Apple would have 200 million iPhone 5G ready in 2020 thanks to Samsung and Qualcomm — 2022

A week ago we 'celebrated'the end of Apple's war with Qualcommand we already began to imagine that this opened the door for Apple to begin integrating the latest Qualcomm modems into the 2020 iPhones. This component implicitly carries the 5G coverage, a function that has starred in this 2019 in different companies and operators but that from Apple was very much in the air. Now Everything indicates that in 2020 Apple will bet on 5G and tech guru Ming-Chi Kuo has released a prediction about it at a security conference.

Samsung and Qualcomm will participate in the iPhone 5G

The famous technology guru Ming-Chi Kuo has recently released a new prediction where he wanted to emphasize the new 5G iPhones, stating that Apple will have two suppliers for 5G chips, specifically Qualcomm and Samsung.

Apple used to have several suppliers of components of their equipment to be able to have a certain security in case of problems in the distribution. If one of the providers fails for any reason, then you can always pull the other, something they learned in 2017 with the iPhone X and the disaster of the provider of the depth camera to bring Face ID to life.

Intel was once the only supplier to Apple for 5G chips but it seems that not being able to reach the promised dates of 2020 and 2021 l it's been thrown into the arms of these other providers . Specifically, the technology guru from Apple would implement Qualcomm chips in countries with mmWave Spectrum 5G and Samsung for those markets with Sub-6GHz.

In addition to giving this information that the Cupertino company would have contacted these two suppliers, it has also given specific dates. In 2020, a total of about 200 million iPhones would be shipped releasing specifically in the second half of this year, surely after the presentation in September with the iPhone 2020.

Thanks to the agreement with Qualcomm, this new iPhone 5G is gaining a lot of strength, although without a doubt we are seeing how many countries have not yet adapted their infrastructure to 5G and if we look at Spain, we have seen a small advance by some operators, but we still believe that there is a long time until we see a full implementation of this coverage, leaving aside 4G.

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