Apple TV+ on Google and Android TV coming soon. All the details — 2022

With a catalog in full expansion, it was incomprehensible that Apple TV + was only available for equipment from the Californian brand itself. In more than a year since the launch of the service we have been seeing how newTVs compatible with the Apple TV appand now we can officially say that it will also come to some Google devices.

Apple TV + will not enter Google Play, for now

First of all, clarify that mobile phones with the Android operating system will not yet have access to the Apple TV application. Regardless of whether these are Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi or Google Pixel themselves. At the moment the Cupertino firm has no plans to launch its application to the rival iOS operating system, which to a certain extent may be understandable, but not at a time when compatibility is increasingly being extended. We will have to wait a few more months to see if a step forward is taken in this regard.

If it will come to Chromecast and Android TV

Google itself has confirmed in the last few hours that in early 2021 The Apple application will now be available on the aforementioned equipment. You have not clarified too much about dates, so we understand that you do not want to be tied to a certain day. It is true that even March could still be considered the beginning of the year, but it would be strange if this announcement had been made so far in advance. There are those who point out that it will be in the month of January, so we will be attentive to confirm it when it is already official.

Chromecast iPhone

At a visual level, we do not know exactly the details of the app on Google devices, whether it is Chromecast or Android TV, but we can guess that there will not be a big difference with what is seen on the rest of the devices. Apple often provides a similar app experience whether it's on its devices or those of other brands. What will generate more confusion in the end will be the fact that the Apple TV+ service is integrated into this app without differentiating it from paid content in the form of movies, but this is something we have already had to get used to on other platforms. .

The nomenclature used by the company is ultimately confusing and is that Apple TV can refer to the physical device itself that connects to televisions and offers games and applications, as well as the app in which Apple TV + and the aforementioned content is integrated. of payment. Perhaps in the future this will vary to make the experience less confusing. In any case, we are glad that die-hard fans of the content on offer will be able to start enjoying it on more devices soon.