Battery capacity in mAh of all iPhones — 2022

Possibly the battery is one of the most relevant features of a phone today. Being able to have a device that doesn't let us down when we don't have a charger or powerbank is always something to keep in mind, so in this article we analyze the battery capacity of each iPhone in mAh (milliamp-hours). Of course, before there is a series of data about it that you should know to understand in what context this component is located in Apple mobiles.

Exact battery capacity of an iPhone

Although we have commented that this data is not provided by Apple, the truth is that there are physical and digital tools capable of determining the exact capacity of a battery. Thanks to them we can know the capabilities that all iPhones have, from the first to the last:

    iPhone (original):1,400 mAh. iPhone 3G:1,150 mAh. iPhone 3GS:1,219 mAh. iPhone 4:1,420 mAh. iPhone 4s:1,420 mAh. iPhone 5:1,440 mAh. iPhone 5c:1,507 mAh. iPhone 5s:1,570 mAh. iPhone 6:1,810 mAh. iPhone 6 Plus:2,915 mAh. iPhone 6s:1,715 mAh. iPhone 6s Plus:2,750 mAh. iPhone SE (1st generation):1,624 mAh. iPhone 7:1,960 mAh. iPhone 7 Plus:2,900 mAh. iPhone 8:1,821 mAh. iPhone 8 Plus:2,675 mAh. iPhone X:2,716 mAh. iPhone XS:2,658 mAh. iPhone XS Max:3,174 mAh. iPhone XR:2,942 mAh. iPhone 11:3,110 mAh. iPhone 11 Pro:3,046 mAh. iPhone 11 Pro Max:3,969 mAh. iPhone SE (2nd generation):1,821 mAh. iPhone 12 mini:2,227 mAh. iPhone 12:2,775 mAh. iPhone 12 Pro:2,815 mAh. iPhone 12 Pro Max:3,687 mAh. iPhone 13 mini:2,406 mAh. iPhone 13:3,227 mAh. iPhone 13 Pro:3,095 mAh. iPhone 13 Pro Max:4,352 mAh. iPhone SE (3rd generation): 2,018 mAh.

As we said, these data are obtained through various tools that have a greater or lesser precision. The data shown above correspond to the most widespread for each model, which in the end is not confirmed in any way since it is not Apple who offers the exact data officially.

Important facts about an iPhone battery

There are certain data that must be known and that are in perfect accordance with the capacity of the iPhone. Therefore, we believe it is very convenient that you know them to know the exact behavior of the batteries of these devices.

Why doesn't Apple say how much battery they have?

Apple never gives official data about the batteries of its iPhone devices, nor does it give them about others. This is due to a matter of Resource Optimization that has its operating system and its processors. Precisely the software and the chip is developed by the company itself, which is a competitive advantage for them as they are the ones who can perfectly adapt all battery management, among other things.

For this reason it is possible that an iPhone has a lower battery capacity than an Android phone and yet the autonomy is greater . Therefore, Apple understands that publicly offering this data could be counterproductive when compared to competing phones, since it does not fit reality in the end. What the company does do is give approximate duration data in hours, which in the end can be very relative.

iPhone charging battery

Factors influencing battery charge

There are many actions that are carried out on a day-to-day basis that negatively affect the capacity of the battery. By doing so, the percentage begins to decrease rapidly and you have to be careful, especially if you do not have options to recharge the iPhone with a certain frequency. Among these factors, the following can be highlighted:

  • Constant mobile data usage while you have WiFi connectivity is also active searching for networks.
  • Navigate using 5G connectivity constantly.
  • Record with the iPhone camera at the highest possible quality, such as 4K and 60 FPS.
  • Make video calls through FaceTime or another communication application.
  • Play video games on the iPhone that consumes a lot of resources.
  • Continuous video streaming via internet connection.
  • Perform video editing in applications that require a lot of resources.
  • Make use of iPhone flashlight for a long time.
  • Keep the screen on at the highest possible brightness for many hours at a time.

battery tips apple

To these factors that are undoubtedly relevant in the day-to-day life of users, we must also add the passage of time as well as the use that is given to it. The passage of time fully affects the batteries, emphasizing above all the charging cycles that progressively wear out. This affects the overall performance of the battery as well as its life. That is why if you have two iPhones that are exactly the same, it will not always be possible to have the same autonomy in the devices.

