Avoid speed camera tickets thanks to these iPhone applications — 2022

Nobody likes having to pay fines for speeding, so having a device that is capable of notifying you first that you are exceeding the speed limit on that road and second, of the points where the different existing radars are located on your route will make you not have to pay any fine. For this reason, in this post we bring you a series of applications that will alert you to the presence of speed cameras on the road.

Navigators that alert you to radars

Most people do not like to complicate their lives and prefer everything as simplified as possible. For this reason, below we want to talk to you about a series of navigators that, in addition to guiding you perfectly to your destination, will also notify you of all the radars that exist during the journey, as well as the speed allowed on each of the roads you travel on.

Waze Navigation and Traffic


waze is about one of the most popular browsers that exist in the App Store. This popularity has been earned by hand since it is a very complete application that has a wide variety of functions, but above all, it makes it very easy for all users who opt for this alternative to accompany them during your travels.

With this browser, in addition to having all the usual alerts about traffic, possible dangers on the route and information about the road you are driving on, it has a social section in which the users themselves can alert about any incident what happens on the road. thanks to this feature you will be able to know the presence of fixed radars that is on your route and therefore avoid unnecessary fines.

Waze Navigation and Traffic Waze Navigation and Traffic Descargar QR-Code Waze Navigation and Traffic Developer: Waze Inc.

Coyote: Speed ​​Cameras, GPS & Traffic


Coyote is another of the most popular and most used applications by all drivers. In addition to being a GPS naviganator with which you can get anywhere thanks to its indications and also, thanks to real-time traffic updates, it also has a powerful radar warning completely legit.

In this way you can rest assured knowing at all times the presence of radars during your journey in order to avoid any possible fine for speeding. Also, as we mentioned, as a browser it is one of the most outstanding thanks to all the functions it has.

Coyote: radar warning, GPS Coyote: radar warning, GPS Descargar QR-Code Coyote: radar warning, GPS Developer: Coyote System

ViaMichelin: GPS, Radar, Route


We continue talking about excellent navigators and now it's time to talk about one that, in addition to worrying about everything that happens on the road, also cares about everything that happens around it, providing the user with information necessary to enjoy each of the stops that you make during the journey.

However, one of the points that makes this browser stand out from the rest is because it also provides users with information regarding speed cameras that you will find along your route, so that you can avoid any speeding ticket. In addition, you can also enjoy very attractive navigation thanks to its 3D map.

ViaMichelin: GPS, Radar, Route ViaMichelin: GPS, Radar, Route Descargar QR-Code ViaMichelin: GPS, Radar, Route Developer: ViaMichelin

Radarbot: radar warning


We are still talking about browsers, however, now we are talking about one of the alternatives that has focused the most on giving the user all possible and legal information about speed cameras that can be found along your route. This way you can drive protected and safe, forgetting about fines forever.

It is one of the few applications that Mix real-time alerts with one of the best offline speed camera warning systems , so you won't have to worry if the coverage isn't enough to have a stable internet connection at some point during your trip. In addition, it will also provide you with all the necessary information about traffic in real time.

Radarbot: radar warning Radarbot: radar warning Descargar QR-Code Radarbot: radar warning Developer: Iteration Mobile S.L

Know the position of the speed cameras with these apps

In the same way that there are users who prefer to simplify everything as much as possible, there are others who prefer to have everything under control but separately, that is, to have a great browser that offers all the possible functions and apart from that, also enjoy an application that alert you of all the radars that exist on the road you are driving on. For all these users, below we will talk about a series of applications that will alert you to all speed cameras, so you can avoid any speeding ticket.

Radar Nomad

Radar Nomad

Radar Nomad is an application that will only notify you of the presence of radars that are in your direction , so that you can drive with peace of mind knowing that at all times you will be aware of the presence of speed cameras on the road and you will be able to avoid any possible fine for speeding.

It has the best radar database in Spain. In addition, it also provides you with information on the price of fuel at all gas stations, updating the data on a daily basis. This app is constantly evolving, in order to get the most advanced tool in terms of driving assistance.

