ATRESplayer joins Apple TV: so you can see its content — 2022

Canaccess other platforms from the Apple TV app, in addition to the Californian company's own, is one of the great features of this application. Now a new one is added as it is ATRESplayer , the well-known Atresmedia content platform (Antena 3, laSexta, Neox, MEGA...). This is the latest to join a list that also includes HBO Max and Disney +, among others.

This has been confirmed by Atresmedia itself and we have been able to verify it ourselves. And it is that, for a few hours, you can enjoy now of all the content of ATREPlayer having access to it from Apple TV. Great news for lovers of platform content and for which Atresmedia has been proud to take its service further and further, integrating it into more and more digital platforms.

What do you have to do to activate it?

Absolutely nothing. Or rather little. If you already enjoy content through the official ATRESplayer app on your Apple devices, when you open the Apple TV application you will see a notice indicating that you can synchronize its content with it. If you accept, you will already find all your followed content feed in ATRESplayer.

Notably if the warning does not appear You can force its appearance yourself by searching for any of the contents of ATRESplayer. We remind you that the app is available in iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV Y some models of Smart TV , having the same procedure in all of them.


You should know that it is also a full integration , since the highlighted content of the platform will appear in the interface of the Apple app. In the same way that you can search for content from it, as well as have Apple's own control and playback interface for its content, something especially noteworthy in tvOS.

Everything you can see now on Apple TV

You are probably wondering if you need to be registered in ATRESplayer Premium for integration. But the truth is that it is not necessary, since the platform has lots of free content with which, for example, you can watch on-demand programs such as El Hormiguero, Espejo Público, Al Rojo Vivo or El Chiringuito de Jugones.

However, if you are a premium client you can enjoy content without advertising and even anticipate their premieres as is the case of some series or programs such as Salvados and donde were you then. Although we cannot ignore other big platform fictions that have been deserving of numerous awards and good reviews.

atresplayer premium

Veneno, By Ana Milan, Toy Boy, FoQ: El Reencuentro, Alba or Los Hombres de Paco are just some of the best-known series on the platform and which will obviously be available to you from the Apple TV app if you have an active subscription.

In addition, Atresmedia has already confirmed the arrival of other new series that will be added to its catalogue, such as the long-awaited return of Los Protegidos or the new series Two years and a day, The gypsy bride and A Christmas with Samanta Hudson.