Battery problems on iPhone 7? This is hard to change — 2022

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are still excellent mobile phones despite not being up to date, however it is now common for some materials such as the battery to wear out over the years. In fact, it is completely normal as this is one of the components that most tends to wear out naturally in any electronic device. If you're already experiencing battery issues on your iPhone 7, you'll be interested to know how much it costs to get it repaired, or in this case, replaced.

Things you should know before anything else

Requesting an appointment at Apple or an authorized technical support where they change the battery may be your definitive option to end battery problems. Now, it may not really be necessary if your battery isn't dead. That is why in the following sections we will explain what are the main keys to detect if it is really worn out or not.

iPhone 7/7 Plus battery capacity

The 4.7-inch model, the iPhone 7, has a capacity of 1,960 mAh. The large 5.5-inch model meanwhile has 2,900 mAh . These capabilities were already lower than those of its competition at the time, however Apple has the competitive advantage that they are the ones who design hardware and software so that, even with less capabilities, they can perform the same or better than the rest. The good work of iOS as an operating system means that these devices can perform better than any other, but how much autonomy is normal?

It really is difficult to measure the autonomy of a device and give an exact value because it will always depend on the user's use, which is not the same in any case. In the smallest model, it must be said that, unless it is new, it will cost you to reach the end of the day with normal use (social networks, calls and multimedia consumption). In fact, it is likely that before the night it had to go through the charger. For the large model, however, we find a battery that should reach the end of the day without a problem. In any of them, if they already have time of use, it will cost them more and more to withstand the pull.

how much does iphone 7 battery cost

Check your battery health

There is a function in Settings > Battery > Battery health that offers a percentage on the deterioration of the battery. If this is at 100%, it will mean that it has hardly suffered deterioration, while lower values ​​indicate that it has already deteriorated. Keep in mind that this is not a value to guide you, since it is very difficult to measure exactly how much a component like this has deteriorated.

In any case, Apple indicates in this same section when it is advisable to change it and if in your case no related message is offered, it will mean that it is within normal values. Normally this occurs when it is below 80%. In fact, unless they can find out that there is a factory defect, the Californian company does not recommend changing the battery. They will if you ask, but it is not what they will advise you to do.

Battery health iPhone SE 2020

If you suspect that the software is wrong

If you are noticing that Since you updated iOS the battery lasts less , it is possible that it is precisely the operating system that is causing problems. It shouldn't be like that, but sometimes Apple doesn't optimize resources as it should and the battery consumption it causes is greater. Given this situation, we recommend that you carry out the following recommendations before going to technical support:

    Update the iPhone:if there is a newer version of the operating system, it is likely that they have already resolved the battery problems. Go to Settings > General > Software update and check it. Remember that the iPhone must be connected to the internet to download and with 50% or more of battery to be able to carry out the installation afterwards. Restore the operating system:It is advisable that you make a backup copy just in case beforehand, although the data you have synchronized with iCloud will remain (photos, calendars, notes, reminders...). For this, it is recommended that it be a complete format by connecting the iPhone to a computer, be it Mac or Windows, and use iTunes / Finder. Once you restore it, you must configure it as new without adding the backup.

Could it be the fault of the charging cable?

Before changing the battery, you have to rule out all the aspects that can generate the failure as we are commenting. In many cases, the charging cable takes a backseat when talking about this type of problem, and the truth is that it is a mistake. And here you can include both the charging cable and the connection made to the electrical energy through the power adapter.

Keep in mind that how you manage your iPhone's battery power can be an incredibly important point. On many occasions, when there is a sudden power surge in your home installation, the internal components of the charger can be damaged. In this way they will not recharge the battery or it will do it in an inefficient way. In this situation, it is possible that you are going to blame the battery directly and request the change, but it is possible that it will be much cheaper than changing the entire battery of your old iPhone.

