Bad news! The iPhone 12 notch might not shrink — 2022

Although we are several months away from finally seeing the new iPhone 12, there are many rumors surrounding this team. But although these rumors are already taken for granted, the creator of the YouTube channel EverythingApplePro has arrived to unleash a small storm and cause some disappointment . In this article we explain why this 'storm' has been caused.

The rumors of the iPhone 12 are dismantled

What I knew so far is that the iPhone 12 could see the much-hated notch reduced to 1/3. and also a LiDAR camera would be included like the one included in theiPad Pro 2020. But through your twitter account EverythingApplePro has dismantled these rumors by showing a CAD image filtered where the same notch size is shown that we have on the iPhone 11 Pro. That is, there would be no type of variation in this regard, although the frames would be modified.

This will be very bad news since the notch is undoubtedly one of the aspects that most needs to be changed on the iPhone. Normally, it can end up disturbing the vision of certain content, since there is a part of the screen that cannot be viewed. Other brands have decided to change that concept by having a hole in the screen. But Apple at first thought it could simply reduce it. This would entail a great effort on the part of the company. All the sensors that give life to Face ID technology are housed in the notch, and it must be kept but in a smaller size.

Also at first it was thought that all high-end iPhone 12s would include a LiDAR sensor. But if we now stick to these CAD images, it can be clearly seen that it is only reserved for the iPhone 12 Pro Max 6.7″ . This would make the cameras of the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max have a difference, when until now there were no differences between the two models.

What does seem to be confirmed is that in September we will see four iPhone 12 models in 3 different sizes: 6.7″, 6.1″ and 5.4″ . This strategy would respond to the market's need to release cheaper models in order to gain more and more market share. The experiment with the iPhone 11 and XR has worked wonderfully and it is logical that they want to continue down this path in order to lead to a greater number of sales.

CAD images would be indicative

Everything that can be said about the iPhone 12 is just rumours, and therefore nothing is confirmed. It is true that this information contradicts everything that has been known so far about the iPhone 12.Jon Prosserreported this notch reduction and he hasn't been wrong yet although there is always a first time.

It must also be taken into account that the CAD images can be filtered from the general production line but also from the box manufacturers. When the iPhone case is being designed, it is not necessary to design the type of notch it will have to the millimeter, since it is irrelevant. The important thing is to have the correct measurements and also the shape of the camera module, which will remain as it has been until now, only varying the distribution of the lenses. By this we mean that until September nothing can be taken for granted and everything can change in the blink of an eye.

And you, how do you think this new iPhone 12 will be?