Radar Nomad Radar Nomad Descargar QR-Code Radar Nomad Developer: DIGITAL NOMAD S.L

Radars NO: Radar detector

Radars NOT

It's time to talk about one of the most popular applications in the App Store to detect speed cameras on the road, in fact, the more than 9000 reviews with which it has in the Apple application store. It is the best radar warning which will also provide you with information on traffic conditions and fuel prices in Spain.

The warning will only be related to the radars that you can find in the direction of your march, with options so that these are automatically silenced if you are driving at the speed marked on the road. In addition, if you have an Apple Watch you will also have the possibility of receiving notifications on your wrist and thus you will not have to look at the screen of your iPhone to know all the information.

Radars NO: Radar detector Radars NO: Radar detector Descargar QR-Code Radars NO: Radar detector Developer: Little Mouse Software

Fixed and Mobile Radars

Fixed and Mobile Radars

Nobody likes to pay fines for being distracted for a moment with the speed and just in the least opportune place, and that is precisely what this application will avoid, with which you will be able to be aware of all radars that you can find on the road during your journey. Obviously, at all times you will receive notifications in real time to alert you when you are approaching one of them.

You will also have the opportunity to visualize the route you are going to follow and consult the map to see where you will find the fixed radars. Even this application has a widget that will also allow you to use it in the background when your iPhone is locked or you are using a browser at the same time.

Fixed and Mobile Radars Fixed and Mobile Radars Descargar QR-Code Fixed and Mobile Radars Developer: Bigdream Corporation



As its name suggests, SocialDrive is the social network of all drivers . In the same way that Instagram was born with the intention of being a social network for photographers, SocialDrive was created for everyone who stops behind the wheel on the road. All this in order to know all the information related to traffic in your area.

Is about a completely legal application through which you can be in contact with other users and report any situation that occurs on the road, including speed cameras. In addition, all users will have the opportunity to verify the accuracy of the information or, in another case, report that the incident is no longer present on the road.

SocialDrive SocialDrive Descargar QR-Code SocialDrive Developer: SocialDrive

Radar More

Radar More

If you like end all your traffic tickets fruit of speeding this is the application that you have to have installed yes or yes. With Radar Plus you can turn your iPhone or iPad into the best speed camera warning device on the market. Thanks to the use of one of the largest and most accurate databases of the world you will be able to receive warnings both visually and through sounds before reaching the radars in question.

In addition, it will also provide you with information about the black spots in front of you and alert you with movie voices. It has all the necessary information for the driver on a single screen, thus providing a better user experience while driving. It even has a widget and the ability to use the Apple Watch to receive all notifications.

Radar More Radar More Descargar QR-Code Radar More Developer: Evolutive Apps S.L.

NOTON radar warning device

radar warning

We end with another fantastic alternative that will keep you well informed at all times about the presence of speed cameras on the road you are driving on. It is a radar warning device that you can use both in Spain and Portugal , so the entire Iberian Peninsula is well covered, ideal for all the people who travel through it.

This application works with the LaradioBBS.net database , which is one of the best speed camera databases you can find in Spain. The updating of this database occurs weekly, so you can rest assured that you will have the most up-to-date information. In addition, to be able to use it, you won't have to activate it manually, since if you ask Siri Hey Siri, Start notifications, the app will start working and will alert you when appropriate.

NOTON radar warning device NOTON radar warning device Descargar QR-Code NOTON radar warning device Developer: Ignacio Garces Camara

Which is the best option?

As we always do with this type of compilations, we want to tell you what is the choice that from the editorial team of La Manzana Mordida , we recommend. Obviously this is a subjective choice that may or may not coincide with yours, but it is based on common needs of all users who search the App Store for an application to avoid traffic fines for speeding.

In the first place, if we have to choose a navigator that provides information about the existing speed cameras on the road, we are left with Waze , both for the browser part and for the speed camera warning part, it is undoubtedly one of the most complete alternatives. On the other hand, in terms of applications focused exclusively on radar control, the one that seems most appropriate to us is Radars NO: Radar detector since the information it provides is very complete.