Apple will surprise us with an iPhone X Gold according to an FCC leak — 2022

To end this Friday, some documents from the Federal Commission of Commissions of the United States (FCC) where it is shown that Apple is working on a iPhone X in gold color , and even photographs of this model have been included that are quite real, so this leak would be well founded.

Is an iPhone X in gold coming?

When a company wants to launch a product on the US market, they are required to submit a report of what they are going to release to the FCC, the body that must authorize its distribution in the country. This presentation was already made by Apple in September 2017 with the iPhone X, where Images of this device were included but it was not finally released.

In this report, which is dated September 2017, a multitude of images are included at different angles of this terminal in a beautiful gold color. It seems to be a color very similar to what we see in the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

In this report then they would have considered launching three colors of this device -gold, silver and space black-, but in the end they only released two of the colors possibly due to production problems , leaving the last color for this summer, with the objective of potential sales in Q3, which is a fairly weak quarter.

Just today we have released a render that a designer has presented a flagship of the company in a very nice gold color that may finally be a reality as we have seen in this report that has been leaked from the FCC.

There are many users who were quite cold when they only released this device in Two colors, although it seems that discarding the gold color was due to problems in the production chain, although now that the production chain is calmer, possibly Let's see a gold color for this summer.

Will you end up buying this device in gold? Leave me your impressions in the comment box.