Perform a battery calibration

Another of the big problems that you can see on a day-to-day basis on your iPhone is that a real battery percentage does not appear. In this sense, it is possible that you have it fully charged but at the moment the percentage begins to plummet for no reason. In these cases, it is possible that the real percentage is not displayed and you believe that it is a hardware problem. But by calibrating it you will make the device know at all times what is the real percentage that it should be showing. To do this, you will simply have to follow the following steps:

  1. Fully charge the iPhone battery.
  2. Fully discharge the battery.
  3. Leave the iPhone turned off 6 or 8 hours.
  4. Make a charge of 6 or 8 hours without handling it.
  5. Turn on the mobile.

iPhone 7 battery change at Apple

Once you have confirmed that the battery is causing problems, it will be time to request an appointment at the Apple Store. Below we will tell you about the most important things that concern you from the moment you go to the store or send your iPhone 7 through Apple's collection service.

Price of the repair

We always recommend taking iPhones to an Apple Store or authorized technical service for repair. There are unauthorized alternatives where the prices can be much lower, but not only could it cause problems in the starting device as they are unauthorized parts, but also in the long run you could see how the wear is much higher than the original ones. Regardless of whether it is an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, you will have to pay 55 euros at Apple if you want a battery replacement. At this price you will have to add €12.10 of shipping costs in case you cannot go to a physical store and they have to pick it up at your home and then send it back to you.

There are circumstances in which this repair may be free, such as having contracted additional Apple Care or Apple Care+ insurance. This type of insurance provides the advantage of finding cheaper repairs in many cases and in the case of batteries it is done without any cost. They will not even charge you the 12.10 euros for shipping costs, since this amount is also covered by this guarantee. It should be noted that if it is detected that it is a factory defect the reason why it has deteriorated, they will probably offer you the free replacement as well.

Estimated wait time

Generally, this is a question that not even the company itself usually answers, because it depends largely on the volume of repairs that the Apple Store has at that time. Generally, by going in person, you can have the iPhone ready that same day, after a few 2 or 3 hours since it is left in the technical service. Although if you go at the last minute or at a time when they do not have stock, it could take longer. In any case they will inform you of it at the moment.

The waiting time will increase if you are going to send it by courier instead of going to the store. In that case, you will not only depend on the workload of the technical service, but you will also have to add the time it takes to send the package with your device to Apple and the time it takes to get it back once it is repaired. It is usually sent with urgent parcel, but if there is a holiday involved or your address is in the Canary or Balearic Islands, it could be increased.

Other alternatives for this repair

In addition to Apple itself, you have other interesting options for battery repair that could even be cheaper . Of course, some of them imply certain risks to take into account. In the following sections we will tell you everything about these three options that you have apart from the one already mentioned in previous points.

Go to a SAT (Authorized Technical Service)

These establishments are, for practical purposes, just like going to apple . This is because they are services that have official authorization from Apple for this type of repair, with qualified personnel and original parts which will be the same as those used in the official service of the Californian company. Besides that you will not lose the guarantee with Apple if you still had it and on top of that they offer you an additional guarantee for the repair.

These types of services also usually offer prices cheaper than Apple, although not always. They are more than valid options when you do not have an Apple Store nearby or when there is no appointment in them. You will be able to request an appointment in the same way that you would do to request it in an Apple Store, since they are treated for these purposes as if they were another Apple Store.

sat apple

Are unauthorized services reliable?

Like almost everything in life, it depends. There are hundreds of establishments specializing in repairs for devices such as the iPhone, although obviously not all of them are the same. First of all you should know that none of them have original parts , although this does not mean that everyone has bad parts. It is advisable that you consult them beforehand about it, as well as the guarantees they offer you after the repair.

These consultations that we advise you to make are considered very important, since it will be of little use to pay less for the battery change if they are of poor quality and/or they are not responsible if they stop working. What you should be clear about is that the moment the device is tampered with, you will automatically lose any guarantee that the iPhone 7/7 Plus could have with Apple.

Is it recommended that you change it yourself?

Normally it is not recommended to repair any component of an iPhone if you do not have the knowledge to do so. In addition to the fact that you could damage a component if you do it as inexperienced, you should know that any type of guarantee is lost with Apple if the device is detected to have been opened. The Cupertino company, like many others, has tools to know if a device has been tampered with or not once they have it in the technical service.

However, if you think you have the knowledge to do so and decide to do it, there are guides that teach how to repair these batteries and these can be cheaper. But again, you should keep in mind that if the parts are not original, you could have a problem with the correct operation of the device. Above all, be very careful, since if you do not have a certain skill or do not follow the recommended steps, you could even render the device unusable.