The Apple Watch Series 3 LTE expands to more countries — 2022

One of the novelties of Apple Watch Series 3 LTE , is the possibility of connecting it to a mobile network to become independent (in a certain way) of a constant connection to the iPhone. Unfortunately, it is not available in all countries.

Apple already warned, this would depend a lot on the mobile operators , since it was not only an internal matter of Californians. Time is passing and we see how this model reaches other territories, in which at the moment, Spain is not included.

The new countries that have been touched by Jobs's finger and can now start enjoying this Apple Watch LTE are: Denmark, Sweden, India and Taiwan . As far as we are concerned, the closest thing is France. But its use is not allowed in Spain, that is, even if we buy it there, it will not work in our country despite the elimination of roaming.

Apple Watch Series 3 LTE

If we look through second-hand ads, we can find this model that has been imported from other countries , but the arrival of a new Apple Watch is triggering sales in this type of market. Since everything seems to indicate that the operators that work in Spain are not in the business of launching a specific rate for the smart watch of Californians.

the apple Watch Series 3 LTE did not have one the beginning very good to say. Users who could enjoy it, complained about the high consumption from battery . In addition to the prices that the operators were imposing to be able to enjoy it. With the following updates, the battery life has improved a lot, but even so, its use in LTE is somewhat lower than the WiFi version.

Of course, the LTE version has a number of advantages very interesting, where even on more than one occasion, a user in trouble has helped, such as the surfer who was stranded in the sea surrounded by sharks .

The latest news of the next release of the Apple Watch Series 3 LTE , could motivate mobile operators in more countries (such as Spain) to market this specific model, or at least launch a specific rate.

Would you like to have the Apple Watch Series 3 LTE? Do you think it will come to your country at some point?