Battery problems on the iPhone? This is how much it costs to change it — 2022

There is no doubt that having battery problems on an iPhone can be a big inconvenience. An excessive degradation of the battery could lead to a very small autonomy and therefore leave a very bad taste in the mouth when using the device. Changing it could mean a very noticeable change, so in this post we tell you how much it costs to change an iPhone battery.

Battery change prices at Apple

Although later we will comment on some aspects that you should know before going to Apple to replace your iPhone's battery, we believe it is convenient to start with the most relevant point of this article and what you have surely fallen for here: what you will have to pay.

Conditions for it to be a free change

As a general rule, we must say that changing the battery of an iPhone is not a free repair, nor is changing other components such as the screen. However, there are some exceptions with which you will not have to pay a single euro for a new battery.

One of these is that there is a factory problem on your iPhone which causes the battery to degrade. Whether due to any other corrupted component or the battery itself, you might even be given a refurbished device with all new components. All this at no cost, although for this there must be indications that it is not actually a degradation caused by normal use of the phone.

In addition to that factory problem, the iPhone must be in warranty period and that the coverage corresponds to Apple. Remember that if you buy the device in a company store, the company covers you for 26 months, while if it is in another store you are only covered for the first year. It can also be given that you have contracted AppleCare+ , which is Apple's extended warranty that regardless of where you buy it will cover you for 24 months.

how much does it cost to replace iphone battery

It should be noted that precisely with the AppleCare+ insurance, the battery change will be completely free regardless of whether it is a factory fault or not, although for this the battery health must be below 80%.

There may also be other one-off exceptions such as a widespread issue with a batch that caused Apple to open a free replacement program. This, as we say, is exceptional and does not happen often. Historically what has happened is that the company has significantly lowered the price of a replacement battery.

Battery prices for each iPhone

If your iPhone isn't covered by AppleCare+ and isn't eligible for any free repair programs, you'll have to pay for a battery replacement. The cost depends on the iPhone model you have.

    iPhone 5c:55 euros iPhone 5s:55 euros iPhone 6:55 euros iPhone 6 Plus:55 euros iPhone 6s:55 euros iPhone 6s Plus:55 euros iPhone SE (1st generation):55 euros iPhone 7:55 euros iPhone 7 Plus:55 euros iPhone 8:55 euros iPhone 8 Plus:55 euros iPhone X:75 euros iPhone XS:75 euros iPhone XS Max:75 euros iPhone XR:75 euros iPhone 11:75 euros iPhone 11 Pro:75 euros iPhone 11 Pro Max:75 euros iPhone SE (2nd generation):55 euros iPhone 12:75 euros iPhone 12 mini:75 euros iPhone 12 Pro:75 euros iPhone 12 Pro Max:75 euros iPhone 13:75 euros iPhone 13 mini:75 euros iPhone 13 Pro:75 euros iPhone 13 Pro Max:75 euros

It should be noted that if you request the repair from home, Apple could charge you €12.10 extra for shipping costs.

If you have an older iPhone

You will have noticed that in the list above there are iPhones that are no longer sold in the Apple Store and yet are still suitable for repairs such as battery replacement. See the iPhone 5c as a clear example. However there are several devices prior to these that are not on the list:

    iPhone (original) iPhone 3G iPhone 3GS iPhone 4 iPhone 4s iPhone 5

What about these devices? Well, basically they have already been classified as obsolete by Apple. In other words, in addition to no longer receiving support via software, they are also not suitable for repairs in official centers due to the absence of components for them. If you have one of these, you may find other technical services that ensure the change, since within Apple itself they only offer to recycle them.

How to request a replacement from Apple

Once you know the price (and if you are convinced to assume the cost) you have to go to Apple to make the change. Of course, there are several aspects that we already mentioned before that you should know, in addition to the steps to follow to request an appointment with technical support.

How to know if replacement is necessary

That the battery of your iPhone lasts less than the first day is something totally normal, since this component is one of the ones that deteriorates the most over time. Although you can guess the state of the battery on your own, the truth is that there is an option within iOS itself that is capable of telling you the level of battery health. For this you must go to Settings > Battery > Battery health and you will find a percentage that indicates it.

