Filtration of Apple VR glasses: functions, price and market release — 2022

New lines of Apple products are coming in the coming years and some of the most rumored and commented on in recent months are the virtual reality glasses . In the last few hours, a report has come to light detailing a good part of its characteristics and although it must be taken with some caution because it is not official information, it does not sound unreasonable based on the previous rumors known so far.

They will arrive early next year

Analysts had already set an approximate launch date for Apple's VR glasses, which would be the predecessor of a more complete augmented reality glasses that the company would launch later. These would serve as a test of the market and according to a JP Morgan report seen by China Times, it is expected that it will be in the first quarter of 2022 when they see the light.

Features of Apple VR

If these deadlines are met, we would be only a year away from seeing the product, so it is understood that Apple would already have a good part of the development of the glasses. According to what they say, it will have an industrial design very similar to that of other products launched by the competition. It has even been revealed component suppliers among which would be TSMC, Largan and Genius Optical. These last two would be fixed on the camera lenses, while the Pegatron company would be the one who would assemble the final product.

Among the features, a LiDAR sensor stands out that would be capable of mapping the environment to offer a better user experience. It has not been specified if it will have any change with respect to theiPad Pro LiDARand iPhone. Although it is foreseeable that they are focused on video games, it is not ruled out that the company presents some type of software that adds more value if possible to virtual reality, since unlike augmented reality, it seems to have more outlets today .

The price will be controversial (as always)

There is no Apple product that is not accompanied by controversy due to its price and with these future virtual reality glasses there was going to be no exception. The sources assure that the focus of these will be the consumers of alto standing , so the materials should be in accordance with it and therefore it would have a direct impact on the final price. This could remain in figures even more than 500 dollars according to JP Morgan. This would confirm the forecast made known several weeks ago by Mark Gurman in which the analyst stated that they would be much more expensive than his competitors.


As we said before, this information must be taken with a certain perspective. There would still be a year left and things can still vary, although the sources that filter this information are not usually wrong and it is likely that these are indeed the plans that they manage in the Apple Park. In any case, we will continue to be attentive to future information, such as possible renders that show the design of the product.