ARM processors for Mac already have a possible announcement date — 2022

It is no secret the plans that Apple has been cooking for years in its midst to integrate ARM processors into its Macs. This task, which is not being easy at all, would displace Intel into the background and it is possible that many more details will be known at WWDC 2020. In this article we tell you all the details that are being rumored about this movement by Apple.

The improvements of an ARM processor over Intel

As reported by Mark Gurman via Bloomberg , Apple would be ready to announce the jump to Macs with ARM at the next WWDC 2020. Until now, Macs included the latest Intel processors, but it seems that Apple wants to move to a series of processors that are above. ARM processors will be able to offer numerous advantages to users such as a better performance and reduced power consumption.

According to all the rumors that are known about it, the processors that Apple would be working on would have eight high-performance cores and more energy efficient quad cores. But they will not stay in this type of processors, since they would also work in processors with up to 12 cores with this same architecture. It stands to reason that Apple's plan is beginning to materialize right now in practice, and this will take time to adapt and evolve. In the future it is possible that these processors with ARM architecture will lead most performance rankings.

But Mark Gurman has not been the only one who has been able to predict these changes. OwnJon ProsserHe has also published a tweet where he states that he already warned of these changes months ago and nobody paid attention to him.

When will ARM processors be implemented

Based on the notes that Mark Gurman has published, Apple would be ready to announce this step on June 22 at WWDC 2020, but we would not see any type of Mac presented. They will just go public with their intentions to transition to ARM architecture processors, but we will have to wait until 2021 to have a Mac with this processor mounted. This makes a lot of sense since developers should prepare and adapt all your applications. The best place to be able to make this announcement is without a doubt the Apple developer conference.

This will be a change that we will see step by step. Not the entire range of Macs will transition to ARM processors at the same time, as they will go little by little. But in the not too distant future, Apple plans to include its own processors in all portable and desktop Macs. In this way they will be totally independent of Intel for upgrade hardware much more freely.

Until now, the dearth of hardware upgrades on professional PCs was Intel's fault. The cycles of this external supplier did not coincide with those of Apple and that is why Apple now includes its own processors. In this way they will have absolute control over its design, manufacture and assembly to avoid delays due to external factors. This same fact is what we see in the iPhone where their own A-range processors are included. In addition to achieving greater control over its design and distribution, it will also be possible to work in a better harmony between software and hardware that offers a great experience to users.