Apple Watch SE and Series 7, is there so much difference between them? — 2022

The Apple Watch Series 7 and the Apple Watch SE are the watches that Apple currently sells the most, in fact they are the two standard-bearers of the Cupertino company in this sector. For this reason, in this post we want to tell you about the differences between both devices, focusing on which of the two is more worth it if you are really considering purchasing an Apple Watch.

Technical differences table

Before going into a full discussion of each of the main differences that separate these two Apple Watch, we want you to have a global vision of both. In this way you will be able to understand much better everything that we are going to tell you about each point on which we want to focus when giving you all the information about them.

SE vs. S7

CharacteristicApple Watch SEApple Watch Series 7
-Stainless steel
Screen size-40mm (977 sqmm)
-44mm (759mm square)
-41mm (904.3 sqmm)
-45mm (1141.1 sqmm)
resolution and brightness-40mm: 324 x 394 at 1,000 nits brightness
-44mm: 368 x 448 at 1,000 nits brightness
-41mm: 352 x 430 at 1,000nits brightness
-45mm: 396 x 484 at 1,000 nits brightness
DimensionsIn 40mm:
-Height: 40mm
-Width: 34mm
-Bottom: 10.7 mm
In 44mm:
-Height: 44mm
-Width: 38mm
-Bottom: 10.7 mm
In 41mm:
-Height: 41mm
-Width: 35mm
-Bottom: 10.7 mm
In 45mm:
-Height: 45mm
-Width: 38mm
-Bottom: 10.7 mm
weight without strapIn 40mm:
-Aluminum: 30.5 grams
-Stainless steel: 39.7 grams
-In titanium: 34.6 grams
In 44mm:
-Aluminum: 36.5 grams
-Stainless steel: 47.1 grams
-In titanium: 41.3 grams
In 41mm:
-Aluminum: 32 grams
-Stainless steel: 42.3 grams
-In titanium: 45.1 grams
In 45mm:
-Aluminum: 38.8 grams
-Stainless steel: 51.5 grams
-In titanium: 45.1 grams
ColorsIn aluminium:
-Space Gray
In aluminium:
-star white
in stainless steel
-Space Black
In titanium:
-Space Black
ChipApple S5 SiP 2 coreApple S7 SiP 2 core
Always On Display OptionDo notYes
heart rate sensorYesYes
ECG sensorDo notYes
blood oxygen level sensorDo notYes
fall detectorYesYes
Other sensors and features-Altimeter always active
-Noise control
-Emergency calls
-International emergency calls
-Compatible with Family Settings on GPS + Cellular models
-Altimeter always active
-Noise control
-Emergency calls
-International emergency calls
-Compatible with Family Settings on GPS + Cellular models
Digital crown with haptic feedbackYesYes
Waterproof50 meters deep50 meters deep
Do you have LTE version?YesYes
Wi-Fi connections802.11b/g/n a 2,4802.11b/g/n a 2,4 y 5 GHz
Bluetooth connectionBluetooth 5.0Bluetooth 5.0
base pricesFrom 299 eurosFrom 429 euros

As you may have verified by yourself or by yourself, there are very important points that must be entered in order to verify what is the real difference between these two Apple watches. Later we will develop each of them in detail, however, first we want to briefly explain what the important points of this comparison are.

    sensorsThey are one of the aspects that you have to assess if you are going to buy one of these two Apple Watch, since in favor of the Series 7 you find much more variety and quality. The screenIt is another of the differential points. The increase in the Series 7 is not something spectacular, however, you can notice an improvement in terms of taking advantage of it. fast chargingIt is something that you are going to have to coldly assess, since as you will see later, the difference is great and although it may not seem like it, it can mark your user experience with this device.
  • At the level of performance You will not have to worry in either case, since both are capable of performing at a magnificent level.
  • The exclusive spheres they are usually something that tends to attract the public quite a bit, especially because you have to keep in mind that the Apple Watch is not only a technological device, but it is also a fashion element, a watch itself. Therefore, having the exclusive spheres, although there really are not many, can be a small incentive for many users.

A bigger screen and better?

One of the main novelties that the Apple Watch Series 7 brought was the increase in screen size, but beware, you do not have to confuse it with the increase in the size of the case, of the device itself. What the Cupertino company has done has been cram a larger screen into the same size Apple Watch , taking much more advantage of the device's frames. Initially, this improvement seems quite insignificant, but it is true that as you use the Apple Watch Series 7 you will notice that slight increase. In this way the screen sizes of both devices are as follows.

