Are Apple products really that expensive? — 2022

Apple it is very expensive. This is a phrase that you have heard many times or that you have even said or thought about Apple products. I have also said that phrase on more than one occasion, but I will analyze some of the reasons why, in my opinion and in the opinion of many, Apple products are not that expensive. And I make a warning and it is that I am a lover of Apple, but above all of technology. If you expect me to criticize Android, Windows as operating systems or Samsung and HP as brands, for example, this is not your post.

No, you are not paying to carry the apple in Apple products

Whether by A or B, it seems that the fact of having an Apple product gives a certain prestige in the eyes of some. I personally love the apple logo but I would change it for the Huawei flame, the LG smiley face or any other logo and brand, if they will assure me that I will receive the same product quality and pre- and post-sale service .

When you walk into an Apple Store and talk to any employee, even the most novice, you get the feeling that person knows what they're talking about. He knows how to defend his product and manages to become a good seller almost unintentionally. It is obvious that every seller wants and needs to sell, but at Apple, unlike other companies, whether or not they are technology companies, do not show anxiety or desperation to get a sale . They don't doubt what they sell and they know how to describe the product from corner to corner. That, first of all, is a great asset because you will go home knowing what you bought and how to use it .

Apple Store

The post-sale service is more of the same in terms of personal treatment. Any doubt with the guarantee or with the use of the product they serve you wonderfully . But as technicians, and n Apple know how to take care of your machine. When you leave your terminal in the technical service they try to do it in a very fast , trying that the repair does not prevent you from using your device as soon as possible. It should be noted that Apple offers you the Full warranty for the first two years Regardless of whether you have purchased the product from third parties. With all brands it should be this way by law, but from experience I can say that in many they put too many hitches that Apple does not put you at any time.

Without a doubt, all these are positive points in favor of Apple products. The operating system, the design and everything else depends on taste and logically if you are in love with Andorid it is absurd that you buy an iPhone no matter how good treatment you receive. The same if you like macOS less than Windows. The point is that if you really want an Apple product and it seems expensive to you, keep in mind what I mention in this post in favor of this brand and to the detriment of others.

Add as an extra the service offered by Apple remotely. from a complete website with guides and help up to a direct chat with an agent . Also highlighting the free phone that quickly puts you in contact with the technical service.

Example (in English) of Apple Support Chat with an agent

It should be noted that It's not always so satisfying . As in almost every rule, there are exceptions and it is that in Apple you can find a bad-tempered or deficient worker in his work. But just as it can happen to you in a supermarket. However, as a rule and as has already been discussed here, the opposite is usual.

Do you dare to tell us about your experience with Apple? We also read the negatives if you have had them. Leave it to us in the comments.

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