Apps from outside the App Store on the iPhone Is it possible? — 2022

One of the controversies that always revolves around the Cupertino company is the possibility, or not, that Apple makes it easier for users to be able todownload apps from stores other than the App Store. Well, in this post we are going to see if there is a possibility that this will happen in the future.

Is it a real possibility?

Currently, any application that you can have installed on your iPhone has to be downloaded from the App Store, and this is something that has always generated a lot of debate around Apple's policy. In fact, on many occasions even the rules that it has applied and currently apply in its app store have made it have to go to court. Without going any further, you will remember all the noise generated by the expulsion of Fortnite from the App Store for breaking one of the rules that the Cupertino company had set.


Also, taking into account that the competition, in this Android chaos, does allow users to install other applications that are outside of Google Play , makes the debate grow at times and some may even foresee that the Cupertino company will take action on the matter and can make some movement towards facilitate users this type of actions given the legal problems that it is having to face in recent years because of this policy within the App Store.

If we look back, and it is not necessary to go very far, we see how Tim Cook in one of his last public appearances , more specifically at the IAPP summit, which is the International Association of Privacy Professionals, spoke of this possibility, and the reality is that his words did not give much hope for the Cupertino company to give its arm to twist with this issue. The reason?, Privacy , and it is that Apple has always been and is a company that has paid great attention to the privacy of all users who use both its services and its different equipment.

Apple Privacy

In fact, Tim Cook himself, despite being very against this movement, has stated that, in case you are forced to , the negative consequences for users who enjoy an iPhone on a day-to-day basis would be very negative. However, these words and, above all, this application download policy clashes a lot with the one that the Cupertino company has in the case of its computers. All users who have a Mac can download applications from the App Store and from any other web page, something that is not possible on any of the other computers and devices that the Cupertino company sells through the Apple Store.

The reality is that, at the moment, any application that you want to download on your iPhone has to go through Apple's filter, and beware, this is very positive since guarantees all users the reliability of said application . Therefore, we will have to pay close attention to the development of events to see if, finally, Apple opens the door to other apps or third-party stores or, on the contrary, remains firm in its convictions.