Looking for a cheap iPhone X? Here we leave you an express offer — 2022

The iPhone X is one of the most expensive devices of the Cupertino company and that is why there are many users who are looking for offers to get one without having to spend €1,159 for the most basic version of this terminal. In this post we want to share with you an express offer that they are making in Yaphone.net.

Get a 64 GB iPhone X for €969

From 13:00 today until 23:59 we can find the 64 GB iPhone X in both black and white for the incredible price of €969 with immediate shipping. This represents a reduction of €190 compared to the official price that Apple has in its Store. The access to buy these iPhone I leave it here.

Obviously still a high price , we are not going to fool ourselves, but the difference is remarkable for our pocket if we save almost 200 euros when purchasing this 64 GB iPhone X that we can assure is a very adequate capacity for a normal user, so you do not have to go to a higher capacity if you are not going to be taking pictures all day.

We have already talked about the terminals that they sell in YaPhone, they are reliable although only sends to Spain, so if you live in Latin America you will not be able to enjoy this offer, since at the moment they do not ship to these countries.

Any of the devices that we find in YaPhone has two years warranty and also with the reliability that they are authentic Apple since they arrive sealed and I guarantee you myself that I have an iPhone X that I acquired with them the reliability of their online store.

So if you are thinking of buying an iPhone X, venture into this offer that we have brought you today and that lasts until 23:59, Well, in very few places will you find a price as competent as this one. Leave us in the comment box what you think about this YaPhone offer.