Apps to spy on WhatsApp on the iPhone, do they work or are they a scam? — 2022

Allmessaging apps for iPhone, also available on Android, the most popular is WhatsApp. This also raises the idea of ​​many of wanting to hack the accounts of others for purposes that are not always entirely legal. In fact, in the App Store we find various applications with this objective, but are these apps reliable? If you have some interest, keep reading, since we explain how it works.

First of all, is it really necessary to install these apps?

Jealousy, distrust or insecurity in the face of something unknown can be compelling reasons to resort to searching for this type of app. However, it should be known that in many places it could be illegal, something that in itself should alert the user that it may not be the most convenient. Then, on a purely ethical level, it is something deplorable, since, after all, you are trying to invade someone's privacy without their consent. As we say, the reasons can be various and to a certain extent even understandable, but although it sounds cliché, problems with other people can be solved in many ways that do not involve a possible crime and usurp their privacy.

Apps on iOS don't work

All you have to do is do a quick search in the App Store to find a few apps that promise to be able to spy on the WhatsApp of one of your contacts. Whether it's your connections to the app or your own conversations. Some are completely free, others require a payment for downloading and others offer an in-app payment for a subscription that allows the service to be active throughout the year.


It is true that years ago there were known applications that to some extent spy on WhatsApp contacts showing a history of connection hours, even if they had the visibility of this status disabled. Today the security of the application has improved and this type of app is not reliable. Even the ones that seem to work throw some error and even show false data in order to make the user believe that the tool works.

Indeed, these apps available in the App Store are a fraud with which it is only pursued to capture your data and/or generate income at the expense of promising functions that later do not work as expected. Therefore, if you had in mind to try any of them, get rid of it because you will not be able to achieve the objective.

Apple does not take long to eliminate them

You are probably wondering how Apple allows applications of this type to sneak into its app store, especially when the company boasts of having the most secure store. Well, the truth is that Apple does not allow it for several reasons, the most obvious being that it affects the privacy and security of the user who accesses them, since it puts their personal and payment data at risk. On the other hand, it is not within the regulations of the App Store to offer applications that promise functions of this type, even more so if they do not work on top.

apple apps privacy

Developers try to find backdoors to the App Store, including terms of use that allow them to do so. However, Apple observers are usually alerted to it right away and it is not long from when they are published until they are removed.