August EP750, the ideal Bluetooth headphones for any Apple team — 2022

It is vital to have different types of accessories, especially for our Apple equipment. Although it is true that the official accessories or those that are distributed by the bitten apple are high cost, That's not to say there aren't other great third-party alternatives out there. This time we bring you a new post about Bluetooth headphones, since August surprises us again with a new model that cannot be missing among your favorites, the August EP750. Let's go over their most important features and why it might be a good reason to buy them.

August EP750, the perfect Bluetooth headphones for your iOS device or Mac

If there is something that distinguishes the August brand, it is quality and price, since they are built with the best materials and are very attractive to the eye. As a first aspect to highlight, they are perfect headphones to isolate you a little from the environment in which you find yourself, thanks to their external noise cancellation you will be able to listen to your music in complete calm.

And how could it be otherwise, these August EP750 headphones have Bluetooth 4.1 technology that quickly syncs with all your Apple devices, even your Apple Watch. If you don't want to have your iPhone or control music from your Mac, you can do it from the same helmets since you will be able to control the volume and the playlist that you are listening to. Thanks to the built-in microphone, you can use it as a hands-free and answer calls from your contacts. If you travel by plane, or you cannot have the Bluetooth connection due to low battery on your devices, you can use the 3.5mm jack connector to use your August EP750.

The pads are very comfortable, so you won't be able to feel that typical load when you wear them for a long time. Something that some headphones lack is comfort, whether you can not use them for a long time due to this situation, but this detail is very well taken care of. As for autonomy, they have 15 hours of playback. So that they are well charged once they are out of the game, they are 3 hours of charge, enough to leave them at night if you consider it necessary to prevent times. The August EP750 combines style, sound quality and comfort that very few can offer you at the price they have.

In this link We will leave you the information regarding them, you will find a surprise since August will give you a special 40% discount for launch, followed by you can buy them on Amazon.

And as it is now an absolute custom, I leave you the video that our colleague Carlos de Rojas has made about the compilation of the most important characteristics that these August EP750 have and his experience with them.

What do you think of the August EP750? would you buy them Do not forget to leave us your opinion in the comment box.