Apps that remove spam from your email on iPhone — 2022

On many occasions, the fact of accessing the email manager can cause panic. The fact that there are many newsletters that reach us daily means that important emails are hidden. That is why you have to know how to organize that chaos, or use an application that does it for you. In this case we bring you the best applications to be able to delete all the spam you have in your inbox.

Points to look for in these apps

If you have a lot of spam in your email, you are always going to look for the best possible application to be able to eliminate it correctly. In this case, the App Store hosts many services whose main mission is this. In our case, we will always recommend you to follow the following points to be able to accept your download:

    Privacy:a vital point when we talk about an application to which you are going to give permission to check your inbox and delete some messages. In this case, you should always use those services that do not store the login data such as the password. This is achieved through integration with the official API or external login service. Artificial intelligence:All these apps are based on this principle to be able to detect those emails that are suspected of being spam. That is why you should always look for the service that offers the best AI in order to correctly clean all the junk mail that you are going to have in your inbox. Available Actions:applications must provide different actions to be able to act on your own email. In this sense we refer to the possibility of deleting all the newsletters that you have already stored, deleting the subscription or even blocking the sender. All this with just a few taps on the screen to make it really easy.

CleanFox, the best anti-spam app

Of all this compilation, CleanFox should be highlighted above all, which is one of the star applications in this field. It has a really interesting operation, since it is very similar to the famous dating application Tinder. This is because email senders that are detected as possible spam will be shown in different labels. you will be able decide at that moment if you want to keep your newsletters or unsubscribe .

At first, what you are going to have to do is log in to your email manager such as Outlook, Gmail or iCloud, among others. Obviously, the permissions granted are reading and also editing, in the sense of being able to delete a series of emails, or edit the subscription to a series of advertising operators. All this in a very free way. Once you have logged in, will scan all your email and it will show up in different labels with the sender and how often you open those emails. Once you have this information you will decide following these options:

    delete automaticallyemail messages from a newsletter (received and future). Delete emailsalready received from a newsletter.
  • Keep the newsletter.
Cleanfox: email e spam cleaner Cleanfox: email e spam cleaner Descargar QR-Code Cleanfox: email e spam cleaner Developer: FOXINTEL

Other apps available

Beyond CleanFox, in the App Store you can find many other options that aim to eliminate spam that can end up being stored. We show them below.

Clean Email

One of the best email organizers and cleaners that is privacy oriented. It will permit you remove email subscriptions and take control of the inbox. It is based on powerful rules and filters to be able to efficiently segment your mailbox into relevant groups. This will allow you to quickly identify the emails that are useful, eliminating those messages that do not contribute anything at all.

You will be able to unsubscribe from emails that you do not need, delete email groups without choosing one by one and also automate any repetitive action. All this for free with the first 1000 emails. From here you must pay a subscription to continue using all these features.

Clean Email Clean Email Descargar QR-Code Clean Email Developer: Clean Email, LLC

Instaclean – bulk mail cleaner

Simple email cleaner app. The developers assume that email is a necessity for many people, but it is infected by various spam emails that do not contribute anything, since you do not even open it. And while the solution may be to tidy up your inbox and block spam, doing it manually can be a real pain. This is where applications like these come in that try to tidy up your inbox smartly.

At first, it will scan your inbox for newsletters and list them automatically. From this moment on the interface you can view different actions. These include unsubscribing and blocking future emails or continuing to receive email from that sender. Likewise, you will also be able to enter it manually.

Instaclean - bulk mail cleaner Instaclean - bulk mail cleaner Descargar QR-Code Instaclean - bulk mail cleaner Developer: Vumonic Datalabs OU

JunkMail Stop

Application that automatically detects and lists all spam in a very simple way. It classifies you for spam, newsletters, and subscription emails. You will then be able to choose to filter emails from a certain senders, unsubscribe or block the annoying sender. you can also create an automatic action for those that are more repeated, such as exporting to a specific folder.

Support email from Gmail, Outlook y Exchange. Privacy is assured at all times, as the developers will not have access to your mail. For example, with Gmail IMAP is used so that the password or content is never stored. Everything will be done through Gmail's own login interface.

JunkMail Stop JunkMail Stop Descargar QR-Code JunkMail Stop Developer: Cisdem Inc.

Spamdrain – mail filter

One of the most powerful filters for iPhone and iPad. Protect your email from spam and junk mail 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is based on an artificial intelligence platform that has been fine-tuned and improved by developers in order to help all customers discard millions of spam emails. It is important to note that there is an extremely extensive database with senders that are categorized as dangerous .

As soon as a new email message is received, will check automatically. In the event that it is spam, a virus or a phishing attempt it will be removed immediately and you won't even see it. Blocks junk email and spam from all operating systems, devices, and email providers. In this case, a 14-day trial is available, and then a small subscription must be paid to enjoy the service.

Spamdrain - mail filter Spamdrain - mail filter Descargar QR-Code Spamdrain - mail filter Developer: SpamDrain AB


The fastest way to quickly clean up your inbox. You can delete, archive and Sort through batches of emails with a single touch. In addition, you can cancel any type of subscription with just one touch. This action will cause an automatic email to be sent to the sender with the necessary command to be able to annul the existing relationship.

Works with Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo, Hotmail/Outlook, or iCloud. In the basic mode you will only have access to one account with this application. This varies when we talk about wanting to connect different accounts such as personal and professional email. In these situations, you will have to perform the subscription to the professional plan.

Chuck – Smarter Email Chuck – Smarter Email Descargar QR-Code Chuck – Smarter Email Developer: 410 Labs

Spam Cleaner for Gmail

As its name suggests, this is an application that is focused solely on Gmail . The first thing you are going to do is log in with your Gmail account through secure access. That is, neither your emails nor your login data will be stored on the developer's servers.

Once done, you'll be using a Gmail API that will automatically and permanently remove all spam and junk from your email manager's folders. Obviously, you will need to be careful, as this delete task is permanent and cannot be reversed.

Spam Cleaner for Gmail Spam Cleaner for Gmail Descargar QR-Code Spam Cleaner for Gmail Developer: Kenneth Mages

The recommended

Among all these applications that are designed to eliminate spam from your life, we are left with two of them. The first is clearly CleanFox because of the interface it integrates and the ease with which all the junk mail you have in your inbox can be eliminated in one touch. Obviously, this is what is most interesting and above all it is totally free and compatible with many services.

Another application that also offers ideal features is Clean Mail . It has an ideal interface and different functionalities that fulfill what you are going to be looking for in an application of this type. In addition, there is the necessary security that the developers will not store your personal data without any problem.