself has 'leaked' its existence on numerous occasions. All this without launching them on the market at the moment. Without going any further, in the different versions of iOS they have been found more than clear evidence of its implementation in the iPhone software. This is not something new since there have been many future developments of the company that have been reflected in the iOS code. Already in April 2020 it was possible to observe within the 'Find my iPhone' options how a description clearly referred to the AirTags.

And without leaving the operating system, the Find implement application itself in iOS 14.3 a section that is currently hidden where items to be found would be displayed. These objects would be the ones that can be found thanks to the AirTag like a wallet. This clearly indicates that the launch of the AirTags is practically imminent since they are preparing the ground for it. This could clearly be the first product to be released in 2021, also enforcing different analyst reports on its release.

Their covers can already be found on Amazon

Beyond the software, other indications of the imminent launch of AirTags can be found. In Amazon itself you can find today different cases of the Spigen or DamonLight brand. This has been achieved in large part thanks to Jon Prosser.

The prestigious leaker published a series of images where the design of these AirTags could be seen in theory because he had been able to visualize them himself from the access of a high-ranking position of the company. The design would initially be circular and built with top quality materials. The great mystery remains the price it could have, although similar devices from the competition such as Tile do not have a high price, Apple may end up surprising with its proposal when they are surely presented in this first quarter.