Are AirPods the best complement for your iPhone? — 2022

The iPhone It is Apple's most precious product. Although it is not the one that attracts the most attention, it is the product line that sells the most units of the company. For this reason, Apple has taken care to ensure that its users are comfortable with their new devices. And for this, a series of complements and accessories for iPhone, such as AirPods and Apple Watch.

iPhone 7 accessories

In September of 2016 was presented on iPhone 7 to the public. Along with this were the famous AirPods Well, as you already know, this iPhone model does not have a headphone jack port. In addition, we also got a second renewal of the Apple Watch , which includes interesting novelties.

That is in terms of official accessories, in addition to the mythical charging dock and covers. But we also have quite interesting third-party accessories.

The Apple Watch and AirPods, the best accessories for your iPhone.

The AirPods, a good buy?

This noon we already talked about the Apple Watch, and now it's up to the AirPods.

The AirPods were presented as the best companion of the iPhone 7. Especially now that it does not have the possibility of using lifelong headphones. But… are they worth it? Are they as good as they say?

The characteristics

Let's start by analyzing the characteristics of this accessory, and why they are so special.

First of all I would like to highlight your portability . Leaving aside its EarPods shape with the cable cut, these headphones are really comfortable to wear, or at least, they are for me comfortable . These wireless headphones are quite light , so much so that you may even forget you have them on. In addition, that these fit quite well to the shape of the ears and it is hard for them to fall on their own . Although, obviously if you are going to touch it, it is possible that they will fall off. But the fear of them falling will take time to disappear...

Another feature to note is the power option activate siri with double click . And can you turn the volume down or up? And skip the song? No, that's not possible. And although people might think that Apple could include this feature with a software update, it must be said that this is not the case. The headphones they have no way of detecting the finger , because it is not a touch surface. Therefore, the music cannot be controlled, nor can it be with a simple software update.

The AirPods, the new wireless headphones from Apple.

Autonomy, synchronization and its case

Now let's talk about the subject of battery and case . According to Apple, the battery of the headphones is enough to play music for 5 hours . But this autonomy can be increased thanks to the case that is included when buying the AirPods. Well, according to Apple, with the use of the box we can get to enjoy more of 24 hours audio. So it's not just a box?

No, it's not a simple cash register . this one has a battery integrated, which allows us to charge the headphones. In addition, it also allows us to synchronize them with our iPhone, iPad or Mac. Which is the point we are going to talk about now...

Ok, and is it easy? synchronization of the headphones with the Bluetooth of our device? This is your most important strength. The fact of syncing the headphones with the Mac, iPad or iPhones is something very easy , just lift the lid of the case and pair it. But the most interesting thing is that once you sync it with one of your devices, it will appear on the rest. This way, you only have to pair it once, and you won't have to unpair it from one device to pair it with another.

The AirPods case is more than just a container.

The quality of the headphones

Another factor to consider is quality. Although these sound Taller than previous EarPods, have also improved in quality . And although the quality is not much better, the improvement is noticeable.

Still, don't forget that these headphones they are not competing in the professional market . Obviously, although these have a high quality, this is not superior to the quality of high quality earmuffs.

Also mention that these headphones they do not isolate any. But this is not a bad thing, it is just their design, and it is not that they are poor quality headphones. In fact you shouldn't have problems that EarPods do, like whenHeadphones not working on iPhone.

The quality of the AirPods is good, and it has very interesting features thanks to its intelligence.

Its biggest drawback, the price

Although integration with the Apple ecosystem is its greatest strength, its greatest weakness is its price.

Yet price of €179 , it immediately becomes a premium product. While it has features that set it apart from the competition and make it a great alternative, the price is more than double that of competing products. For example, by way of comparison, last week in a Spanish store the Xbox One S was on sale at a price of €189, only €10 more than the AirPods! Another example is that with two sets of AirPods, you could buy a new iPad or a second-hand iPhone. These AirPods can be found in the Apple Store Online.

This is the key factor that made me not decide to buy the product, although after having seen it and tested it I liked it. Although, obviously there are people willing to spend that money on headphones, since the term expensive is relative to the product, to the tastes of the person and his personal economy.

AirPods are great, but are they worth $179?


In short, if you like music and you are a very common user headphones, this product may be for you. Although before I would recommend that you see other models, such as the BeatX, which are in the same price range.

On the other hand, if you are a person like me who don't use much headphones and do not require as much mobility and quality, these will seem like very expensive wireless headphones. In which case, I would recommend going for a cheaper option.

What do you think? Do you own some AirPods? What is the feature you like the most? What is the biggest flaw you could find?