These are the spectacular Avant-garde Houses of Apple TV + — 2022

Visionaries and Apple are two words that could go hand in hand in much of the history of the Cupertino company, but now they are also linked thanks to the stories we know at Casas Vanguardistas. This Apple TV + program tries to bring us closer to the vision of different people and families who decided to start their dream of designing an innovative house. Here we tell you everything you need to know about this particular program.


    Executive producers:Joe Poulin, Matthew Weaver, Bruce Gersh, Ian Orefice, Doug Pray, Collin Orcutt, Matt Turnauer, Corey Reeser, Kim Ronzefield, Emelia Brown y Claire Dagress. Directors:Matt Turnauer, Doug Pray, Taimi Arvidson, Jessica Dimmock, Scott Dimmock, Scott Weintrob, Clay Jeter y Jimmy Goldblum. Production companies:Media Weaver Entertainment, Four M Studios y Altimeter Films. Classification:+7. Distribution channels and platforms:Apple TV+.

First season

The first nine episodes by Casas Vanguardistas, Home in its original version, were released in full on April 17, 2020. From the first of these episodes we can witness the approach that is intended to be given to this program, wanting not only to give prominence to the majestic constructions that are they carry out, but it gives a high importance to the protagonists and to the previous story that has brought them to the moment in which they are. Throughout this season we see different scenarios around the world, with the aforementioned common link of finding interesting stories narrated by their own protagonists. It should be noted that, at least for the time being, this program is in English with the possibility of having Subtitle in our language, which is not an impediment to enjoy it.

Chapter 1: Sweden

1x01 avant-garde houses

    Premiere:April 17, 2020. Duration:34 minutes. Description:A very happy family with a great desire to enjoy life decides to build a greenhouse for their autistic son that rests on the log cabin in which they live. Exciting story in which the illusion of the little boy is transmitted to us through the screen and makes the viewer emotional.

Chapter 2: Chicago

1x02 avant-garde houses

    Premiere:April 17, 2020. Duration:34 minutes. Description:The most marginal area of ​​Chicago is renewed by the idea of ​​an artist who decides to make this conflictive space a home for all those who live in this community.

Chapter 3: Bali

1x03 avant-garde houses

    Premiere:April 17, 2020. Duration:31 minutes. Description:The immense forests of the island of Bali are witness to how a designer manages to build a spectacular architectural work using only sustainable bamboo. A challenge that is passionate to see.

Chapter 4: Hong Kong

1x04 avant-garde houses

    Premiere:April 17, 2020. Duration:30 minutes. Description:A flat of just 32 square meters can be a prison for many, but the architect who is the protagonist of this episode is capable of creating ingenious structures capable of optimizing space to the maximum.

Chapter 5: Maine

1x05 avant-garde houses

    Premiere:April 17, 2020. Duration:32 minutes. Description:We travel to one of the northernmost states in the United States to witness how a sculptor manages to create a simple and sustainable home for his family thanks to wood burning techniques imported from Japan.

Chapter 6: India

1x06 avant-garde houses

    Premiere:April 17, 2020. Duration:30 minutes. Description:An architect based in India is able to achieve the combination of the most avant-garde design with the most traditional craft techniques. The result is a spectacular unconventional house with a very personal style that is passionate to see.

Chapter 7: Austin

1x07 avant-garde houses

    Premiere:April 17, 2020. Duration:29 minutes. Description:Utopia and dystopia intermingle in this episode in which a science fiction author manages to build and fill with life a modern house in an abandoned industrial zone.

Chapter 8: Malibu

1x08 avant-garde houses

    Premiere:April 17, 2020. Duration:27 minutes. Description:A prestigious architect who shaped his entire professional career through the reuse of materials, now transfers his ideas to the achievement of an eclectic home on the California coast.

Chapter 9 Mexico

1x09 avant-garde houses

    Premiere:April 17, 2020. Duration:37 minutes. Description:Two of the most innovative companies in the sector join forces with the firm objective of creating the first community created with 3D printers. All this set in a small Mexican town with hardly any resources.

Second season

At the moment neither Apple nor sources close to the producers have confirmed a second batch of episodes for this program. However, the good reception it has received on the platform could be synonymous with success and that this would give the green light to the production of new episodes. However, it is difficult to predict when the premiere of this would be, since it is not the usual filming, but rather requires finding great stories and time in which to monitor the works.

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