Available the trailer of the horror film shot entirely with an iPhone — 2022

At Apple5x1 we already told you how the new film by Steven Soderbergh (the director of Ocean's eleven) would be recorded exclusively from an iPhone . Well, we already have the first trailer for the movie.

This feature film is based on a horror movie , where the director affirms that this type of recording is the future. About the results, Steven affirms that the spectators will not notice the difference between a professional camera and the one made with the camera of an iPhone.

One of the advantages of shooting a movie with an iPhone camera is the savings on cameras and the possibility of taking shots anywhere and at any time, without depending on an entire team. So says the famous director.

Record a movie with an iPhone

The statements are really interesting, where believe this is the future . Of course, to make a film of this caliber, a series of accessories are needed to convey a more professional image in each scene.

I think this is the future. Viewers who don't know how the production work works won't realize that it's recorded with a phone camera. People won't think about it, it's a 4K recording. I've seen the movie on a movie screen and there's hardly any difference. It really looks very smooth

The truth is that it is not the first time we see a movie or an exclusively recorded television commercial with an iPhone . The quality of the lenses is spectacular, but we need some knowledge to give the recordings that professional touch.


Yes Steven Soderbergh you are right, in a few years it will not be uncommon to see films recorded exclusively from a iPhone , as is the case with Unsane which will be released in March this year.