Applications and programs to write texts on macOS — 2022

One of the main functions for what most users use their Mac, be it a Macbook Air, Macbook Pro or iMac, is to edit text on their computer, and having a good text editor can make that much easier. work and save us, in many cases, a great deal of time. If it is also your main professional or school activity, it will be very good for you to know what the best options we have are.

What to look for in a text editor

When you are going to choose a new text editor it is important to find several features to have a good experience. The first one is the possibility of editing the text style that you are going to use when writing. That is to say, all the tools that integrate the selection of a font, the edition of the font size or the possibility of changing the format between bold, italic or normal. All this is necessary to be able to write good text documents that can be presented either at work or at school.

Beyond these tools that we can call basic, others that are more complex can also be demanded. The fact of making graphs or tables to be able to make visual representations is without a doubt another feature that should be required of any text editor that you put forward. In this way you will have many more customization options and possibilities when it comes to offering detailed information in all your texts that you are doing on a day-to-day basis.

In an extra way, other tools that go much further can also be demanded. In the event that you are studying or working in a laboratory, in many cases it is necessary to have integration with different extensions. One of the best known is Mendelay and it is only possible to use them in some specific editors. This is why you must ensure compatibility with these third-party extensions as well as with other tools that may be useful.

free editors

In order to have quality applications, you don't always have to spend a lot of money in the Mac App Store. There are totally free options that are more than valid, and although it is true that they are not designed for professional use due to obvious limitations, they can certainly help you in the event that you do not edit too many documents throughout the day or do not need something totally professional.


The simplest and cheapest option if we have a Mac is the text editor itself that Apple provides us for free with all its devices . Pages falls within the Apple suite to work, and of course, it is one of the best options for those users who do not have very specific demands and who do not want to spend a single euro to be able to do their university work or, simply, to write any article for a web page.

We can say that Pages is the counterpart to Microsoft Word , but a little more trimmed in terms of functions. Despite this, it is more than enough for most users, in my case, for example, during my university years I have always used this application to carry out reports and assignments. Finally, something that many users are unaware of and which is also one of the main reasons why many people avoid using pages: once you have made your text document with this application, you can export it in numerous formats, including, for Of course there are .word and .pdf, which are the two standards with which we usually work.

Pages Pages Descargar QR-Code Pages Developer: Apple

CotEditor CotEditor

This text editor is well thought out for those people who work on web pages with formats such as HTML or CSS . In other words, it is a plain text editor that can also be adapted to programming languages ​​such as Python. It is created specifically for macOS from the beginning, so the performance is really good, also simplifying the entire internal configuration process. It has tools dedicated to syntax highlighting with more than 50 predefined languages, p possibility to perform searches and replaces of different characters as well as tools that are dedicated for developers.

The general design of CotEditor is really simple so that as soon as you launch the application it is ready to start writing. On the screen, visually, it does not have many visible options that could end up causing too much burden. If it is true that it is not just a simple editor for beginner writers since you can take a step further to make it much more complicated but always choosing those tools that interest you the most depending on your professional activity.

CotEditor liquid text Descargar QR-Code CotEditor Developer: Mineko IMANISHI



This application has been recognized by Apple itself as one of the most innovative of the year as it offers a quick and natural way to organize information from different documents and web pages. Once you have all the information from your main sources, you can go on to write the reports using all this data. In a quick way you can have access to all the text editing tools that are used in a general way to obtain spectacular results.

One good thing about this app is that it's cross-platform. In other words, by collecting all the data from different web pages or documents, they can be easily consulted on an iPad or a Mac. In addition, it can also be used to make different drawings with the Apple Pencil, such as annotations in documents or different representations in the compositions that you are carrying out with all this information that you have collected. In general, this is a free application, although to access all its features you must make a monthly subscription.

LiquidText 1Doc Descargar QR-Code LiquidText Developer: LiquidText, Inc.


