Apple TV + wins its first Emmy with The Morning Show — 2022

Apple TV + has been working to have the best content available on its platform in order to achieve different possible recognitions. In addition to harvesting a good niche of users who have been delighted with one of their series, they have also received different awards and now they have added one more: an Emmy. In this article we tell you everything related to this new award that Apple has won.

The Morning Show wins its first Emmy

Apple TV + during its first year of activity obtained its first recognition, becoming the first streaming service to achieve it. An Emmy can now be added to these accolades earned thanks to The Morning Show. In July, the US Academy of Television Arts and Sciences publicly announced the nominations for the 72nd edition of the Emmy Awards, where Apple TV+ achieved a total of 18 nominations. Specifically, the famous series The Morning Show received seven nominations highlighting the nomination of Jennifer Anniston for her role as Alex Levy.

Now the decision of the jury has come to light and of these 18 nominations, one has finally become an award. Specifically, the Emmy has gone to Billy Crudup for his role on The Morning Show playing Cory Ellison, being the best supporting actor in a drama. Together with Jennifer Aniston's award for winning the SAG award, The Morning Show has undoubtedly become the most awarded series that exists in theapple tv+ catalogToday.

Billy Crudup The Morning Show

This has not been an easy decision, since The Morning Show has been in direct competition with WestWorld, The Handmaid's Tale and Better Call Saul, but in the end Crudup's incredible performance has prevailed over the rest. Despite the fact that the catalog is quite small right now on Apple TV +, quality has prevailed over quantity, having received a very good acceptance by professional critics and the audience.

Apple TV + in search of more awards

The goal that Apple has set right now is to gain greater public recognition in order to open up to many other directors and in the end include more content in its quality catalog. Next year with the new seasons of its series, it is expected to reap even greater success. Right now the second season of The Morning Show has had to be delayed due to the health situation derived from COVID-19. The release date seems to be scheduled for spring 2021 and if it continues on this path of success, it is very likely that it will win several nominations and even more awards than they already have.

Right now Apple is still betting on launching all its documentaries and movies on the big screen first. This is a strategy followed by many other streaming platforms such as Netflix in order to maintain the charm of making a launch by uniting all the participants of the content that is going to be released to the public and with this gain much more public recognition.