Avea Bulb, set and illuminate your home from the iPhone with these light bulbs — 2022

Welcome to the fourth installment of HomeKit compatible articles. Today we are going to talk about some light bulbs, the Avea Bulb, which initially cannot be controlled directly with Siri, but if we buy an accessory, they can be used that way. It's all about the light bulbs Have of elgato Some bulbs that, as I said before, are not directly compatible with HomeKit, but with the accessory that you will see later, you can make them compatible.

Thanks to the application own elgato Avea we can control these color profiles from our iPhone, but not only that, since in addition, we can also turn on our light bulbs from the Apple Watch.

If we have more than one bulb, we will have control over them from the same application, being able to choose the color we want in each of them.

As a personal opinion, it seems to me a very good alternative to the Philips Hue, with the drawback that the Avea don't work directly with HomeKit , unlike the Hue.

To be able to tell Siri to turn on the light, we must acquire a second accessory that is none other than elgato Eve Energy, a plug to which we will have to connect our lamp to make it a bridge with HomeKit.

The price of this plug is somewhat high , since it costs practically €50. from this link you can buy it.

Like everything that incorporates HomeKit technology, the prices are high, but it is very useful on a day-to-day basis, without a doubt.

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