Be a thief for a day with these great games available for iPhone — 2022

In the App Store you can find a wide variety of games that put you in the shoes of numerous professions or situations. This time we offer you the possibility of stealing everything you want through a series of games that ask you to be a true thief. But obviously without you being discovered. We show you the best below.

The versatility of the App Store with its games

In the App Store you can find a large number of video games to enjoy on iPhone or iPad. The secret of the app store lies mainly in the great versatility of its categories. You can find practically everything and although it may be rare, there are also games focused on thieves. Obviously this is an activity that we should always stay away from, but we can put ourselves in the shoes of a thief through these games. And all this without the fear of ending up in jail for these crimes.

Robbery Bob, a very ninja thief

Get into the skin of the thief Bob and steal everything you find on your way. You will have to get into all the hiding places you find on the map to be able to fool the eyes of all the security guards you will meet. In addition to your ninja skills to be able to avoid the eyes of those who should not see you, you also have a series of accessories. It has more than 100 levels whose ultimate goal is to get one of the many loot that is scattered on maps such as private homes or shopping centers.

Robbery Bob™ Robbery Bob™ Descargar QR-Code Robbery Bob™ Developer: Level Eight AB

Robbery Bob 2, a very addictive second serving

And if you end up falling in love with the previous game, you should know that there is a second part that is full of new features. It stands out above all for having 100 new levels of looting and fun. You will have to learn to play hide and seek since one of the mechanics of this part is to stick to the walls in order to hide at all times. Among the new accessories are teleportation mines or RC cars.

Robbery Bob 2 - Double Trouble Robbery Bob 2 - Double Trouble Descargar QR-Code Robbery Bob 2 - Double Trouble Developer: Level Eight AB

Thief Simulator, entering houses has never been so easy

thief simulator

You are in a city of rich people and your mission will be to make yourself rich by stealing everything you find in your case. It is a first-person game in which you will earn money as the different robberies go by, knowing that you have to hide from all eyes. As the jobs are completed you will see how the difficulty increases making the game much more complicated.

Thief Simulator Sneak Games Thief Simulator Sneak Games Descargar QR-Code Thief Simulator Sneak Games Developer: Haroon Abbas

Armed Heist, a PayDay adapted to the iPhone

Get ready to rob banks and any other establishment in Armed Heist. You can start by customizing all your weapons to be able to face the more than 70 challenges that lie ahead. You will have at your disposal a map that is totally versatile to be able to finally choose the best place where you are going to hit. Just as you can customize the weapons, you will also have the possibility of raising certain abilities of your character to shine.

Armed Heist: Shooting Game Armed Heist: Shooting Game Descargar QR-Code Armed Heist: Shooting Game Developer: SOZAP

Sneak Thief 3D, hitting against security

sneak thief 3D

With a very different aesthetic, this game poses a series of scenarios that will undoubtedly be very attractive and also very addictive. In the first person you will have to go through all the security measures that you will find as well as getting rid of the security guards. You can take any object you find on the map, such as a simple chair, and hit the guards from behind so that they fall to the ground and they will not discover you.

Sneak Thief 3D Sneak Thief 3D Descargar QR-Code Sneak Thief 3D Developer: Kwalee Ltd

Looter thief, but without being hunted

looter thief

This casual game aims to put you in the shoes of a thief who begins to load his hands with everything that is in his way. From food from a supermarket to the money that is hidden in a bank. The problem is that a police officer will be looking for you through the streets and you'll have to dodge them at each of the corners.

looter thief looter thief Descargar QR-Code looter thief Developer: Ghulam Mustafa