Apple Watch screen repair price — 2022

One of the big problems we can have with a watch is the relative ease with which the screen can be scratched and even broken. In smart watches like the Apple Watch, this is also increased due to the fragility of the screen materials. However, it is possible to replace it at Apple if necessary and then we will tell you what is the price it could have.

Apple Watch display prices

We start with the crux of the matter, which is what you will have to pay to replace the screen of the Apple smartwatch, regardless of the model you have. Although to be exact, there is not a single price, but it depends on several factors: the watch model, its construction material, if it is under warranty, if it is an accidental breakage or if it could be covered by the guarantee.

Can it be a free repair?

As a general rule, there are no free repairs of any kind for Apple watches, although the exception is that they have some factory defect . It is not usual for these smartwatches to have a screen in poor condition or that it can deteriorate over time, but it may be the case and Apple agrees to replace it completely free of charge.

Normally this happens in the first months of use of the watch, which is where the factory faults appear. Now, although this is more rare to happen, if the problem occurs after the warranty period and it is detected that it is indeed a factory fault, they will also repair it. In any case, we insist again that these are very exceptional cases and, no matter how fortuitous the breakage may have been, they will not normally cover it for free because it will be considered accidental damage.

With AppleCare+ and other insurance

AppleCare+ insurance can be purchased at the time of purchase of the watch or for two months after that. It will also not matter if you bought it in an Apple Store or not. This is a kind of extended warranty that allows some repairs to be carried out for free and others with considerable savings compared to the normal price. If your device is associated with this insurance, it will not be free, but if cheaper . Of course, we cannot give you an exact figure because it is not public data, so Apple specialists will be the ones who give you a budget at the moment.

If you have any other insurance, including home insurance , you will be able to consult the conditions of your contract and find out if this type of problem can be covered. This in the end does not depend on Apple but on these companies, so each one has its own conditions. What normally happens when they cover this type of repair is that you must be the one to take it to Apple, pay for the repair and then send the bill to the insurance so that said amount is paid to you.

Prices if out of warranty

If your watch is out of warranty, either because the damage is not covered by it or because the period has passed, you will have to pay a fixed amount that will depend on the model of the device you have. Here is the complete price list:

apple watch broken screen

    Apple Watch (1st generation):
    • Apple Watch: €221.10.
    • Apple Watch Sport: €281.10.
    • Apple Watch Hermès: €281.10.
    • Apple Watch Edition: 881.10 euros.
    Apple Watch Series 1:
    • Aluminum Apple Watch Series 1: €221.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 1 Nike+: €251.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 1 Hermès: €281.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 1 Edition Ceramic White: 881.10 euros.
    Apple Watch Series 2:
    • Aluminum Apple Watch Series 2: €251.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 2 Nike+: €221.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 2 Stainless Steel: €281.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 2 Hermès: €281.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 2 Edition Ceramic White: 881.10 euros.
    Apple Watch Series 3:
    • Apple Watch Series 3 GPS version: €181.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 3 Nike GPS version: €181.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 3 GPS + Cellular version: €251.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 3 Nike GPS + Cellular version: €251.10.
    Apple Watch Series 4:
    • Apple Watch Series 4 Aluminum GPS version: €327.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 4 Nike GPS version: €327.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 4 GPS + Cellular aluminum version: €387.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 4 Nike GPS + Cellular version: €387.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 4 GPS + Cellular stainless steel version: €431.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 4 Hermès: €431.10.
    Apple Watch Series 5:
    • Apple Watch Series 5 Aluminum GPS version: €327.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 5 Nike GPS version: €327.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 5 GPS + Cellular aluminum version: €387.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 5 Nike GPS + Cellular version: €387.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 5 GPS + Cellular stainless steel version: €431.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 5 Hermès: €431.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 5 Titanium Edition: 541.10 euros.
    • Ceramic Apple Watch Edition: 881.10 euros.
    Apple Watch Series 6:
    • Apple Watch Series 6 Aluminum GPS version: €327.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 6 Nike GPS version: €327.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 6 GPS + Cellular aluminum version: €387.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 6 Nike GPS + Cellular version: €387.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 6 GPS + Cellular stainless steel version: €431.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 6 Hermès: €431.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 6 Titanium Edition: 541.10 euros.
    Apple Watch Series 7:
    • Apple Watch Series 7 Aluminum GPS version: €327.10
    • Apple Watch Series 7 Nike GPS version: €327.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 7 GPS + Cellular aluminum version: €387.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 7 Nike GPS + Cellular version: €387.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 7 GPS + Cellular stainless steel version: €431.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 7 Hermès: €431.10.
    • Apple Watch Series 7 Titanium Edition: 541.10 euros.
    Apple Watch SE:
    • Apple Watch SE aluminum GPS version: €241.10.
    • Apple Watch SE Nike GPS version: €241.10.
    • Apple Watch SE version GPS + Cellular Aluminum: €281.10.
    • Apple Watch SE Nike GPS + Cellular version: €281.10.

