Beware of messages in WhatsApp groups, they may be reading them thanks to this bug — 2022

WhatsApp boasts of having a end-to-end encryption system . That is, the message that we send to an acquaintance can only be read by me and him. When passing the message through the WhatsApp servers, it is encrypted to prevent anyone from reading the messages we are sending. But no seems to be a perfect system Well, a group of German researchers have discovered a security flaw that would allow an attacker to infiltrate a WhatsApp group and read the entire conversation.

Detected a bug in WhatsApp, although unimportant

These German researchers have been able to verify that there is a WhatsApp security flaw. Specifically, the fault lies in the group access system s of the messaging application, so the door is opened for users to be injected into a group so that they can read our messages, without us inviting him.

Although the error is there, from Facebook they have said that And it doesn't matter too much although they have obviously acknowledged its existence. This error has been downplayed because it is difficult for a person to attack the WhatsApp servers and perform this task, but impossible?

Besides, if someone joins a group we will receive a notification next to the attacker's phone . This will be a signal to stop talking about certain topics and immediately expel the intruder. The error itself is about the chat invite links. The URLs that are passed to our friends to join a particular group is where the problem lies, since there is no limitation on these.

But even if it is not a very important error, because the knowledge that must be had to be able to take advantage of it is very high. , it is a security problem that we hope will eventually be resolved. Can you imagine a strange number entering your group? Let's hope it doesn't happen.