Are iPads waterproof? Doubts resolved — 2022

We all have more or less clear what is the resistance of the iPhone to water and whether or not we can be calm in the face of splashes that can fall on the Apple phone. However, this question is not fully resolved if the device we are talking about is the iPad. Therefore, in this post we are going to tell you what you should know about the iPad's water resistance.

The iPad and the water the further away the better

The reality is that electronic devices and water are not usually a very reliable combination, so the recommendation is that the further away they are from each other, the better for you, the user. This way you can avoid many scares.

The biggest problem that electronic devices present, and in this case, the iPad, are the ports, it is the main threat by which water or any liquid can enter the device and render it practically unusable. It is also very dangerous if the iPad is physically damaged, that is, if it has any cracks in its structure, since this type of accident also makes it quite easy for water to get inside the device.

wet iPad

According to Apple, the iPad is not waterproof

As we mentioned a few lines above, all users are more or less clear about the resistance that iPhones have against splashes or, in the event of an accident, the immersion of the device in some liquid. This is thanks to the fact that Apple does specify the certification that these devices have.

However, that does not happen with the iPad, since the Cupertino company does not specify anywhere whether or not the Apple tablet has any certification that protects it against water, liquids or splashes. This also exempts Apple from having to repair any device if it has been damaged by any liquid since by not presenting any certification, the guarantee will not cover said damage.

So, if you have entered looking for the answer to the question of whether the iPad is waterproof, the official answer is no, Apple does not specify it and therefore, we should not assume that this device has to be resistant to liquids. In this way, we recommend that you always be very careful with the iPad and keep it away from possible threats in the form of liquid that can render your device useless.

iPad ports

Does the iPad need certification?

The question we ask ourselves now is, why does the iPhone have a certification against liquids and the iPad does not? perhaps because Apple considers that the exposure of the iPad to these external factors is actually lower than that of the iPhone. If we analyze the common use of an iPad, it will rarely be exposed to damage from coming into contact with any liquid, therefore, perhaps this is the reason why Apple has decided not to grant, at least officially, no certification against water or any liquid substance that may come into contact with the iPad.