Avoid scams when buying a Mac: check if it is authentic — 2022

Macs are highly valued products by all. They are powerful tools for working in different fields, such as editing. This makes them really expensive products and therefore counterfeits can easily be found. Consumers, in order to get high-end products in an easy way, can be scammed in this regard. But in this article we give you the necessary keys so you can check if you have a fake Mac or an original one.

The most important checks to perform

There are many points to take into account when you want to check if a Mac is original or a fake. Below we present them to you so that you take them into account whenever you have doubts.

There are no miracle prices

When buying a new product, one of the most important aspects is the price. Almost always the fact of having a product that you know has premium features for an almost ridiculous price makes you not think that it is a fake. But the truth is that sellers of this type of counterfeit products will almost always follow this path. In order to be able to sell them in a comfortable way and without many questions being asked, the sellers place themselves at a really attractive and low price . But this is why you should always be wary of those impossible prices.


There are many places where you can find these types of products that are fake and have a really low price. One of the main sites is wallapop although they can also be found on Aliexpress or Ebay. This means that you should not trust the purchase through these environments that may not be safe and always opt for physical purchases or through stores that you know are authorized and have original products. Although obviously in the latter you will find a much higher price, and there are also physical stores that offer fakes, of course.

Check the quality of the product

The Mac is a computer that undoubtedly stands out for having some high quality materials , as well as a very well achieved finish. In general, Apple uses an aluminum alloy for its computers, something that counterfeiters do not do in order to reduce the cost of production significantly. That is why when you have a counterfeit Mac in your hands, you should check all these details, and check if it is made of aluminum or plastic, if the keyboard works correctly, among other aspects.

The trackpad is also an important indication that you are not looking at a Mac that is original. That is why it is always recommended before buying a second-hand Mac to try a Mac that you know is original. Whether in a store or a friend's for know what experience the trackpad or keyboard conveys. It should also be borne in mind that the ports may have flaws in the finish. Apple puts a lot of care into the plastics that surround Macs when they're new, and this can also be an important point in determining counterfeit.

Operating system and internal components

One of the great surprises that you can find when you start a Mac for the first time, is that it does not have macOS installed. Counterfeiters usually make a design that is quite similar to the original but as far as the operating system is concerned they don't put as much 'love' on it. They choose to install operating systems that are free or freely available, such as Windows or Linux. This is definitely an indication that you have a counterfeit Mac and makes it really important to fully test it.

In the internal section of counterfeit Macs you can also find great differences that are quickly appreciated. The processor is the brain of any computer and in a Mac it is responsible for being able to move all the processes so that it works correctly. but obviously last generation processors are not going to be found in counterfeits nor are really powerful GPUs. What this finally causes is that the performance of the device is really bad, not being able to resemble that of an original Mac.

macos big sur

This means that we should always recommend checking both the interior and exterior of a piece of equipment to the millimeter. Quickly look at the type of internal components that are inside, such as the processor that is Intel or Apple proprietary, or even the RAM. Storage is also relevant since, in general, original Macs opt for an SSD system, but this is very expensive. Counterfeiters go for HDDs which are obviously slower and also cheaper. All these small details should also be clearly observed when you go to get a new computer to check its originality.

Other additional checks

In addition to everything we have listed above, other checks can also be performed, as well as preventive measures that are important. Next, we explain them to you.

Check the serial number with Apple

Apple make available to users the possibility of verifying the originality of Macs. This is ideal especially for those people who have already bought a Mac and have doubts about whether it is authentic or not. It is done through an official support space that is focused above all on the device warranty. As you well know, all products that are from Apple are registered with a unique number which is the serial number. With this it is possible to carry out the opportune verification on whether it is a device that has the legal guarantee.

But in this case we are interested know if it is an original device. If when entering the different data required by the website of Apple and it is recognized, an image of the Mac and all the warranty information will appear. On some occasions, it may be the case that an error appears with the actual date of purchase of the device. But this is not something alarming since it can happen when the device has not been bought from Apple itself but from another establishment. It is also still a completely original product.

The problem comes when the website itself says that the serial number you have entered does not exist. This makes it quite certain that the Mac is a fake since it is not registered with Apple. But if, although the web gives you the data that is original, but you are still suspicious, it is possible that the forger has used a serial number from an original equipment. Something that can be quite intelligent, but it is something that can finally be confirmed in an Apple store where all the components are tested.

check warranty mac apple

Always buy from reliable sites

There are many checks that we have discussed throughout this post, but it is important to do these checks before making the purchase. In many online points of sale, when you buy a product and receive it, you will hardly be able to return it, especially if it is an individual. The use of false identities or the inability to locate the seller makes it impossible claim a product that is not original when you bought it thinking that it was. This makes it important to opt for online sites that are highly trustworthy and have legal guarantees, such as Amazon.

This is where the fact of buying in physical establishments also stands out, especially when buying second-hand equipment. In this way, before making the payment for the device, all the checks that we have been commenting on, with regard to the design or also the internal specifications. Once you have tried it, you will be able to know perfectly if you are dealing with an original or counterfeit device. In the event that it is false, you can not pay for it and inform the buyer of this, thus avoiding wasting your money on something that is not original. Obviously you also always have to resort to sites that are safe and reliable, avoiding those of doubtful trust.