100% is the fullest state of the battery and below this we would already find a certain level of degradation. However, in this same section there is information about whether or not it is necessary to replace the battery. Normally Apple does not advise any battery change at levels that are above 80%. If you insist and pay for it, they will logically change it, but the advice of the professionals will be not to do it until there is a level of wear and tear that makes it worthwhile.

iPhone 12 Pro battery problems

In any case, keep in mind that the percentage shown in these settings is indicative And it's not 100% accurate. In the end, it is very difficult to accurately measure the state of a battery, so the complex algorithmic calculations used to show this percentage can sometimes be inaccurate. For this reason, we recommend that you not only value this number, but also your own experience with the device.

Request an appointment with technical support

Now yes? Have you already made sure that you want to change the battery? Perfect, because all you have to do is ask for the appointment and wait to go there. You have several ways to do this. You can request an appointment through the Apple support website, through the Support application available in the App Store or by calling 900 150 503 (toll free from Spain).

It should be noted that, in addition to being able to choose a face-to-face appointment, you can also you can request a remote repair . In other words, you can give your address and Apple will send a courier service that will take your iPhone to the technical service and then deliver it to you in the same conditions. This service is very comfortable, although as we told you before, it could increase the cost by 12.10 euros.

Other frequently asked questions

Finally, once you have already made the appointment, you may have other more than usual doubts if you have never gone with your iPhone to have the battery changed. We solve them for you in these last two points of this article.

How you should take the iPhone to the technical service

Before you go to the appointment or the courier picks up your device, backup is recommended of the data you have on the phone. The change of battery does not have to imply greater evils, but in the conditions that you sign you will be showing yourself in accordance with the fact that the device could be formatted if so required. In this way you can ensure that if it happens you can have your data back as it was, although we have already warned you that it is unusual for it to be returned formatted.

In addition to this, it is advisable that you go with DAYS here or any other official document that proves your identity. According to the invoice or purchase receipt , a priori it is not necessary, but for greater security it does not hurt that you can carry it with you. Y if it is a shipment the way you requested assistance, you just have to make sure that the device is well protected in the box that the courier will deliver to you.

How long will it take to give you your iPhone?

In addition to the price, this question is one of the most common. Nobody likes to be without their phone for a long time and luckily this It is usually a fairly quick process. It will always depend on the level of work that the Apple Store technicians have and the time at which you had the appointment, since if there is little left for the closing they might not have it that same day. However, in most cases they are repairs that are made in 2-3 hours.

Yes indeed, if you send the iPhone to the technical service it takes longer for obvious reasons. And it is that to the repair time you will have to add the time it takes for the courier service, first, to pick up your iPhone and send it to Apple and, later, the time it takes to deliver it to you again. This could make them 48-72 hours as a general rule or even more if there are holidays involved.

In any case, you should know that if you entered your Apple ID when requesting the repair, you will be able to check the status of the repair at any time. You will then be able to see an estimate of the time it will take for Apple to return the phone to you. But, we insist, this is generally one of the fastest repairs that are usually done by Apple.

Is it a good idea to change the battery in unauthorized services?

It is always advisable to change any iPhone part at an authorized service for all the guarantees it offers and because it is known that the parts that are going to be put on you are of quality. One of the risks involved in carrying out the repair at an unauthorized center or service is that the operation of the device may be affected . If you change the battery on an unofficial site, your iPhone may stop working or lose capabilities. You also suffer the risk of it not charging properly or overheating. Another of the negative points of changing the batteries in these services is that the duration of the parts is not very long, so this will mean having to change it more often than it should.

When possible, you must go to specialized centers and with an Apple guarantee. Saving some money can cause you to have serious problems with your device and have to buy another or have to take it to repair. As is often said, on many occasions cheap is expensive, and in this case, the worst thing is that it can end up reducing the experience with your device.

Change it yourself, but know the risks

Another option that many users choose is to change the battery themselves at home. To change the battery of your iPhone, first you have to buy a quality battery , not just anyone because you expose yourself to the risks mentioned above. To this you have to add that many times, when buying it, the necessary tools to change the part are not included. As it is such a delicate process, not just any tool will do, so you have to be especially careful.

Once you have a quality battery and the necessary tools, the steps to follow are not easy at all . High accuracy and minimal knowledge of iPhone and electronics is required. Changing a battery is not like putting a tempered glass, if you do something wrong you can be left without a mobile.