The particular use that is given to a mobile that changes a user always influences. It can be compared, for example, to the state of a car engine. It will always depend on the use that is given to the device on a daily basis to visualize how the battery status is being influenced.

The battery is the component that wears out the most.

iphone x battery health

Beyond the strict battery life of each of the batteries of an iPhone, it is necessary to highlight what is the health of it and its deterioration over time. In the end, all the components of an electronic device wear out to a greater or lesser extent, but the battery is undoubtedly the one that suffers the most from this. No matter how well you follow the steps to take care of the iPhone's battery health, it is inevitable that problems will end up appearing over the years.

The autonomy does begin to decrease for this reason, so it is usually recommended to replace it if the mobile is kept for many years, something that we will discuss in the next section.

Lower health, lower capacity?

No. The battery capacity of an iPhone is and will always be the same regardless of the wear and tear that it may have suffered. Although in the end it is true that the capacity data ceases to have some relevance, since if the wear has been severe, it will not matter if the original capacity is one or the other, since it reaches a point where it probably deserves more worth changing it for a new one.

The moment the battery is replaced, as long as it is original, the battery health will return to 100%. In any case, you should not fail to take into account that this is usually a indicative data , given the complexity involved in knowing the exact level of deterioration of the battery. In the corresponding section where it is consulted, precise information will appear when the system detects that a replacement is needed.

iPhone battery changes

An iPhone with a new battery is almost a new iPhone, especially if it doesn't have scratches on top. As we said, it is the component that suffers the most and it is advisable to change it from time to time. Normally you will know when it is time if the terminal itself tells you so by entering Settings > Battery > Battery health. As in everything, there are several methods available to change the battery.

Change battery iPhone 7 Explained

At Apple or authorized services

This is the most recommended option for various factors. The first of them is that if the device is under warranty, you will not lose it. Another compelling reason is that the batteries will be official and not only will the device return to its original capacity, but you will also have the certainty that it will work perfectly and there will be no compatibility or similar problems.

It is possible to make an appointment at an Apple Store to carry out this process, but also at the so-called SAT, an acronym for Authorized Technical Support. These are a series of stores or repair places that have the approval of Apple and also have certified tools and parts. In either case, you will obtain identical guarantees, although the price could vary and even be higher in the latter.

In unauthorized services

This option may be the cheapest, but it can also cause headaches. The first thing you should know is that you will lose the guarantee of the iPhone if it still had it, in addition to the fact that you will not be sure that it will end up being compatible with your device. Beyond the fact that Apple wants its services to be used for profit reasons, it also wants to provide the best user experience and adds detection systems for non-original components that could prevent the phone from working properly.

In the event that the device works well, despite the non-original battery, it is likely that it is of lower quality and wears out more easily. In fact, at this point you should ignore the health of the battery, since the parameter is indicative for the original ones and for these others, in the end it is impossible for it to mark its exact level.

On your own

This is definitely the option. less recommended . And it is for several reasons, the first being related to the knowledge and skills to correctly open the device, change the battery and reseal everything. If you think you have the skills to do so, you shouldn't have a problem, but if in doubt, it's better to leave everything as it is to prevent it from being damaged.

Otherwise, this process has similar implications to the above, since you will lose the warranty of the device the moment you open it. In the same way, it is likely that you do not have an original battery, despite the fact that where you buy it is specified as such, since there are many deceptions in this regard and, unfortunately, only Apple and SAT offer batteries that are 100% original. for one hundrerd.