Avoid scams when buying or selling a second-hand Apple Watch — 2022

The purchase and sale of second-hand items is booming these days thanks in large part to digital platforms. However, this has increased the cases of scams. If you are in the position of buy or sell a used Apple Watch , don't worry because in this article we will tell you what you should take into account to avoid having problems during the process.

Where to buy or sell an Apple Watch?

One of the main doubts that you may have at first is knowing where to go for the Apple Watch buying/selling process. There are many options and in the following sections we will tell you which are the most popular.

physical stores

Although the digital platforms that we will see in the next section seem to have taken over, the truth is that there are still physical establishments today where you can buy or sell second-hand items. There are many that even specialize in electronics, although at a national level in Spain we highlight two above all and which offer the best guarantees:

    Cash Converters:although it also has online service , this is one of the oldest and most widespread second-hand store chains throughout our territory. In them you can find all kinds of items to buy, including Apple Watch. And, of course, you can also wear your watch as long as it remains functional, being able to obtain an appraisal and money in hand. CeX:another of the buying and selling chains second-hand items, but is specialized in electronics, video games and DVDs. As in the previous one, they can make you an appraisal at the moment of your watch and take the money in hand instantly. And from the point of view of the buyer, it will be rare to go to a CeX and that they do not have any Apple Watch for sale.

cash converters and cex

The good thing about shopping in physical stores like these is that guarantees are usually given shopping. In other words, beyond the fact that the Apple Watch could still be covered by Apple, you can exercise your rights in stores if any unforeseen inconvenience arises.


It is here that we find a greater variety of options to buy or sell an Apple Watch. At this point there are also applications and web services for buying and selling second-hand items of all kinds and others specialized in technology and even Apple products. Here are some of the most popular services:

    Amazon:if he known portal It also offers the possibility of buying and selling second-hand items. And although in the case of being a seller, it is not that simple, as a buyer you will be able to find great offers on Apple Watch with the security that Amazon is behind the operation. Facebook:there is a section called Market Place intended precisely for the buying and selling of second-hand products between users of the social network. In it you will be able to place your ad at no additional cost, in addition to being able to enter into a negotiation with Apple Watch sellers if you are in the role of buyer. Used Apples:this is an online store specialized in apple products in which the users themselves can place advertisements of their respective devices for sale. From the point of view of the seller, you should know that they will take a commission for the sale, while as a buyer you have full payment guarantees and the possibility of claiming. Vibbo:first I vibbo and then I sell it is the slogan of this well-known Web Application heiress of the classic Second Hand. In it you can place your ad at no additional cost to send your offer to thousands of people interested in Apple Watch, as well as find offers if you are a buyer, being able to negotiate face to face with the user. wallapop:In any compilation of buying and selling apps worth its salt, this one could not be missing, since it is the most popular . Unfortunately, it is the one in which the most scams abound, but by following the advice that we will give you in another section, you should not have any problems. They also offer verification and reporting systems for problems.

wallapop sell airpods

It should be noted that also the messaging apps like WhatsApp or Telegram can be useful for the sale. Either to send a message to your contacts informing them that you are selling an Apple Watch or to directly share the link to the ad that you have placed on other platforms like the previous ones.

Aspects to take into account as a seller

To think that being the one who sells the device gives you all the power is at least inaccurate. There are also many scams that affect sellers. In the next section we tell you how to avoid these problems, as well as some tips to be able to sell your watch faster .

Do not trust certain behaviors

As bad as it sounds, distrust should be your main companion in this type of sales, despite the fact that there are also thousands of people with good intentions. However, there are certain behaviors that could reveal that the intentions of the prospective buyers are unlawful.

Naps using online services for sale, beware of those people who respond immediately to messages , since on many occasions they are automated bots. Also pay close attention to the language used , since that will also serve to give away possible robotic systems. Obviously, a person may have difficulty writing and sneak in some misspelling or typo, so you will have to speed up your common sense to detect it.

wallapop scam example

scam example

Also distrust chain scams that normally act with the same modus operandi, summoning you to write to a certain telephone number via WhatsApp (usually a foreign number). These also usually allege that the reason for their interest in buying the watch is to be able to give it to someone. friend or family member living in another country . In his behavior it also highlights the fact that not put a single hit , offering to pay for the device very quickly without even consulting details about its status or wanting to negotiate the price.

Also avoid paying attention to those who send suspicious links , since it is not recommended that you even enter those websites to which they link, because it could contain malware or some type of interface in which they impersonate a legal service in order to obtain your personal and payment data.

How to set the right price

This is one of the dilemmas that causes the most headaches at the beginning. Basically what we recommend is take a look at what other sellers are posting , since it will always be a good index to know what price the second-hand Apple Watch is being sold for. Also take into account the condition of your watch, battery health and age. Nothing happens if you sell it a little more expensive than others, as long as it is not an exorbitant difference and can be justified by the good condition of the product.