1Doc:Word Processor for Writer

Simple and free text editor that has the ability to support numerous text formats. These include DOC, DOCX, RTF, TXT, RTFD, TXT, ODT and other formats that may be less well known. It offers the most basic tools to be able to write a document from scratch, although it is true that they are quite limited. It can be said that this is a plain text application for emergency situations and above all with the advantage that it offers a version free .

The only problem you may have is the interface. It has a rather old-fashioned look similar to WordPad with the different tools in a bar at the top. Likewise, as we say, it is quite useful for basic text editions. As we have mentioned before, in the 'Pro' version it includes features such as export in PDF format or the possibility of inserting an image in the text.

1Doc:Word Processor for Writer Microsoft Word Descargar QR-Code 1Doc:Word Processor for Writer Developer: CYNOBLE TECHNOLOGY LIMITED

Edit text with paid apps

Although there are a wide variety of editors that do not require a payment to use it or a subscription, they can be very limited in functionality. If you edit text documents on a daily basis and need professional tools, you will have to pay for higher quality applications. In this case we show you the ones that are most recommended for the vast majority of users.

Microsoft Word

If everyone asks us about a text editor, surely for 90% of people the first application or program that comes to mind is Microsoft Word, and that is because the Microsoft application is the king of this sector . However, to be able to use Word we need to have the Microsoft 365 package subscription , which in addition to having access to this program, also provides us with the famous Microsoft Excel and Power Point, TWO tools known by all users as they are the reference programs in each of their sectors.

The great virtue of Microsoft Word is the large number of tools it has and the great compatibility with thousands of devices from different manufacturers. Without a doubt, this application is the text editor par excellence, since it is the one with which most of us have grown and with which we are most accustomed to working, this is a point that Microsoft has in its favour, to the People don't like to change and even less when we already feel comfortable with something, in this case, a program that, as I said, we have been using for years and years.

Microsoft Word GoodNotes Descargar QR-Code Microsoft Word Developer: Microsoft Corporation

GoodNotes 5

GoodNotes 5

If you have a Mac but also an iPad, GoodNotes 5 is definitely the app to get. Work can be swapped between both devices to pick up where you left off in any situation and make use of all the features of iPad and Mac in one. In other words, you can create a real digital notebook that you can edit with your iPad's Apple Pencil comfortably as if you were writing on paper. But you can also consult all these notes on the Mac screen and continue with these notes through the keyboard of the computer itself.

There are many tools that are included in GoodNotes to have the best possible experience when writing. And the most important thing, without a doubt, is the organization that is maintained of all these documents and the visual that is used in the form of authentic notebooks. That is why this is an ideal application especially for students to be able to enjoy a physical notebook experience but in a digital way.

GoodNotes 5 iA Writer Descargar QR-Code GoodNotes 5 Developer: Time Base Technology Limited

iA Writer

The award-winning app 4 times as a winner for Best of App Store It is one of the best options that we find in the Apple application store for our Macs, however, it is also one of the most expensive since it costs 32.99 Euros. iA Writer is one of the many applications that has been added to opt for a minimalist interface betting on simplicity and sobriety, to obtain as a result an experience without distractions when we want to sit down to write in front of our Mac.

With this application you don't have to worry about formatting since, initially, you'll be writing plain text to later be able to view a preview in HTML. It is also capable of detecting superfluous adjectives, weak verbs or repetitive nouns to clean the text of the usual noise. One of the advantages of this App is that you can customize your templates to later export them to WordPress, Medium, HTML, Microsoft Word or PDF. And it is expensive, yes, but perhaps it is the most complete application for serving a multitude of uses, from doing any job or report for the university, to writing full articles for your website.

iA Writer Ulysses Descargar QR-Code iA Writer Developer: Information Architects GmbH


Surely at one time or another you have heard the name of this application. Ulysses is, without a doubt, one of the most famous text editing applications in the App Store, not only in the app store for Mac, but also for iPhone or iPad, since this is one of the advantages of this editor, which it is compatible on MacOS, iOS and, of course, iPadOS. award winner Apple Design Award 2016, This application stands out for its minimalist design, as well as providing us with pleasant writing, efficient document management, easy synchronization and flexible export.

