Apple wants Indians to buy the iPhone 6s with this new ad — 2022

From Apple they want to expand their devices to all parts of the world and one of their new objectives is India . After opening several factories in this country, they have started a marketing campaign that will try to boost sales of the iPhone 6s in this country, one of the company's cheapest devices and therefore ideal for India, which has been discovered by Varun Krishnan.

This advertising campaign comes after starting production of the iPhone 6s in India in June last year. If we see the announcement it stands out that the iPhone 6s is made in India with 'Made in India'. With this they try to make this terminal more attractive with the idea that it is a local product and that therefore its production has given work to Indian citizens.

Apple wants to improve iPhone 6s sales in India

Obviously the strategy ‘Made in India’ It is also designed to avoid import taxes imposed by the Indian government and that could end up increasing the prices of the device and therefore making them more inaccessible.

The features that stand out from this iPhone 6s is that it has a A9 processor, a 12MP camera that provides 4K video recording , a Retina HD display, and a long-lasting battery. In addition, you will always have guaranteed assistance in case ofscreen glitches on iPhone 6s.

Apple has a serious problem in India since purchasing power is very low among the population, so they have to sell an iPhone at a competitive price. Precisely the competition it is very hard as there are a lot of chinese device in this market at amazing price.

Another of the disadvantages that Apple has in this country is that they cannot open an Apple Store until they receive an approval from the government. They will receive this approval when 30% of the production is local, something they are working on intensely.