Apps that allow you to measure food calories on iPhone — 2022

A good diet is always based on the type of food you eat. It is possible that to lose weight you want to have an exhaustive control of all the calories you consume in the day. To be able to calculate them you should not go to tedious tables of nutritional information, but with a simple app you can do this control. In this article we show you the best apps to carry out this control.

What should these applications have?

In order to have a balanced diet and control the food you consume in a good way, it is necessary to count calories. Before, it could be a somewhat difficult and tedious task, but thanks to the development of this type of application, you no longer have an excuse not to count calories. For it to be a reliable and efficient calculation, these apps have to meet some requirements.

  • One of them has to be to be able to quickly see the calories What have you been eating all week? In this way you will have a very visual way if you have spent this week or if you are following the diet correctly.
  • Another point to keep in mind is that these apps can offer you recipes and advice to eat better but just as tasty as ever.
  • They must have an option to be able to see the macros of the food you are going to eat.
  • They have to have a section to be able to add food in a very simple way that you are going to eat quickly in your diet. This way you won't have to go through any trouble to write down what you've been eating since you can select it from the application.

Applications to know the calories of a meal with the iPhone

Once you know what are the points that you have to take into account and what you have to focus on when being able to positively assess an application of this type, it is time to get down to work and talk to you about the different options that you have available within the App Store to help you count calories and improve, in this way, your diet and your physical form.



This is a free app that will allow you to manage all the calories you are going to eat on a daily basis. Ideal to be able to comply with a diet that is marked by a specific number of calories. It includes a calorie table for more than 2 million foods that will allow you to make a detailed record. Thanks to the plans that the application includes, you will be able to take off those extra kilos but always with your head. Avoid miracle diets and simply control the number of calories you eat.

It has an exercise calculator so you can write down all the physical activity you do during the day and week. You can also write down your recipes and learn new ones, as well as add the foods or recipes you consume the most to favorites to be able to add them to your daily calories much more easily.

Calorie and Diet Counter Calorie and Diet Counter Descargar QR-Code Calorie and Diet Counter Developer: YAZIO

Calorie Counter

Calorie Counter

Application that has a price of 4.49 euros but is really interesting for its visual aspect. With this you can track your diet or exercise and have information on the calories you consume as well as very healthy recipes. There are personalized ketogenic, low-carbohydrate, Mediterranean or vegan diets among others. It is extremely fast and intuitive and is available for the entire ecosystem of Apple products such as the Apple Watch to monitor the exercise you do.

Its interface is quite simple and complete, so you won't have any problems finding the different sections. It also has a section to add different types of diets, such as keto. It has an option that recommends foods and recipes so that you reach your goal faster. It syncs with the Health app on your iPhone so you don't have to copy all the data from one app to another.

Calorie Counter PRO MyNetDiary Calorie Counter PRO MyNetDiary Descargar QR-Code Calorie Counter PRO MyNetDiary Developer: MyNetDiary Inc.

Noom Coach


Application whose main objective is to quickly form healthy habits in users. You will be able to master all your bad habits and eat properly even if you have some kind of social pressure or barrier in front of you. That is why it relies heavily on psychology to create a plan that is suitable for each of the users who install this application.

It has more than 10 mini courses that will help you change your habits to lead a life without a sedentary lifestyle, with exercise according to your lifestyle. It also offers a list of millions of foods to make your weekly diet. It should be noted that with this application you can also learn to meditate and connect with yourself thanks to its meditation section, where you will be guided so that you know how to connect with yourself and keep your mind blank.

Noom Noom Descargar QR-Code Noom Developer: Noom, Inc.



Essential application to be able to find nutritional information of the food you consume in order to track it. It includes the possibility of scanning the barcode of the food you are going to consume to have all its information. You can also search for a specific dish in the search engine, but you always have to know the weight of the portion. In order to monitor as efficiently as possible, it is synchronized with the Health app to have weight data synchronized at all times.

It has an alarm so you don't forget meals or daily weigh-ins. It gives the option of interacting with a nutrition professional in case you have questions or a problem arises. You will also be able to interact with more users of the application from all over the world to share recipes or experiences and not lose the desire to get in shape. Thanks to its diary you will be able to keep a very complete record of all the meals you eat during the day with the calories of each one.

FatSecret Calorie Counter FatSecret Calorie Counter Descargar QR-Code FatSecret Calorie Counter Developer: FatSecret



With this application you can lose weight in a healthy way through diet. It allows you to make a count of all the calories you eat on a daily basis. It includes a database of more than 3 million foods as well as a very fast entry of meals and exercises. To enter food you simply have to take a picture of the barcode or choose from the database. You will have at your disposal information on the amount of protein or carbohydrates.

