Great atmosphere at the premiere of the new iPhone 11 Pro in Sol — 2022

For some it has become eternal but finally September 20 has arrived, the date chosen by Apple to put on sale its new iPhone that was presented on the 10th and that we were able to reserve on the same September 13. There are already many of us who find ourselves queuing at the Apple Store and we particularly meet at Puerta del Sol in Madrid, the entire team of La Manzana Mordida, to be able to pick up our new equipment. And let us know that we really want to be able toset up iPhonethat in a few minutes will be in our hands.

The Apple Store wakes up with a long queue of people

As many of you already know, the collection of the new iPhone is a very important moment for many users and fans of the brand and that is why we spend long hours queuing and especially if we do not have a reservation for the iPhone that we want. If for any reason you have not been able to reserve the model of equipment you want in the Apple Store Online, you should consider that on the day of the launch you will have to hardly sleep at all or do it on the street since Apple usually leaves a certain stock reserved for those people. who hasn't got a reservation.

This year the truth is that we see quite a few people who have decided to spend the night here to be able to get hold of an iPhone without a reservation, or there are also who has a reservation but wants to be the first to enter the Apple Store and be greeted by the Geniuses.

apple too used to treat the most loyal of the brand quite well that they have reserved at 8 in the morning or have spent the whole night in front of their store since at about half past seven they give a small breakfast that many of us have been grateful for today because of how cold it was and the drizzle that was taking place this morning.

The illusion is breathed in the environment and this experience is unique. It is undeniable that Apple like any other brand has good things and bad things, but It is also undeniable that the emotion generated by the launches of this company are unique and anyone who is a fan of Apple knows what we are talking about.

Users queuing already comment on the features that these new devices have and many point out that they come from quite old mobiles and that they were due for a renewal, but others have decided to update due to the great photographic features that they have and that we have seen in several tests. days.

In addition to reporting on the activity of Apple that we love, we are also quite fans of the brand, how could it be otherwise. That's why we're just as excited and We come here as one more to discover everything that Apple has prepared for us with its new iPhone. In the next few days, as it could not be otherwise, both on our YouTube channel and on the website you will have interesting articles detailing the characteristics of this equipment.

Leave us in the comment box if you have also gone to pick up your new iPhone or Apple Watch at an Apple Store today or if you have preferred to receive it by courier.