Attention! This week's free iOS apps are here — 2022

It's already Friday, which not only means that we are already entering the long-awaited weekend, but it is also the day on which we publish our weekly compilation with the best paid apps that become free for a limited time, fromapplications developed for soccer coaches,applications designed for teachersTheapplications to know where there are radars with the iPhone. We do not know how long the offer will be maintained at zero cost, so we recommend hurry to download them in the iOS and/or iPadOS App Store.

Best apps for iPhone and iPad free for a limited time

Lightmatic – Long Exposure

You can download this app for free by clicking here

This is probably one of the most interesting applications this week, and it opens up a new world of possibilities in the field of photography. It is an application that helps you take long exposure photos with your iPhone, something that cannot be done natively. So you can take photos in this format of landscapes such as rivers or seas in motion, the lights of cars and many other shots that you can think of.

Music Memories

You can download this app for free by clicking here

There are those who say, and with good reason, that the music we listen to says a lot about us. Even the type of music or certain songs that we listen to at a given moment can be very significant for the moment we are going through. What this app does is help you remember which songs you listened to on a certain date . In this way you will be able to recall past moments and answer the question: what music do you listen to today? For now only supports Apple Music services, and is fully compatible withmusic you download on iPhone.

DayCost Pro

You can download this app for free by clicking here

We always like to highlight the importance and usefulness that finance applications can have in our daily lives. IN DayCost Pro you will be able to carry out a complete management of your expenses and income , in such a way that you can avoid shocks and have total control of your money. You will also be able to know your financial situation in a very visual way thanks to the great graphics that are generated in this app with the data entered.

Mini Calculator Keyboard

You can download this app for free by clicking here

The calculator of mobile devices has been in the background for a long time in favor of the many other applications that we can have today. However, its usefulness can be vital on many occasions, so this app will allow you open a calculator from anywhere in the operating system in the form of a keyboard, being able to carry out our operations faster within the app in which we are at the moment. In addition to this, there are many othercalculators for iPhone and iPadthat will allow you to have a very good experience.

Fractal Space

You can download this app for free by clicking here

Like every week, we highlight a game among the free applications. Of course this is also at zero cost, and in this case we find a fun puzzle game in which you will have to venture to overcome a series of challenges such as crushing machines. All this from the hand of your laser missile in a world in which there are some graphics spectacular.

Have you already tried any of these applications? What did you think? You can leave us your impressions in the comment box.