It has a simple interface with which counting calories and planning your workouts will be very simple. You can also set your own goals and the app will help you achieve them, adapting to your lifestyle. It has an integrated scanner so you can pass all your meals and everything is registered, without complications or messes. One of its most relevant features is that it has a macro tracker that breaks down carbohydrates by gram or %.

MyFitnessPal MyFitnessPal Descargar QR-Code MyFitnessPal Developer: MyFitnessPal, Inc.

Arise calorie counter

Arise calorie counter

The Arise system keeps track of your daily calories and helps you change your habits and gives you amazing results with consistent use. Thanks to its incredible design, it allows you to carry out practically daily control of all the calories you are going to consume. It allows you to calculate all the calories you should consume in a day based on your daily exercise habits and also depending on your age in order to calculate your basal metabolism.

It has a reminder system for you to drink water and make all the meals, in addition to having graphs so you can see your evolution over the weeks. You will be able to see a detailed description of your personalized diet, with the calories that you have to eat each day and with a list of foods that you can eat during the day. You can combine it with the iPhone Health application to always have your data available at hand.

Calorie Counter - Arise Calorie Counter - Arise Descargar QR-Code Calorie Counter - Arise Developer: A.R.I.S.E. Apps resulting in self enhancement Ltd.

Calorie count and food

calorie count

It has an extremely complete food database reviewed by professional nutritionists. You can add your own foods and save foods to add each time you eat them. You can mark a nutritional follow-up, being able to control the amount of proteins, carbohydrates or fats. It is integrated with different fitness services.

You will be able to see your evolution through its graphs, in addition to seeing food recommendations so that your diet is varied and balanced. Its calorie counter explains how you can lose calories from each food and the time you would spend on it. In addition, you can add a large amount of food to your personal diary.

Calorie count and food Calorie count and food Descargar QR-Code Calorie count and food Developer:

Foodvisor Calorie Counter


Learn to eat healthy thanks to this application. You can take a photo of your plate to receive all the nutritional information such as calories, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fiber or cholesterol of each of the elements. To introduce elements separately, you simply have to scan the barcode of the food. To avoid having to create new meals in the application, you can save them in favorites to restore them later.

Foodvisor - Nutrition and Diet Foodvisor - Nutrition and Diet Descargar QR-Code Foodvisor - Nutrition and Diet Developer: Foodvisor



If you want to keep your weight down, this application offers you a series of diets reviewed by nutritionists. In order to be able to monitor diets, it is necessary to control all the calories that you are going to eat and the application allows you to do so. You can choose between registering the diet through the camera or with the database of the app itself.

It has personalized courses for you to learn to lead a good lifestyle as well as a healthy and balanced diet. With its simple tools you will be able to keep track of your favorite foods and recipes and their nutritional content. You'll be able to import and export your tracking from the Health app on your iPhone in seconds, so you don't waste time moving data from one app to another.

Lifesum: Healthy Eating Lifesum: Healthy Eating Descargar QR-Code Lifesum: Healthy Eating Developer: Lifesum AB

BetterMe: Diet & Exercise


The secret to getting a good figure is to combine exercise with a good diet. This can be achieved with this application that can mark the calories of the food you are going to eat, also classifying the amount of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. This is basic information to be able to make a diet that is as suitable as possible and that meets the needs of each user.

With this app, in addition to counting calories, you can also do different physical exercises to lead a healthy lifestyle. It has a diet system so that you follow the diet that suits you best based on your needs and what you need to be in good shape. You will have professional trainers at your disposal in the chat for any questions or problems that may arise.

BetterMe: Diet & Exercise BetterMe: Diet & Exercise Descargar QR-Code BetterMe: Diet & Exercise Developer: BetterMe Limited

What is the best app?

It depends on whether you just want to count calories or you want to learn how to lead a healthy lifestyle, you will need one app or another. Without a doubt, one of the most complete regardless of what you are looking for is MyFitnessPal. It is one of the most complete apps that exist on the scene. It has all the features that an application of this type should have.

It breaks down the macros of foods, helps you do sports and suggests foods, recipes and diets so that your routine is not boring. With the barcode reader it is much easier to include food in your diary and see the calories you take during the day. MyFitnessPal is a great option if you want to start getting fit and living as healthy a lifestyle as possible.

And you, do you control your daily calories?