Apps that improve your photos in portrait mode with the iPhone — 2022

If there is something that has advanced significantly over the years in the world of smartphones and specifically, also in the iPhone, it has been the camera-level features that these devices offer their users. One of the functions that, in this aspect, the general public has liked the most is the portrait mode, however, some iPhone models do not enjoy it. For this reason, in this post we bring you a series of applications that will help you both to perform portrait mode and to edit an image to be able to apply this blur effect.

Which iPhone models do portrait mode?

As we have mentioned before, not all iPhone models currently have the possibility of taking photographs in portrait mode, that is, of focusing on a person or object in the foreground, and blurring the rest of the image, creating that famous effect of background blur. Then we leave you the list of devices that do have this shooting mode.

    iPhone 7 Plus. iPhone 8 Plus. iPhone X. iPhone XS. iPhone XS Max. iPhone XR. iPhone 11. iPhone 11 Pro. iPhone 11 Pro Max. iPhone SE (2nd generation). iPhone 12 mini. iPhone 12. iPhone 12 Pro. iPhone 12 Pro Max.

These are the iPhone models that currently have the ability to take photos in portrait mode, something that all users today like to enjoy on their devices. However, obviously there is another public that, by not having any of the aforementioned models, cannot take this type of photography, for this reason there are different applications that are capable of generating this effect, as well as improving it to suit the user. Let's see them.

The apps that offer this function for free

Obviously, whenever we talk about applications that are dedicated to photography, there is a very large group that offers fantastic services, but in exchange for paying for the application or paying a subscription. In this case, users are lucky enough to be able to opt for applications that make fantastic tools available to the user for free.

PopPic – 3D Camera


It is an application that, as its name suggests, is very focused on photography that offers that three-dimensional effect . Therefore, by working with the depth of the image, it also offers the user the possibility of playing with the focus and blur of the photograph itself.

With PopPic you will have the possibility to add depth effects to any image and you can even apply a motion effect to it. It has all the necessary tools to be able to adjust the focus of the image as well as the depth of field, all after taking the picture.

Pop Pic - 3D Camera Pop Pic - 3D Camera Descargar QR-Code Pop Pic - 3D Camera Developer: Toolbox AI

Lensa: App to Edit Photos


If for something we can highlight Lensa among the rest of the photo editing applications, it is because of the simplicity and simplicity which has its user interface. This provides the user with a very short learning curve and allows them to work with it in a really intuitive way.

Lensa makes available to the public a series of fantastic tools for enhance and personalize your photography results to the taste of each user. However, among all the functions it offers, we must highlight the possibility of Background Adjustment . After all, what you can achieve with this feature is to edit the depth and blur of the background so that the photo adapts perfectly to the result you want to obtain.

Lensa: App to Edit Photos Lensa: App to Edit Photos Descargar QR-Code Lensa: App to Edit Photos Developer: prism labs, inc.

Blur photo – blur background

Blur photo - blur background

With this application there can be no doubt about what it is capable of offering since its name says it all. It is a very practical application that is really easy to use, so any user will be able to take full advantage of all the functions that it puts on the table.

It has a wide variety of effects that you can apply to your photograph both when you are taking it and later when you want to edit it. Among these effects, the possibility of get that bokeh effect or portrait mode that the vast majority of users like so much and that with this application all users, regardless of the device they have, can carry out.

Blur photo - blur background Blur photo - blur background Descargar QR-Code Blur photo - blur background Developer: Fitness Labs

Darkroom: Photo/Video Editor

Darkroom One of the best known applications If we talk about photo editors, it is, without a doubt, Darkroom. Surely it is not up to the level of more professional editors, but it does make basic but very powerful tools available to users to improve the results of their photographs.

Among these tools that we have mentioned, in this case we want to highlight the possibility that Darkroom offers to users of modify blur in portrait mode . With this application you will be able to edit the foreground of the photograph on the one hand, and the background on the other, in such a way that you can create truly fantastic effects by editing the different parameters of both planes.

Darkroom: Photo/Video Editor Darkroom: Photo/Video Editor Descargar QR-Code Darkroom: Photo/Video Editor Developer: Bergen Co.

Get more professional portrait effects

As we mentioned before, surely the photo editing category is one of the most paid applications. After all, developers are increasingly capable of giving the user more powerful and versatile tools, which generates tremendous wealth for the user to be able to unleash their imagination when they get in front of their device to take or edit a photograph . Next we want to talk to you about a series of paid applications with which you can raise the level of your photographs in portrait mode.