Apple Watch drops in price

One piece of advice you could apply is set a higher price than you are willing to . That is, if you want to obtain an amount of, for example, 300 euros, put it at 320-350. In this way you will have a greater negotiation range and you will be able to lower up to 300 euros, which is the amount you want to obtain. And hey, if you finally manage to sell it for more, that's what you get as an extra.

Also keep in mind that the price could go up if you include charger, straps and even the original box of the Apple Watch. The matter of the charger and the box may perhaps be more imprecise to understand that it is essential in the watch, but the subject of the straps may be interesting to earn an extra. If you are going to sell it with a considerable number of these and its value is also high, the price must increase for the sale to be profitable.

With reference to the Payments , it is recommended that you never make any kind of advance payment. They may ask you to make a transfer or similar for shipping costs, something that really tends to be more typical of scams. Therefore, always try to make the buyer bear the costs and make the payment through a transparent service (PayPal, Bizum, Transfer...), but in no case give them your payment details. If you ship the Watch, try to make sure that the buyer will pay you when they receive it.

Give potential buyers confidence

We understand that you are not looking to defraud anyone with your sale, but there will precisely be bona fide buyers who are in the other situation and may distrust you. If you want to provide them with security, it is important that you be totally transparent. try to make the d product description be as close to reality as possible, do not hide information or try to improve the image of your watch.

If, for example, it has some small scratches or similar, it is convenient that you say so, since in the end it may be unavoidable and if they are not very deep, it could not matter to the buyer. You can also give credibility by showing purchase invoices , always hiding personal and payment data that can be used against you.


Show yourself friendly and also mentalized before possible buyers who wish to negotiate the price; there are some that seem to even joke around offering you unsatisfactory amounts, but even with them it is better not to wear yourself out. You will probably be asked many things about the status of the product and you should not despair either, in the end you have to be aware that the person who is interested wants to know all the details of what their future Apple Watch may be.

In what condition should you deliver the watch

We're not going to go into it if you sell it with accessories and stuff. In the end, this is something optional that you must also have previously communicated to the buyer. What you should be clear about is that the watch must be fully restored and out of your list of devices. In this way you will ensure that the person who receives it will not only be able to use it without any problem, but will also not be able to access any of your data.

Unpair Apple Watch

To do this, it will be as simple as unlinking it from your iPhone from the Watch application. Once this is done, you must go to the list of your devices in Settings> your name (you can also on the Apple ID website) and remove that Apple Watch from your list of devices. And this last point is important, since if you deliver it unlinked, but without having deleted this, it could require that you enter your data in order to configure it.

What you should pay attention to if you are a buyer

We are now going to the other situation and that is to want to buy an Apple Watch. Of course there can be problems here too, but by following the advice below you should be able to buy your watch without fear.

What should you look at the clock

If you are going to a physical store, this advice is superfluous, but if you are making an online purchase it is advisable that demand attendance to close the buy-sell operation. In this way you will be able to check in-situ if the condition of the Apple Watch corresponds to what is described in the advertisement. This is what we advise you to review once you have been able to meet with the seller:

  • Check the overall status of the watch, if it has any scratches or marks of use, if the screen has any cracks, etc.
  • It is important to check that the Apple Watch is not locked by iCloud , which would indicate that it is stolen. If the entire operating system is fully accessible and you don't get any warning messages, it means that you don't have such a lock.
  • Check that the Touch panel It works fine and you can touch anywhere on the screen with no problem.
  • The speakers and microphones they are also essential in checking. By making a phone call from this it is possible to find out if both elements work well.
  • The battery health available in Settings > Battery (watchOS 7 and later) will indicate its deterioration, so you can know if it has suffered a lot of wear and tear and compensate you for its purchase.

Apple Watch Battery Health

What data should you request from an individual

As we mentioned in the section in which we explain what to do as a seller, we do the corresponding thing in the case of the buyer. The first thing we recommend is request purchase invoice in which the serial number of the clock, in addition to a capture in which it is seen that said number indeed corresponds to that Watch. This way you can check its authenticity and even know if it still has warranty coverage.

To do this you must go to the page web enabled by apple to do so and enter that number. If it is not recognized, the serial number you have been given is false. If it appears, you will already be sure that it is authentic, although in any case we insist on carrying out the transaction in person to avoid problems.

web warranty apple

It is also important that when having a conversation with the seller, always use official apps . For example, if you are buying on Wallapop, it is advisable that you have all the negotiation through this channel and not through WhatsApp or the like. That way, in the face of possible claims, it will be easier for you to prove what happened.

How to make payments

This is one of the trickiest issues. Therefore, what we recommend above all make cash payments in person and if you have no other choice, resort to secure payment platforms with which you can have guarantees that the money can be refunded if the buyer does not keep his word. Yes indeed, avoid making transfers .

However, always try to do not pay in advance . It is possible that you may be asked for some type of bail, something that may even be understandable, but try not to resort to it unless there is no other choice and always within that framework of secure platforms.