In a quest for minimalism, Ulysses promises us that, with its interface, as we will only have to worry about writing, editing and continue writing , and just like iA Writer, we don't have to worry about formatting our text until we're done. However, this option is not free, unlike other applications, the way Ulysses has to monetize its service is by subscription, having two options, the monthly plan, for 5.99 Euros/month, and the annual plan, for 49.99 Euros/year, both after passing a trial period of 2 weeks, therefore, we can try the app and see for ourselves if it is really worth it.

Ulysses Bear - Private Notepad Descargar QR-Code Ulysses Developer: Ulysses GmbH & Co. KG


Once again, an application awarded with the 2017 Apple Design Award. As you can see, the trend of these apps is towards a very careful and minimalist design , eliminating the possible distractions that we may have when sitting down to write. In addition, Kit Eaton, of the prestigious American newspaper, New York Times, declared the following: Bear is my choice of application to write, some words that must be taken into account, above all, by the person who has pronounced them.

One of the differentiating aspects of Bear is that we can quickly organize our content with tasks and labels. Obviously we have numerous options when it comes to exporting our texts, including the most used ones such as PDF, DOCX, HTML... However, not everything was going to be ideal, since Bear also has a payment option that in this case is quite cheap for 1.49 euros per month or 15.99 euros per year. So we can enjoy the 'Pro' options that exist within the application. Of course, it has free options that we can continue enjoying without having to go through the box.

Bear - Private Notepad Scrivenner Descargar QR-Code Bear - Private Notepad Developer: Shiny Frog Ltd.



This is one of the favorite apps for writers and students. It allows you to customize it according to your tastes, in addition to having a way not to be distracted while you concentrate on your writing. It is also very easy to plan your projects thanks to its corkboard view where you can see all the sections in a very visual way.

It also has a review panel with which you can review if you have had any errors during the writing. Once you have your work finished, you can export it to any document format, such as PDF or Print. Another advantage is that you can synchronize it with your iPhone or iPad, in case you want to continue with your writing project from another device. Having been on the market for several years, there are many users who use it on a daily basis and who could help you if you have any problems since this application has a large community.

Scrivener StoryMill Descargar QR-Code Scrivener Developer: Literature & Latte



Continuing with specialized applications for writers, StoryMill is a application dedicated to fiction writers Whether they are novels or short stories. Its strong point is the good management of the temporary vine. It allows you to write a story in different shots or sequences and shows if the story works well that way or if, on the contrary, something needs to be changed. In addition, the app dedicates entire sections to the creation of spaces and characters so that you don't lose any detail.

It also allows you to compare the different sections of the story that you have created in the way you prefer, since it can be customized according to your tastes. It has an internal task manager, which will help you when you don't know what the next step is to take in writing your work of fiction. Undoubtedly, an application that greatly helps writers or screenwriters who are starting out and may have a problem writing their works.

Descargar QR-Code StoryMill Developer: Mariner Software

Which application is more recommended?

If you are looking for a free application, without a doubt the most recommended is the official option offered by Apple, Pages . It integrates the necessary tools to finally have a good text editor in hand. And all this with the guarantee that the operation in macOS is more than optimized since it is developed by Apple itself. It is true that it may have some important limitations, but the fact that it does not cost you anything to have it installed makes it the best possible option in the ecosystem.

In the case of paid applications, it is best to opt for Microsoft's own suite. Microsoft Word surely you have used it more than once and the experience will not have disappointed you because it is extremely complete. Both in the workplace and in education, you will have all the necessary tools to be able to create your documents with graphs and tables, as well as integration with relevant third-party applications.