Be more productive in Google Docs with these 10 tips — 2022

Whenever we talk about text editors on our Mac or in the iOS ecosystem, we think directly of the Office suite or iWork suite , but we almost always forget a very important one, that of Google. If you are or have been a student, you have surely used the Google suite to do work for high school or university, and in this article we want to give this suite of applications the value it deserves by taking out 10 tips that you may not know about Google Docs but what you can do to be more productive on your iOS device or in the web version of Docs.

10 Features You Might Not Know About Google Docs

In our day to day we always seek to be more productive and have applications and services with many functions that can satisfy all our needs in different aspects of our life. We want to help this task with 1 0 useful functions in Google Docs that you may not know about .

Before we start we want to remind you that Google Docs works in cooperation with the cloud, and that is why we recommend use a VPN if you are in a public space. With a VPN you can have a much more secure connection and therefore work in a better environment.

Use templates to create your documents

Just like we have in the Office suite, in Google Docs we can also use templates and now it's easier than ever. When we go into , you will see in the header a gallery of templates that you can expand in the upper right corner. You can also find them in Files > Open > From template.

Here we have different templates to create our resume or write a formal letter For example, if we are applying for a place in a master's degree. If you are a student you will also find different templates to take your notes or write incredible works for the different subjects. For us, they seem interesting templates that we hope will gradually improve.

Google Docs integrates a very good dictionary

While we are making our notes or when we are doing a class assignment, we doubt the meaning of a word. We can use the RAE website, but we can also open the dictionary that is integrated into the Google suite itself.

To open this dictionary we simply have to press Command + Shift + Y , or go to Tools > Dictionary. This function, which is only available in the web version of Google Docs, is tremendously useful and gives us very accurate definitions of the words that we need to consult.

Use plugins to make better documents

If Google Docs tools aren't enough for you, you can turn to add-ons that have recently been integrated into the web version of Docs. Simply in the toolbar We must select 'Add-ons' and then go to 'Get add-ons...'.

We currently have a large library of very interesting plugins such as bibliographic tools if you are doing university work or tools to make better graphs. Without a doubt, the number of possibilities that this Google suite now has has caught our attention.

Sign your documents easily

It is not at all unusual that we have to sign contracts over the internet and print them out. This is possible to do easily with Google Docs with the plugin PandaDoc . If you have an iPad or an iPhone with this plugin it will be very easy for you to sign the documents thanks to the touch screen, making your signature totally valid.

Send Fax with Google Docs is possible

If you are very young, surely the word 'Fax' does not mean anything to you, but if you have not yet discovered the world of email, you may still use them. It is not necessary today to buy a fax to send documents, but you can use the complement Hello Fax to perform this operation in a relatively simple way. Although please, turn the page and go permanently to email.

Work offline with your documents

We are not always connected to the network, but we do want to be working anywhere and everywhere. That is why Google enabled the possibility of having the documents offline in the iOS application on our iPhone and iPad and being able to edit them at any time like on a plane.

In the iOS application we must go to the upper right corner, to the three points, and here we will have different options. One of them, as you can see, is ‘Available offline’ . Checking it will download the document and we will be able to work with it on our iOS devices.

Stay on top of document edits

On numerous occasions we must make joint documents with our classmates or workmates. Every step they make to these files will be logged and if someone deletes something important by mistake, we'll have the culprit right away.

To access all the modifications that have been made to a document, you can use the key command Command + Options + Shift + H.

Make joint videoconferences with your colleagues

In order to deal with certain aspects of the problem, sometimes it is better to do it by voice than in messages. This is why with the complement UberConference you can hold group conferences with all your document colleagues without having to resort to Skype or FaceTime. With this, everything stays at home and the performance of group work is improved.

If you're a fan of fonts, Google has more hidden

If you are a maniac of document typography and the fonts offered by Google Docs seem scarce to you, we recommend you install the plugin Extended Fonts which will allow you to have a larger library of Google Fonts. The truth is that there is a great variety and we do not miss any, although who knows if they will continue to be few for you.

These are the ten tips that we have tried to be the most beneficial for you and as you can see, many of us resort to accessories. Undoubtedly, if you want to be more productive in Docs, you have a wide gallery of content to exploit in these add-ons, what are you waiting for to discover it?