Apps and games winners of the Apple Design Awards 2020 — 2022

Every year Apple at the end of theWWDCannounces the winners of the Apple Design Awards. This is an award that is intended for application and game developers who have done a very good job in the field of development, rewarding the mastery of Apple technology. There are many applications in the App Store, fromapps to buy clothes from the iPhone or iPad, even games that have you glued to the screen for hours. Specifically, there have been eight award-winning developers, which opens the door for them to have much more visibility in the App Store to carry out projects of even greater importance.

What are the Apple Design Awards

As we have said previously, this is an award that has been awarded annually for 20 years. At the moment more than 250 developers hold this distinction and surely you have been able to appreciate it in the App Store when entering the tab of an app. This is a recognition that seeks to give much more prominence to talented developers so that they continue to develop this task with great success. Many of the developers who have achieved this distinction have released other applications with great success and high quality.

From Apple they are based on the quality of the application or game as well as the integration with the different options of the products. In other words, the use of the different tools that Apple makes available to developers is rewarded. Obviously there are many candidate developers since the App Store is full of quality applications and games, so coming out as the winner is something quite important and remarkable.

Award Winning Apps



Powerful photo and video editor for iPhone that we found in the App Store that includes an extraordinarily good design. There are many tools that it includes to carry out the adjustments that we see appropriate in our photographs and above all it is simple to use thanks to an intuitive interface.

Darkroom: Photo/Video Editor Darkroom: Photo/Video Editor Descargar QR-Code Darkroom: Photo/Video Editor Developer: Bergen Co.



Application that integrates different musical creation tools in an animation park. It is aimed at professionals but can also be used by the most basic public thanks to its intuitive interface. It is perfectly designed for iPadOS thanks to the integration with the Apple Pencil and the dark mode to work in a comfortable way.

Looom Looom Descargar QR-Code Looom Developer: They were Hilleli



CAD application very intended for architectural and technical drawing work. Thanks to the good integration with the Apple Pencil, complex 3D models can be created, also taking advantage of ARKit. To this will be added in the future the compatibility with the LiDAR camera to generate a 2D floor plan and a 3D model.

Shapr: 3D modeling CAD Shapr: 3D modeling CAD Descargar QR-Code Shapr: 3D modeling CAD Developer: Shapr3D Zrt



Handwrite any type of writing to transform it into digital mode. Application designed for those composers who want to carry out their task digitally without resorting to the old paper staves. Thanks to the Apple Pencil and with Core ML technology, each bar can be transformed into a musical notation to be able to edit it at any time.

StaffPad StaffPad Descargar QR-Code StaffPad Developer: StaffPad Ltd.

award winning games

Sayonara Wild Hearts

Sayonara Wild

If you are looking to increase the adrenaline in your day to day life, this is your game. Thanks to its peculiar design of the scenarios together with the movement, the images and the surreal landscapes, you get a very good gaming experience. You simply have to ride your motorcycle through a specific scenario and collect everything you find along the way.

Sayonara Wild Hearts Sayonara Wild Hearts Descargar QR-Code Sayonara Wild Hearts Developer: Annapurna Interactive

Sky: Children of the Light

Sky Children of the Light

Game that stands out for having extremely relaxing and beautiful graphics. You must help the celestial beings to find their way back to the heavens. If you don't want to play alone, you can use the smart multiplayer mode which is extremely interesting. It makes use of the metal motor and haptic responses to have a very successful response.

Sky: Children of the Light Sky: Children of the Light Descargar QR-Code Sky: Children of the Light Developer: thatgamecompany

Song of Bloom

Song of Bloom

If you are a puzzle lover, this is the game you must have installed on your iPhone or iPad. It makes use of a non-linear storyline full of puzzles offering a very ingenious and innovative new way of playing. Thanks to this, it has won an award that the developers undoubtedly deserve for creating this application that will delight more than one.

Song of Bloom Song of Bloom Descargar QR-Code Song of Bloom Developer: Phillip Stollenmayer

Where Cards Fall

Where Card Fall

Adventure game where players build with cards to be able to advance through the stage and bring to life all the formative memories. It makes use of most of the technologies offered by the latest Apple products as well as speakers to offer surround sound to relax you on this adventure.

Where Cards Fall Where Cards Fall Descargar QR-Code Where Cards Fall Developer: Snowman

Have you tried any of the award-winning apps or games?