Will Siri co-star in this Dwayne Johnson movie? — 2022

We have a breaking news that none of us expected. The voice assistant that we have always had by our side on our iPhone, Siri is now going to star in a movie, alongside a well-known actor, Dwayne Johnson.

UPDATE. Then we leave you the video that Apple has released on its YouTube channel.


Will Siri be our favorite actress?

Who would have imagined that our virtual assistant would go to the giant screen. The film in which she would star alongside actor Dwayne Johnson is called The Rock x Siri: Dominate the Day. According to the poster that is already running through the networks, the launch will be tomorrow on Apple's YouTube channel.

The poster, which you have been able to see at the top, has been published by the actor himself on his Twitter account. On the poster, there is interesting information, such as that s e will launch tomorrow on Apple's YouTube channel and there are also many allusions to the voice assistant of our iPhone.

If we look at the hands of the actor, the device he is carrying is an iPhone 7 Plus and under the title The Rock x Siri, we can see the characteristic line that comes out when we are in a conversation with Siri.

In my opinion, I'm looking forward to watching a movie with Siri, as we can produce a little gem of the participation of this on the big screen with popcorn in our hands. I'm convinced that The laughs would not be few, since the conversations that our voice assistant gives have given rise to numerous parodies on YouTube.

Tomorrow we will be able to know more details as we will see a preview on Apple's YouTube channel, and of course, we will be very attentive to inform you of everything we see relevant. Obviously, we also invite you to keep an eye on the premiere of our favorite virtual assistant on the big screen.

Leave us in the comments everything you think about this poster that we have seen today, and the movie that will be released soon.

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