When is it considered out of warranty?

After seeing these prices, you are surely thinking about whether your device is in or out of warranty. To be able to determine between one end and the other of the border that exists in this regard, you have to go read the fine print of the warranty contract that we all accept when buying an Apple Watch. Under these conditions, it is found that will be out of warranty automatically all accidental damage to the device.

Within this category, as general as accidental damages are, both the blows that you have been able to give to the device, even by accident, are integrated. The typical rubbing against a surface or precipitation from an elevated surface. All this, which obviously you do not make your bet, is considered as a damage that is not covered by the guarantee. In this way you will only be able to access the free change as long as it is a failure of the part that is the responsibility of Apple. That is, when you open the equipment you get a factory defect or that during its useful life it goes off.

FaceTime Apple Watch

But one of the big questions is whether the liquid damage is covered or not. At first, there are many versions of this watch that are sold as water resistant to be able to practice diving, for example, in the pool. But Apple hides behind the fact that it cannot carry out liquid resistance tests on each of the units sold. In this way do not guarantee resistance and in this way in the event that water enters its interior, the company is not responsible. In this way, if the screen fails you because water has entered under it from bathing with the watch, Apple will require you to make the payment that we mentioned above. Specifically because it is considered accidental failure and is not your responsibility.

Important things you should know

Once you know about the price of the screen change, we believe that there are a series of factors that you should take into account. Whether it is the guarantee of quality and repair if the part is defective, such as the process that is carried out and the times of this.

Apple is the only one that offers guarantees

In the event that you are in a situation to repair the screen of your Apple Watch, you may be wondering if there is an alternative to Apple. The truth is that the apple company is the only one that guarantees original and compatible parts. The SAT (Authorized Technical Service) and Premium Reseller could also carry out these processes, although in most cases they resort to sending the watch to Apple.

Apple currently does not allow third-party resellers to replace Apple Watch screens. So, whether you like it or not, you will have to accept the conditions of the company if you want to have your watch fully functional again. If you find any establishment that is not a SAT or Premium Reseller and that nevertheless offers this type of repairs, be suspicious. They may be very professional and have good parts, but in the end they will not be original and you will not have a guarantee that it will work properly in the watch.

It should be noted that Apple offers up to 2 year repair warranty . This does not apply to the entire watch. In other words, if a problem arises due to a defect in the clock panel that they replaced, they will assume the change completely free of charge. In the same way it will happen if this bad repair affects some other component. However, what they won't support are free changes to parts that don't address this issue, such as a broken button or the like.

Does the screen change completely?

It will not matter if you have a minimal scratch on the watch and that the screen works perfectly. For practical purposes it is in the same situation as a completely broken screen or whose touch panel does not respond. It is really complicated to repair an OLED screen like the one on this watch and no matter how minimal it is, it is always necessary to change the screen and the body completely. Therefore you will have to assume the total repair in any case.

In addition, on some occasions and in order to save you time, it is possible that in the Apple Store they will not take your watch for repair but will offer you a refurbished one with identical characteristics to yours. These refurbished watches are watches that, despite not being one hundred percent new, have been completely inspected by Apple specialists and any parts that could be defective, such as the battery, have been replaced. In addition, it will be applied in the same way repair warranty commented previously, so any problem would be solved.

apple watch repair

How long does it take to repair it?

This is one of the million questions and for which there is no answer that is valid in all cases. In general, as long as they have parts in stock, the change is usually done instantly in a period of 2-3 hours. If you go to the technical service in an hour close to closing, you will probably have to wait the next day, but at other times you will only have to wait that time and you will receive an SMS and/or email notifying you that the clock is ready.

If they do not have parts and they do not see the delivery of a reconditioned Watch as feasible, it is very likely that this will take more than one day because they have to send the watch to another technical service or wait for the parts. This usually takes the process between 3 and 7 days. This is a period similar to that obtained if you request a repair from home, for which Apple provides a messaging service as an intermediary.

They might give you a newer Watch than yours

A situation that is more common in other Apple devices than in watches, but that can occur in the same way. If you had a Watch that is already discontinued and for which there are no longer spare parts or they are not available, it may be the case that the technical service gives you a watch of a later model than yours. Of course, with identical specifications in the sense that they will share materials and sizes.

In this case it is an almost immediate change and even if the watch is a more recent model than yours, it is usually not one hundred percent new, but rather reconditioned. Be that as it may, the repair guarantee would also apply in the event that this equipment presented a fault in the following months.