So are some exclusive animations of the iPhone X — 2022

Apple has seen fit to introduce new animations on the new iPhone X for certain actions. At first it was thought that it would only affect the Airplane mode , but no, the animations are expanding for other functions, for example, when we connect some headphones . These new animations are very interesting, since we are not used to them. We can see how Apple continues to take care of the smallest details of each software or hardware it produces.

Airplane mode and headphone connection

Although so far we have known these two new animations Surely Apple has a surprise for us more prepared. For now we will have to discover them for ourselves.

The truth is that the movement of these animations are very soft , along with an effect of fading so as not to offer a jerky or intermittent animation. In the following tweet, we can see how when connecting headphones we find a new animation.

These effects can be found in the holes left by the island on the sides. But we can also see this effect in the control center . In the latter case, the animation is much larger than what we see in the holes at the top of the iPhone X.

Apple usually takes great care of the details, where it also creates a great expectation, we remember when they redesigned some iOS icons, including the App Store. so these minor changes to iPhone X animations they were not going to be less. If you're not a fan of this feature, you can always turn off animations in iOS .

What do you think of these animations of the new iPhone X?