We start this category of apps with one of the most popular and above all, and most importantly, top rated on the App Store If we talk about photography. This is the result of the evaluations that users have given to this application, obviously generated by what it allows to carry out. Focos is fully committed to something that Apple has also been working on for a long time, the computational photography . In this way he tries to convey all the benefits of photography with a reflex camera to your device.

The Focos tool that we want to highlight at this time, due to the topic that we are dealing with in this post, is the one that provides the user with the opportunity to perform bokeh effects with truly professional results, typical of what a reflex camera with a professional lens could offer.

spotlights spotlights Descargar QR-Code spotlights Developer: Xiaodong Wang

Blur Photos Portrait Effect

Blur Photos Portrait Effect

Once again we are talking about an application that practically does not need to be described in order to know what is the main contribution that it is capable of making to the photographs of the users who use it. This app has a series of tools to be able to edit photos easily, comfortably and, above all, with very attractive results.

However, today we want to focus on what it is capable of doing so that the user can get a bokeh effect , or with background blur. First of all, it has tools to modify the type of blur to apply as well as a series of applicable effects that will also customize the bokeh effect of your photograph.

Blur Photos Portrait Effect Blur Photos Portrait Effect Descargar QR-Code Blur Photos Portrait Effect Developer: Connects Ltd

FabFocus – Portrait Mode Blur


With FabFocus you will be able to obtain photos with bokeh effect in two different ways , something that, especially for users who do not have portrait mode natively, is going to be really fantastic. Of course, this application only works with those devices that are compatible with the iOS version 12 .

As we said, FabFocus offers the possibility of taking photographs with a bokeh effect at the moment you take it, but it also offers the possibility of applying said blur effect once you have taken the photograph. In this way, it puts the two options on the table so that the person himself is in charge of choosing the one that best suits him at all times.

FabFocus - Portrait Mode Blur FabFocus - Portrait Mode Blur Descargar QR-Code FabFocus - Portrait Mode Blur Developer: Ghostwheel

Phocus: Portrait Mode Editor


Phocus is an application that has a series of fantastic tools that offer the user a great capacity when it comes to both taking photos and editing them later. One of the points on which he wanted to put more emphasis and give more importance is the portrait mode.

With this application you can take portrait mode photos in RAW format , but in addition, you can also edit and modify said depth later. This is possible thanks to its AI engine. In addition, it also has the possibility of modifying parameters such as ISO and exposure when taking the picture.

Phocus: Portrait Mode Editor Phocus: Portrait Mode Editor Descargar QR-Code Phocus: Portrait Mode Editor Developer: Ahmet Serdar Black Sea

ProCam 8

ProCam 8

ProCam is one of the most popular paid photography apps on the App Store, and it's been that way for a long time, generating some really fantastic reviews and ratings. All this in response to the great advantages it offers users when taking pictures.

among all the shooting modes that this application has, in this post, obviously, we want to highlight the portrait mode since it has the ability to fully control the focus in addition to the exposure. In this way, the user will be able to modify the degree of blurring that his photograph will have to his liking or need.

ProCam 8 ProCam 8 Descargar QR-Code ProCam 8 Developer: Tinkerworks Apps

ProCamera. Photos and Video in HD


If before we said that ProCam is one of the most popular photography applications in the App Store, ProCamera is not far behind either, what's more, we could say that it is even more popular thanks to the ratings it has received from users. All this as a result of the great tools and functions that it makes available to the user.

It is developed so that both professionals What beginners be able to take advantage of it and obtain fantastic results. As for the portrait mode, which is really the goal of this post, ProCamera offers the possibility of completely controlling the focus and exposure, with a manual focus with spikes, it also has a automatic portrait mode that will offer you a preview of the result before shooting.

ProCamera. Photos and Video in HD ProCamera. Photos and Video in HD Descargar QR-Code ProCamera. Photos and Video in HD Developer: Cocologics

this is our choice

This post comes to an end and as always when we make this type of compilations, from the The Bitten Apple editorial team we would like to tell you what our personal preferences are. We start with the first category, that is, those free applications that give the user the possibility of performing portrait mode. In this case we are left with Lens thanks to that simple and intuitive interface and, above all, for the results you can get with it.

On the other hand, if we go into somewhat more professional payment applications, our choice is clear, ProCamera It is the app that is capable of providing the user with the most value, both to take photographs in portrait mode and to carry out other types of work with the guarantee of having tools that are good enough to obtain a fantastic result.