Vanguardist Houses is here, the new Apple TV + program — 2022

Every Friday can be special for Apple TV + subscribers and these are the days chosen by the Cupertino company to release new content on the platform. On this occasion we find Avant-garde Houses, a new program that will give long teeth to those who dream of a spectacular house. If you want to know everything about this program before you start watching it, keep reading.

Available 9 episodes of Avant-garde Houses

Maybe theapple tv+ catalogis still scarce compared to other streaming platforms such as Netflix, HBO or Disney +, however the company has content of its own production and 100% exclusive to the platform. In fact, its series, movies, programs, and documentaries are already taking up a considerable size, so we can guarantee ourselves a few weeks of entertainment.

Today we live the premiere of a new program, the only one so far together with Oprah's Reading Club. We find ourselves in this with a concept that is also closely linked to the history of Apple: visionaries. During its first nine chapters, this space deals with going through different stories around the world with a common link, in which various people have completely changed the concept of their homes leaving amazing results.

avant-garde houses apple tv premiere

We can meet people and landscapes of Sweden, Chicago, Bali, Hong Kong, Maine, India, Austin, Malibu, and Mexico . A compendium of places where we can discover the entire process that different families have carried out to transform their house into something innovative, but without losing the homely essence that is so important to feel comfortable at home.

These aforementioned episodes are already available in full on the platform with a duration of 30 minutes on average, so in a four and a half hour marathon you could finish it. Ideal to keep yourself entertained this weekend in times as tough as the one we are experiencing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Upcoming content to arrive on Apple TV+

We are still not 100% clear about Apple's broadcast strategy for its television platform. Some series like See or The Morning Show premiered with more than one episode and then broadcast a new one every Friday until the end of their respective seasons. The same has happened with Spielberg's Amazing Tales, however there are other contents such as this Avant-garde Houses or the Home Before Dark series that have premiered all their episodes at once.

Defending Jacob

In any case, it seems that the Tim Cook-led firm reserves at least a monthly premiere to satisfy users. The next ones to come are Defender a Jacob , a new mystery series that will premiere next Friday all its episodes. Also the documentary about the mythical band Beastie Boys will have its premiere next week.

Other highly anticipated series like Central Park , from the creators of Bob's Burguers, will be released in May. I'm sure that between now and then there will be new news about other content that the company has filmed, although new information about the second seasons of his successful series. However, the health alert has already caused the paralysis of several shoots such as those of The Morning Show, so there are premieres still on the air.