    Apple Watch SE:
      40 mm 44 mm
    Apple Watch Series 7:
      41mm 45mm

Apple Watch S7

However, the differences in terms of the screen are not only found in its size, since the Apple Watch Series 7 has a feature that since the Series 5 Apple incorporates in all its watches, except for the SE, and that is screen always on . This function consists of making the Apple Watch screen always on, unlike the rest of the models in which the screen turns off when the device is not being used. In this way, whenever you want, you can look at the clock to check the time without having to lift your wrist or press the screen so that it turns on. Another point where the always-on screen is very valuable is during training, since being able to consult the data that the watch is measuring you at any time is a joy, since you will not have to be aware of turning the device or even having You have to touch the screen to see them, simply by looking at the screen you will have them available. In addition, and this must be taken into account, especially looking at other Apple Watch models that also have this functionality, in this case the autonomy of the team is not affected for the use of it.

Health sensors

We put the screen aside and now focus on the health section. The Apple Watch stands out in the smartwatch market for many factors, but without a doubt, where it is clearly differential is in this section that it is doing so much good for users who wear an Apple watch on their wrist, so much so that already there are numerous cases in which the Apple Watch has been able to save the lives of many users . All this thanks to the sensors it has, and this is one of the great differences between these two models. Then we leave you the list with the sensors that each of them has.

    Apple Watch SE:
      2nd generation optical heart rate sensor.
    Apple Watch Series 7:
      Blood oxygen sensor. Electrical heart rate sensor. 3rd generation optical heart rate sensor.

Apple Watch blood oxygen

As you have been able to verify, the Apple Watch Series 7 has more sensors than the Apple Watch SE, this finally lies in the possibility of controlling more vital signs and being able to offer more and better information to the user about their health status. On the one hand, to measure the heart rate it has two sensors, one non-existent in the SE, which is the electrical sensor, and the other a higher generation, which is the optical sensor. You also have to keep in mind that with the Series 7 you can perform electrocardiograms and with the SE there is no such possibility. In addition, another very interesting sensor that the Apple Watch Series 7 has is blood oxygen, able to control your saturation . Although it is true that at a functional level, few users will take advantage of these sensors on a daily basis, because to be honest, very few people are constantly doing an electrocardiogram or measuring their saturation, however, the fact of being able to count on it in specific situations, especially considering that at those times, your health may be at risk, it is something that must be valued and that, of course, must be taken into account when choosing one of these two devices.

In the health section, something that should be mentioned is the possibility that both watches have to detect falls . This It is one of the functions that has helped save the lives of people the most. who have had different types of accidents. Fortunately, both Apple Watch have this possibility, so that if you suffer a fall and cannot call your emergency contact or the emergency service itself, the Apple Watch will be in charge of doing it for you. As we say, this has meant that many users who, after suffering a fall, had been left unconscious and, in addition, injured, have been able to be rescued by the emergency services thanks to the fact that the Apple Watch had alerted them to the situation and had even sent the location exactly where he was to make the rescue as easy as possible.

Fast charging is differential

The autonomy of the Apple Watch is clearly one of the points where the Cupertino company has more room for improvement, in fact it is one of the demands that users of this device have been making generation after generation. However, at the moment that request has not had an effect, probably because, at the moment, Apple has not found a way to include a larger battery inside the body of the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch S7 charging

However, with the Series 7 it has taken a step forward, and since it cannot offer more autonomy, it does give users the possibility of charging their watch faster. This is one of the biggest differences that you will find between both devices. , and although it may seem that it really does not matter much, for all users who use the watch to monitor their hours of sleep, the fact of being able to charge it for a few minutes before going to sleep and thus fill its autonomy, is a true wonder. Below you can check the charging times that both devices have.

    From 0% to 80%
      Apple Watch SE: 1.5 hours Apple Watch Series 7: 45 minutes
    From 0% to 100%
      Apple Watch SE: 2.5 hours Apple Watch Series 7: 75 minutes

How you have been able to verify the difference is quite remarkable, in fact the reality is that Apple Watch Series 7 charges up to twice as fast as Apple Watch SE . For this reason, for all users who are thinking of acquiring one device or another, this point must be taken into account, because with the Series 7 you will only have to connect it for a few minutes a day to fill the device's battery, while that with the SE you will have to invest more time.

