Finally! Spotify is already compatible with Siri in iOS 13 thanks to its latest update — 2022

It took a long time, but finally Spotify is fully compatible with Apple's voice assistant, Siri, thanks to your latest update. This was a feature that many of us expected to be able to control our music with simple voice commands to Siri like you can do with Apple Music. We did not understand why it was not yet implemented and the truth is that from Spotify they have accused Apple itself of not allowing them to make this compatibility in order to make their native application stand out something that obviously should not be done since all the apps must play with the same cards. We can even have Spotify atset up Siri Suggestions on iPhone.

Spotify can now be used through Siri

In the update notes to the version 8.5.26 From Spotify we find the following news:

    Siri available in iOS 13- Control Spotify listening experience on iPhone, iPad, CarPlay AirPods and HomePod via AirPlay.
  • Support for iOS 13 data saving mode.
  • Spotify is now available on tvOS.

The main novelty that stands out in this list is the Siri support in iOS 13. Now we can ask Siri to play us a specific song through Spotify or an album. The only thing we have to do is add at the end of the order with which application we want to execute the action. If we do not specify that you play a specific song with Spotify, Apple Music will open for you as it is Siri's default application to play this content.

In addition to the iPhone obviously too We can control our experience on the iPad, in our car with CarPlay, AirPods and through the HomePod. The latter was something highly requested by many since those who have a HomePod want to enjoy good music and were limited to using Apple Music so that Siri would pay attention to it and not have to play Spotify music from the iPhone and send it via AirPlay to the speaker . Now this is over and our HomePod will be compatible with Spotify as long as we add the tagline that we mentioned earlier.

One of the novelties that iOS 13 incorporated is the data saving mode that when activated it makes the applications not consume so much data of our rate, sacrificing some of its functions. Now, unless you haveproblems with this update, Spotify is compatible with this data saving mode although it already incorporated one natively.

Finally, if you have an Apple TV you will have encountered the problem that Spotify is not available in the app store . If you wanted to listen to music with your Apple TV to entertain yourself while you clean the house or cook, you had to put up with Apple Music, but now this is over. From now on you can go to the app store on your Apple TV and install Spotify to enjoy all your music on your smart TV.

We believe that all these improvements were much needed and we just had to wait for this new software version to make them happen. This should have arrived much sooner but at least it has finally arrived and we can take advantage of these developments from now on.

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