Other minor changes to note

Obviously, these are two devices that have only been on the market for a short time, therefore, the differences between them cannot be really great, in fact, both provide a fantastic user experience. We have already told you about the biggest differences that you can find between the Apple Watch SE and the Series 7, however, they are not the only ones, therefore, below we will talk about those that are less differential, but that are also present.

No change in autonomy

We continue talking about the battery, but in this case not about the charging speed but about the autonomy that these two Apple watches offer. As we mentioned before, this is one of the points where the Cupertino company has more room for improvement with this device, since it has been anchored for a long time, probably due to the space limitations it has.

Apple Watch Series 6

Currently both the Apple Watch Series 7 and the SE They have an autonomy of up to 18 hours , with small differences in battery life depending on the workouts you do. Even so, we can affirm that practically, in this section, the two watches behave in the same way.

Is there a difference in performance?

One aspect that all users take into account when buying a device, be it an Apple Watch or an iPhone, iPad or Mac, is its performance, and obviously, if you are in the position to decide on the Apple Watch SE or by the Apple Watch Series 7 you will want to know if in terms of performance, fluidity or power there are differences between them .

iPhone and Apple Watch S7

In this case, what makes the difference is the chip that each of them mounts. By the SE, features the S5 SiP chip with a 64-bit dual-core processor, while the Series 7 mounts the S7 chip with 64 bit dual core processor, this being 20% ​​faster than the SE . This is the data provided by Apple, but The reality is that both work equally well. and the experience you will have with them will be practically the same in these terms.

exclusive spheres

Whenever Apple launches new Apple Watch models, it gives them the privilege of having an exclusive face, and this with the Apple Watch Series 7 has not been an exception. Promoted by the increase in the screen of the device, users of this model will be able to count on two very interesting novelties. The two exclusive spheres of the Series 7 are the following.

    Outline. Modular duo.

apple watch face The Contour sphere is really the novelty in this section of the Series 7, in fact it is the image with which Apple has sponsored the sale of this watch. On the other hand, the Modular duo is an adaptation of the sphere that users of the rest of the Apple Watch models already have. In this way, in the Series 7, as it has more screen, the three small complications have been replaced by a larger one, allowing more information to be displayed.

The colors of the box have changed

Something that went slightly unnoticed when the Apple Watch Series 7 was introduced were the new colors of the case, of the watch itself. Until then Apple had always used the same color palette for its watches, incorporating some finish such as red or blue, but never changing the traditional silver and space gray, well, with the Series 7 this has happened. Below we leave you the list of colors in which you can find both devices, in its aluminum version, since the SE is not marketed in the rest of the versions.

    Apple Watch SE:
      space gray Silver. Prayed.
    Apple Watch Series 7:
      Midnight. star white Green. Blue. Red (PRODUCT RED)

Apple Watch Colors

The price

We come to the last point of the comparison, and how can it be otherwise, yes there are differences in benefits, there are also in the price that both Apple Watch cost. For the Apple Watch SE, you can buy it from 299 euros in its GPS version or from 349 euros in its GPS + Cellular version. On the other hand, the Series 7 is available from 429 euros in its GPS version and from 529 euros in its GPS + Cellular version.

Apple Watch SE

The price difference is considerable between both devices, in fact the Apple Watch SE was born for that purpose , give the possibility to all the people who did not want to spend so much money to be able to enjoy a device with practically all the functions of its older brother but at a much lower price.

Final conclusion, which one is more worth it?

We have already told you everything you need to know about the differences that separate these two Apple Watch models. Now we have to give you what our conclusion is, but first we encourage you to be yourself or yourself who, evaluating the points described in this post, decide if one is worth more than the other.

Apple Watch

From our point of view, the reality is that the Apple Watch SE is the model that most users They should buy, since the quality / price ratio has no competition. You can practically carry out the same actions, except for those related to health such as saturation and electrocardiograms, but for a much lower price. However, for all those who enjoy using the latest technology and, above all, it is important to have fast charging on a daily basis, the Apple Watch Series 7 is the best option they can find.

Apple Watch Series 7

In short, both devices are capable of providing their users with a fantastic user experience, but it is clear that there are certain points in which the Series 7 surpasses the SE, now you have to assess if these aspects are really worthy of making you pay the difference in price on a personal basis that exist between the two.